Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rambling On,

Yesterday at work was my last day of training. Tomorrow I am on my own. Three 12's in a row. I work at the desk now,instead of on the floor.We will see how I do. Then it is off to Virgina.

This morning I got up and put in 2 miles. The plan was 4. The humidity is just thick. Then they just said we are going to get a cold front. Crazy weather we have. After it cools down a bit this evening I will put in a couple more miles. I also wore my running shoes today. I have not used them since the Princess. When I look at them all I see is the pain I was having during the race. I didn't have any. SO I will alternate between them and my older ones. So I do not wear them out.I will take them out for another spin. :) Over coming these small hurdles are great things. TOT 13k, hmm that would be a huge hurdle.

Today was weigh in and I am -3 this morning. Back on track.Whew I was getting worried for a while there. My trainer is out on assignment.And it has been hard to get together and get things workout. She is also now doing Home Training coach. What?! Seriously?? I can not wait to talk to her. I want a week with her here, in my home,and all. When I get more details I will share them. This will be the deciding factor in my DL trip.

And I caught up on all the Biggest Looser, Holy Cats!!! Did you see Tara with the car!!! Go girl. I have to record then and watch later. I am normally in the gym when it is on. I can't wait till next week.

Now I will have to figure out how to download the record stuff to my PC and watch them during travel next week. I have to entire season of House, and ER to watch. And Sunday is Wrestle Mania !!! I will miss the first hour ,{thank Goodness for dvr's}

Today is my 2000 day. Man How am I going to get it all in? Last night I was able to have a couple of cookies, and still stayed under my 1500. I will have to post a couple of the new recipes we have been trying. Get tired of the same ole thing. And the a low cal, high protein.

E hit up the Disney Premier Store and brought home the Stitch cookie jar. He is so Cool!! {i think he knew I was missing WDW}And he will match the new color of the kitchen. Slow but sure we are getting the home improvements done. Kinda looks like a construction zone, but we have made progress.

I can not believe I will not be going to Disney anytime soon. I feel like I lost my happy get away zone. But I try to think of it this way. I have it to look forward too. :)

Enjoy your weekend, and the Team Voice Event Page is up dated!!


Amanda said...

That's great that your done with work training - you're going to do great!

The weather is crazy right now. Snow in the NW, 10 to 15 degree changes per day in the SW, no changes from global warming right?

I'm glad that the new shoes didn't hurt this time. Did you use them without the inserts?

Congratulations on losing 3 more pounds - that's awesome! Sounds like you're getting things back under control and doing great.

Biggest Loser has been crazy. The car challenge was great - Tara kicked butt!

A Stitch cookie jar - how awesome is that? I love Stitch - he's gross, funny and endearing!

Can't wait to hear more about the in home training. That would be pretty amazing.

Rae! said...

I just noticed that the map didn't put mile 2 in it.

Justin said...

So you thinking about doing the Tower of Terror 13K?

MikeF. said...

I hear you about not being able to get to your happy get away zone for a year.