Thursday, April 23, 2009

What A Day ....And A Training Session

Day #2 of my new training plan. Today is 45 minutes of cardio, and then set B resistance. For the cardio I think I am going to do outside miles.
Here is what set b is.
circuit 1
10 walkouts
20 pendulum squats with weights
10 surrenders with weights

circuit 2
15 superman's
20 squat jumps
30 step ups

circuit 3
20 wide grip push ups
20 diamond push ups
30 second mountain climbers

Those push ups are going to be really tuff.
Got my feather in had and I am going to drag my butt out the door. Today was a really tuff day at work and I am emotionally tired. And then the teen drama. {rolling the eyes} Oh yeah the resistance training is x 3. :)


Amanda said...

Those Diamond Push Ups are really tough for me...I hope they get easier as I keep doing them. That's a pretty intense workout session, but I know that you can do it!

Maroo said...

Ok...I am totally impressed with your training! I need to get there...I am just not there yet. I don't even know what all of those words mean yet!
Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I have answered ya! :) Than you!!!!!

Chris said...

But doesn't it feel great after you've dragged yourself to the workout and completed it? Like a natural high for me.

I'm not sure how you keep these workouts straight with all of the components and variations! You must be awesome! If there is anything more than "do I bike, elliptical, or run today" I forget stuff.. LOL