Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nice Sunday Ride

Finally I got to ride the park. It isn't going to be to hard. Nothing major in incline. awe went early this morning, and rode the park before the clouds let the rain fall. And man did it rain.
One week from today, is the race. I am so excited. Remember how My Pal Mickey ran with me in the Half, well he is going to go with me in the Duathlon. He will be on my pack again. :)

I am off Tuesday so I am going to go out and ride it again, and run the 2.5 miles. Then I may get back over there on Friday.

So I have been doing some thinking and I was looking on the local running site and noticed that there will be a FULL marathon in November. I am seriously thinking of doing it. I need to set a big goal like that to stay motivated. I plan on doing the Tri in Sept. I have to go get a new swim
suit. As soon as I get one, I will be back in the pool.

I found the local triathlon club and I am going to see if I can catch up with them to do a long bike ride. If I can keep up, and ride in a large group I will join and train with them. They ride on Sundays and go from 55 mile to 125. Sweet!!! And maybe I can get faster at running. The do track sprints too. And swimming at the local pool. We will see.

I am getting quotes on where to stay in Disney in Sept. And E has decided to do the Full with me in Jan. It is on his Birthday. SO I guess we better register before it gets full.

Bring on Juneathon!!!!


Matt said...

E is going to wear his hat again, right?!

Amanda said...

That's a lot of races coming up. Very cool. Good luck on the race this weekend, I know you'll do great!

Justin said...

One week until your next event? How exciting! I love the week just prior. The anticipation. The nerves. It all builds until you hit that starting line. I always feel like a spring ready to go off just before the starting gun.

Kudos on considering doing a full marathon in November. After doing my first, I've decided that's an event I'll never push anyone into; but I'll sure cheer them on once they sign up.

Figure out your running plan now and stick to it. I had a "do or do not" philosophy in the last month of my training for Lincoln. It served me well.

Remember, running a full marathon is about 4 times harder than running a half marathon. Train for it hard and early. You'll be ready.

Steph said...

Just wanted to say Hi since I haven't been to the blog in a while...I can't believe the next event is coming up so soon! I know you and Pal Mickey will do awesome!! =)