Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nice Sunday Ride

Finally I got to ride the park. It isn't going to be to hard. Nothing major in incline. awe went early this morning, and rode the park before the clouds let the rain fall. And man did it rain.
One week from today, is the race. I am so excited. Remember how My Pal Mickey ran with me in the Half, well he is going to go with me in the Duathlon. He will be on my pack again. :)

I am off Tuesday so I am going to go out and ride it again, and run the 2.5 miles. Then I may get back over there on Friday.

So I have been doing some thinking and I was looking on the local running site and noticed that there will be a FULL marathon in November. I am seriously thinking of doing it. I need to set a big goal like that to stay motivated. I plan on doing the Tri in Sept. I have to go get a new swim
suit. As soon as I get one, I will be back in the pool.

I found the local triathlon club and I am going to see if I can catch up with them to do a long bike ride. If I can keep up, and ride in a large group I will join and train with them. They ride on Sundays and go from 55 mile to 125. Sweet!!! And maybe I can get faster at running. The do track sprints too. And swimming at the local pool. We will see.

I am getting quotes on where to stay in Disney in Sept. And E has decided to do the Full with me in Jan. It is on his Birthday. SO I guess we better register before it gets full.

Bring on Juneathon!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Are You Kidding Me!!!!!

I can not believe I have not made it on my bike!!! The weather is great while I am at work,but by the time I get home the skies just open up an pour. I have a week and a half till the race. I am so freaking out. I mean I know I can do this, but I need more ride time. And I haven't heard from my trainer in a couple days!!!!! {pulling hair}

Other than that nothing new here. Kids are going to out for the summer. Oh Boy!!! And begin the long boring summer. Unless we try to go to the parks.{fingers crossed}

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day. A day to remember those who have fought for our country, and all the others in our world.

Yesterday I did hill sprints. 30 minutes with incline 10, and 30 minutes without incline. Today I want to ride my bike. I NEED to.
I finally was able to register for the race. I was getting worried. Packet pick up is the Saturday before the race, and and the first timer race meeting is at 5p at the park. I have the kids and a coupe of their friends coming out too.Spotters.. And the requirement to go is they all have to wear a Team Voice shirt. :) SO there will be 8 shirts representing the Team. :)

This is Boog.{Mr. B.}. He is now a little over a year old.{yes he is named after the bear from Open Season,he is just as silly}

Today we are cooking chicken kabobs, some ribs, veggies, and we made this ice cream dessert from a recipe in my vegetarian magazine.Yum, and I could use the lactose free ice cream. We got the flag out and enjoying the day off together.{weird kids actually like being home with us}

I will update later how many miles I will get in on the bike.

Goofy 80% full
Full 50% full
Half ??
Family fun run open

Friday, May 22, 2009


What a off day. I mean I woke up not feeling well. I didn't sleep well and I was just off. I was feeling rough like I had one pint to many. I wasn't hungry. Nothing. I met E for lunch today and I felt better when I wasn't home. When I cam back all the symptoms came back. E came home from work and said someone plugged in a plug in, and it was the one I was allegoric too. Holy Cats!!! I started feeling better 30 minutes later. It was a rubber base oil!!! Who knew!!

SO today I did resistance set C
10 plank rows
10 burpies
50 fast squats
15 deep squats
15 stability ball rows
20 side lunges
10 1 legged squat reachws with dumbells
20 stability ball wall squats
x 3
and some of set A I don't know how to do all of them.

The USAT. They are the who set the rules to all triathlons, duathlons, and the Olympic events. And when you do any type of a triathlon or duathlon you have to buy a event pass for the day or buy a year membership. It's ten dollars per event and the membership is only $39 for the year.
SO anytime you do a sanctioned event you time counts in the real athlete world. After your third event you time will be listed in the magazines and where ever they list them. .

I am wearing for tri shorts are isumi. I love them. I got them at my local bike shop. I can swim in them. I haven't found a shirt I like, so I wear my Team Voice shirt. What works for me for hydration is the sustained energy and a water, one gel Roctane, and a mini cliff bar. My real lightweight sunglasses, and a hat. Lots of sun tan lotion.

I did my measurements and All are down a quarter of an inch!!! Sweet!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Official...

