Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Magic Feather..UPDATED

I made a reference to Dumbo yesterday. And it seems we sometimes forget about Dumbo.

He went through alot in that movie. He was young lost his mommy, and was befriended by a mouse who in a sense was his coach. He helped him gain the confidence that it is ok to be different, and no matter how different we all are you can do it. SO maybe it took that darn feather to get him to realize he can fly.

And SO maybe it took the knee support bands to make me realize I can run. And I will be headed to my Ortho Doctor and ask about getting gel put in to my joint. I want to run.This is the braces.

I expressed all of this to my trainer. She said it would be possible. Me running a entire race?? Holy Cats!! I told her I was thinking of returning to WDW in October to do the TOT 13k , my wall race. You will run. Hard work, at the pace she gives it to me, and not to over do. That may be only a weekend trip, possible no park time {depends on this summer} Actually run. I am good for a 5k, slow and steady. The catch, there is always a catch if and when it starts to hurt, stop. I agreed. No really stop.{ I am the one who will ignore it and keep going. }

So Here is how it will go training for 5 days a week. I can use one for a day of running.
For day #1
60 minutes of cardio. Then the CORE. I have choices for cardio. I can do one for the time or break it down in 20 minutes, with three different cardio options.
So for today I have picked
20 minutes of hill walking, incline 10, speed 3-3.5 speed 3.2, miles 1.10
20 minutes of elliptical level 9, consistant speed , 1.57 miles
20 minutes of stairs level 4, last 7 min. level 3, 48 flights
CORE{ no choices here} must do: 5 sets of 20 reps
100 bicycle crunches
100 dead bug
100 butt lifts
100 double crunches
100 scissor crunches

I did the core last night watching BL. I did it 20 reps each until I made it to 100.
My calorie intake is 1500 daily, no cheat days. Get consistancy back.

June 7 Tradewinds Park is going to be my first Duathlon.{they changed the location}
I have to call and make sure the biking is road course. That park is flat. Not like the Rickenbacker Causeway. I have to head over there sometime next week and run it and ride it. Get the feel of the pavement there and the area. It says a 10 mile ride and has a map . And then a 1.0 mile run, map . I know I am good for a 5k running. The bike ride I can do in about 40 minutes. Just under a 5 minute mile. I did my first transition from biking to running before we went to VA. My legs were kinda jelly like and I was able to do my Half marathon pace. wich is in the 14 minute mile. That is walking. And since this is a scanction race, by the USAT you have to buy a day pass or buy the yearly licsense. Well sense I am planning on doing more than one I will purchase the licesense. All times are offiical. And I will have to do a first timer meeting the day before the race, if you do not do the meeting you do not get your finishers medal.

I have to give a shout out to Justin. HOLY CATS!!! 27 miles. You are the running machine. My Team Voice running guru. You will do fine in the Full marathon coming up. Go over and give him a shout out.


MikeF. said...

Rae I know you can run in any race you want! I have the faith!

Justin said...

I love the fact that you followed up on your magic feather. It was a very powerful concept in Dumbo. The best thing about it? In the end, it was "all Dumbo" that did the flying. The feather had nothing to do with it.

Keep at it. Push yourself. Do whatever it takes. Grab hold of that feather that keeps you in the mental game and don't let go. Before long, you'll get to the point where you can just fly.

You'll do great at the Duathalon, TOT 13K, and the 2010 WDW Marathon. The best part, it'll be "all you" doing the flying.

Thanks for the shout out today. You're too kind.

Princess Fee said...

Sounds like a great and challenging workout, for sure! And I agree, you will be able to run whatever you want - we all know you can do it!!

Basil said...

You're awesome Rae!! Keep up the good work. I love how you keep challenging yourself to get to that next level.

Amanda said...

Awesome. Now that sounds like a plan, a good solid, work hard, but don't kill yourself plan. You can totally do this - keep the faith and keep moving forward!

Anonymous said...

Rae - you are always inspirational. And for that you are one of my favorite people to check in on. Hold tight to that magic feather - and when you don't need it anymore - if you can pass it this way - I'll hold onto it for you. :)

Chris said...

You've got to stand back and admire how far you've come every once and a while....It's amazing :-) Be proud and use it to build on, you're doing great!

New job going well? Missed out on alot of that chat...