Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Official...

Well it's official. I am a USAT member. And in it's questions it ask what group I am a member of. I selected other, and then it ask me the name of the group. I put in Team Voice. So now Team Voice is apart of the USAT{USA triathlon} SO my name will come up and Team Voice will be listed next to it. How cool is that?? I am registered for the douathlon.

Yesterday I was off. And I was worried I would get caught in the rain, so I got on the Dreadmill and started running. I didn't want to do this. For the first 5 miles I thought of every excuse to get off of the thing. I ended up kinda wogging. And I did 13.5 miles. On the dreadmill. I do not know where it came from but I did it. I watched Narina, and then regular tv. SO today I took off. But I did my resistance. I just had to do something. :)

Now I am excited. I am registered, and a member. My time will be official. Is that cool or what??
And JB laid out the Juneathon rules. This couldn't come at a better time. :)

My gear is my tri shorts, my Team Voice shirt, running shoes, biking shoes, bike, helmet, gloves. 2 water bottles. And I am under the Athenea class 150+.Not the 200+. That felt really good. And I have to go buy a new swim suit. Mine is just to darn big. SO when I get a new one I will be back in the pool.

If the morning holds out I will go out for a bike ride. I need too. I have to get more time on the bike. And maybe head over to the park were the race will be at. :)

Keep an eye may never know... You may be the Next Team Voice Member of the Month.


Justin said...

13.5 miles! That is no small accomplishment on a treadmill. Mind over matter all the way. You should be very proud of yourself.

I don't pretend to know all the in's and out's of being a USAT member, but that is very cool. I'll be watching intently.

Princess Fee said...

Wow - that is a fantastic amount of miles on the dreadmill! That's amazing - way to go! The most I've ever done is 11 miles, so I am truly impressed!!!!

And that's also fantastic with the USAT! Woohoo!!!

Feener said...

two questions

1 - how does one join or get into the usat ??
2 - where would you suggest buying a tri suit ???

Anonymous said...

Hi Rae!

Congrats on joining USAT. I still have not done that. And WOW on the 13+ miles. That's fantastic.

Feener...on the tri suit thing I bought one from Danskin and one from Athleta. The Danskin fit me better since I'm larger but I like the fabric of the Athleta stuff better. So I wore Danskin tri shorts with the Athleta bike top. It worked well.