Well it's official. I am a USAT member. And in it's questions it ask what group I am a member of. I selected other, and then it ask me the name of the group. I put in Team Voice. So now Team Voice is apart of the USAT{USA triathlon} SO my name will come up and Team Voice will be listed next to it. How cool is that?? I am registered for the douathlon.

Yesterday I was off. And I was worried I would get caught in the rain, so I got on the Dreadmill and started running. I didn't want to do this. For the first 5 miles I thought of every excuse to get off of the thing. I ended up kinda wogging. And I did 13.5 miles. On the dreadmill. I do not know where it came from but I did it. I watched Narina, and then regular tv. SO today I took off. But I did my resistance. I just had to do something. :)

Now I am excited. I am registered, and a member. My time will be official. Is that cool or what??
And JB laid out the Juneathon rules. This couldn't come at a better time. :)

My gear is my tri shorts, my Team Voice shirt, running shoes, biking shoes, bike, helmet, gloves. 2 water bottles. And I am under the Athenea class 150+.Not the 200+. That felt really good. And I have to go buy a new swim suit. Mine is just to darn big. SO when I get a new one I will be back in the pool.

If the morning holds out I will go out for a bike ride. I need too. I have to get more time on the bike. And maybe head over to the park were the race will be at. :)

Keep an eye may never know... You may be the Next Team Voice Member of the Month.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Can I Slow Down Now?

What a week so far. Work has been crazy. Hair pulling crazy. It will calm down on Friday. {I can't wait} {read your blue book}

I was so tired, I fell asleep right after I got home.E got me up for Dinner and I was back out. SO I didn't get to do any training yesterday. :( But On Tuesday I did 2.41 miles, it seemed like it took forever but I was tired and I made it. And then On Monday I think, I did my fasted 2 miles ever!!!

My trainer told me that I was not eating enough dark green veggies, and veggies in general. SO I had started snacking on raw green beans to help.And she wants me to start using my heart monitor. I have to get a battery for the garmin. I haven't been using it. I have been using my iphone. BTW.. Do I get a cheat day?? :)

For all of you who do not know about the Juneathon ,is you run/walk/wog everyday. Well since the creator of Juneathon is on the mend, some of the rules my change an bit to accommodate so he can do it. :)

I am going to pick a movie today, and get on the deadmill and go like a hamster on the wheel. My weather is rain, and more rain. SO I have to use the squeaky wheel. hahaha { we need the rain here not complaining}

Who is going to be the next Team Voice Member of the Month???

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Am Up Now What??

Hello ....
I have been absent for quite some time. The craziness has clam down. I am not stressed out. Teen drama was causing alot of issues and court. Yes we had to go to court. {shaking head} but it is all resolved and now we can move forward. I had missed a entire week of training, and then I also had female issues, that kept me down as well.
Now all is calm and I am moving forward. I did some of my resistance workout, on Tuesday, then On Wednesday, it was raining on and off here. So I looked for a movie on demand. I watch Meet the Robinsons.It was an 1:36. So I hop on the dreadmill and ran/ walked the movie. At a half mile in I hit the emerency cord and unplugged the darn thing. So I had to start over, and I ran to the potty. So all in all I did 5.60 miles in the movie.
Nothing yesterday. And today, I plan on working out. We will see.

I have realized I miss going to Disney. :( I miss my weekend runs up there for a quick fix and get away from the real world. Lately it seems all I do is work, and sleep. I have to get back into my groove the duoathlon is around the corner. I have lost a week. :( Ican't dwell on the past and I know I do. I have to break that bad habit. I have to keep moving forward. {just like the moive says}
No weigh loss this week. I maintained. My co workers say I look like I have dumped some more weight, so I have to do my measurements and see if they gone down. I can't tell just yet.

And Juneathon is coming. So I have to get back on board here. I am going to try like h@@ to run everyday. I have to, I will doing it for me and my dearest friend JB. I will be running for him too. And you will ALWAYS be joggerblogger. :) And KEEP MOVING FORWARD. I love that movie.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Short And Quick Hello

TGIF!!! Thank goodness, except I am scheduled to work. We will see.
I am tired out today. SO I am taking today off too from training. But if I get canceled I will be riding my bike. And doing my hills.

My heart goes out to Jonathan and his family. All send him Magic. ;)

JB I miss you too!!!!

Have a great weekend, and Keep Moving Forward.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hump Day Updated

Hump day. Middle of the week. I am so glad.

