Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hump Day Updated

Hump day. Middle of the week. I am so glad.

I just finished watching BL. I cried through the show. I can not believe Ron finished the race. I am so proud of him. But yet, disappointed. They didn't stress hydrate and fuel. As we all could see Ron hit the wall. And he was able to finish since they was no time limit. I was inspired. It reminded me of the older man we met while doing the Donald. He was 5 months out of hip replacement surgery and doing the Goofy!!!!!! Mad because it was his second race and normally has about 4 under his belt at this time!!!!! Holt Cats!!! There is nothing in the world that feels so wonderful as finishing a race you never thought you could do. No one can ever take that away, BUT I love my Disney bling!!

Training: I did spin one hour I got sick during spin class.Hince the hydrate and fuel part I did not do. instructor walked me through that patch.But I finished. Then I did my core workout. I fell asleep last night before I went to the gym. E said there was no waking me up.
Today is 45 minutes of cardio and set B. I did a mock duathlon this evening. I did a 1 mile sprint in 13:13 my fasted one mile,then I biked 10 miles in 42 minutes, and then I ran another 2.5 miles. 1:38:09.We had to fix my seat I forgot about that and then I was chased by a dog, and had a car pull out in front of me. The first mile of the 2.5 was tuff,it was hard to adjust to running, my breathing was off a little, but I got it in gear around mile one.

Thank you thank you for calling me out. I so need that.
I am going to give the duathlon ago. If I do not like it, I will not do one again. OK I am putting my foot down on the DL Half. I am ...... Not going. I rather go with my family. :)

Ok SO How are you doing??


Chris said...

Hi Rae - Glad you are sticking wiht the Duathalon, looking forward to hearing about the experience as they seem to be getting more and more popular (a number of them popped up around here this year).

Wasn't aware of the DL Half deal, but I'm guessing it had to be a solo trip and you'd rather do it only if the family can go? I'm with you and think it's honorable :-) Can't wait till my kids are old enough to bring to the races where we won't need someone to watch them (or better yet, be able to run with me).

Justin said...

Too bad I won't see you at the Disneyland Half. See you in January, then.

I think you're making a good call on doing the duathlon instead. You've been working toward one of these events for a while; and acquiring all the equipment for it.

Keep your training up and you'll do great.

Rae! said...

Justin thats ok I will look forward to seeing you and your wife in Jan.

Amanda said...

You are so right - Ron did do an amazing job with the marathon considering the physical shape he's been in throughout the season. Very inspirational.

I'm glad you're going to try the Duathlon - I'm sure you'll learn a lot and have fun even if it isn't the most organized.

Doing mock events is also a great way to see where you are and what you need to work on. Sounds like you're doing pretty good there though.

Sorry you won't get to do the DL Half, but maybe next year you'll be there and so will I :)!

Rae! said...

Amanda, Maybe I will be able to keep up this time!!