I just finished watching BL. I cried through the show. I can not believe Ron finished the race. I am so proud of him. But yet, disappointed. They didn't stress hydrate and fuel. As we all could see Ron hit the wall. And he was able to finish since they was no time limit. I was inspired. It reminded me of the older man we met while doing the Donald. He was 5 months out of hip replacement surgery and doing the Goofy!!!!!! Mad because it was his second race and normally has about 4 under his belt at this time!!!!! Holt Cats!!! There is nothing in the world that feels so wonderful as finishing a race you never thought you could do. No one can ever take that away, BUT I love my Disney bling!!

Training: I did spin one hour I got sick during spin class.Hince the hydrate and fuel part I did not do. instructor walked me through that patch.But I finished. Then I did my core workout. I fell asleep last night before I went to the gym. E said there was no waking me up.
Today is 45 minutes of cardio and set B. I did a mock duathlon this evening. I did a 1 mile sprint in 13:13 my fasted one mile,then I biked 10 miles in 42 minutes, and then I ran another 2.5 miles. 1:38:09.We had to fix my seat I forgot about that and then I was chased by a dog, and had a car pull out in front of me. The first mile of the 2.5 was tuff,it was hard to adjust to running, my breathing was off a little, but I got it in gear around mile one.

Thank you thank you for calling me out. I so need that.
I am going to give the duathlon ago. If I do not like it, I will not do one again. OK I am putting my foot down on the DL Half. I am ...... Not going. I rather go with my family. :)

Ok SO How are you doing??

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday's Field Trip

Today was a beautiful day. A awesome day for a triathlon. We went down to Miami and watch the triathlon/Duathlon.

I was not impressed. I was actually disappointed.

The area was amazing but it was lacking the need for volunteers. We made it in before they all started. They were also doing Olympic and sprint distances. What few volunteers they had didn't know what was going on or where some of the running path was.

And then as the athletes were coming out of the water to transition to bike, was ok in the beginning part of the race until the spectators started to get in the way of the athletes. Standing in front of then in the path, and there was no volunteers there at first to keep them all separate. Then the man that was out front of everyone came back in form bikng they sent him the wrong way to start the run. I tried to tell the volunteer that, but she didn't want to here it. So she went to get someone who did and told her the same thing. Now this runner has no idea he is going the wrong way. And he was trying to place in the Olympic tri. HE did his run and he was suppose to go around again 6.2 miles, but instead the pulled him from the race. WHAT!!!! I was not a happy camper.

I am now wondering if this is what is going to happen next month for me. It is the same group running it just no Olympic distance. I was freaking out. I also learned that in the duathlon after you run 1 mile, ride 10, then you have to run another 2.5 miles. Ok I can do this. But is it going to be as unorganized, or am I holding a higher standard for the races, since I am Disney Spoiled?? E wasn't to happy either.And they lied about everyone getting a medal. They only gave one to the Olympic runners. I learned alot today. And I saw a guy riding a bike like mine. ANd the crazy part.... NO ONE WAS WEARING YELLOW!!!!! Holy CATS!!!!! That has to change. There will be 5 out there next month.

Training front I have not done a thing. I know it, I am admitting it, and I have to change that. Bring on the beatings please. :)
I have lost another 1.5 pounds. Sweet!!!!
So with all I have to do, E wants me to start sprinting the 1 mile. Yep, HE said he will train with me but he isn't going to do these.

It is on TOT 13k. I am coming back, I am going to break the wall, and not run in to it.

And now that they added the tri in Sept. I am torn, DL, or the Tri?? If I go to DL this year E won't be coming with me.If I wait till next year we can swing it. Almost everyone is going this year. But I want to do the tri. And E can be there for that one. What to do????

Friday, May 1, 2009

T.G.I.F. but I Still Have To Work....

Did you see that they added a new triathlon in September?? Holy Cats!!! Hmmm.....

OK so for the last 2 days I have been wiped out from work. So I haven't done a thing. We fixed the next schedule so I will not be doing three in a row so it Will not interfere anymore.

And as it looks I may make it to DL after all. We will see!!! How cool is that!!!!!!! :)
I weigh in tomorrow.

Other than that, I am tired and completely tried. ANd I will post the Team Voice Member tomorrow or Sunday. SO keep an eye out on the event page.
Just wanted to say hi!!!