Saturday, April 25, 2009

Let's Be Honest

I am so proud of myself!!

I can remember when I would sit in front of the tv ....

Then I was on the Disney website and found the endurance races. This is before I meet everyone. I started walking. this was September 2006. October 06 I fell. I got injured and mess up my good knee. Had surgery...I went to pt 3 times a week and I was wanting to get well so I could get walking again. I was released Dec 06. Kept walking. March 07 i got injured again. I added a mile on to my walk and tore a muscle. Pencil led size. Doc why did that happen?Your shoes.This put me out of the Minnie that year. Got back out there. Turn right around got a shin splint.I was getting them all the time. I had such a hard time controlling my breathing. Kept right on walking.
Then someone would comment ya know you can run if you try. I would come back, no knees will not let me nor will my ortho doctor. Before you know it, I was walking 6 miles. I was getting faster, more shin splints.
October is coming.. tot 13 k. I am going to speed walk my first race. I tried to quit many times over the summer. It's time. All four of us were in the race with others we meet over the internet.{miss you JB}
The race was a night race. The route did go off road. Walking... and mile five...I got the cold sweats... belly was bloating... Feeling sick... I kept going...drank water.. mile 7 i was done. I wanted to sit down and wait for the medics.I was still nursing a shin splint, and I really do not remember the last 2 miles of the race. I do not remember crossing the finish line. I do remember spending the rest of the evening in the restroom. I had to be wheeled to my car. I could not walk. And I was up all night with cold sweats and the runs. That very next day, I was done. I wasn't doing this again.
E got me back out the door. Support from everyone helped too. We did the Turkey trot 5k. It was great but I was so worried I was going to get all that pain back. I didn't. I felt good.
I worked really hard, and did the Minnie and enjoyed it!!! Then I got my trainer. By October I had lost 37 pounds. I was faster, no more shin splits,and then my trainer when are you gonna run? I said oh no not you too. We did the Race for the taste 10k. Enjoyed it. I avoided TOT 13k. I started to slack the closer we got to the Half. I had to drop my trainer for a bit.
I did it, and I am so proud of myself. The ex said you will NEVER do a 5k. So what do you think now?? Here I am I put on 7 of the 37 I lost, I have my trainer back, she is busting my rump. And I am not going to use my knees as an excuse not to run. I am going to bug the you know what out of my Ortho Doc for help to run. HE will give the look, and I will fuss, and he still may say no,we will see.
Any way... This is my story. We all have fall backs. Ups and downs. Right or wrong or no matter how you take it, or you perceive life, you can over come. Some of us want it worse than others, but in the end the sport of it brings us all together. And cars. :)

I will be honest .. I posted yesterday just before I was going to workout. I was waiting, and the next thing I know E was taking the laptop of my lap and telling me to go to bed. I said no way I have to go work out. He said not unless you can get in at 1am. Yes I fell asleep. Work is stressful lately, and what do I do when I get stressed. I sleep. Yep. And I did it again tonight. Here I am late night blogging now that I am awake.

I have to tell my trainer. {gulp} She will say brush it off and start a new day. It done and you can not change that.
Today would have been #3 and a day off. Tomorrow is a new day. And the Biggest Looser finalist are not going to be here!!!! They lied on their website. I do not want to go now. :( We will see.

I still haven't found a helmet that I like, But I need to, get my bike adjusted, so I can go do the Causeway Sunday. And I need new shorts. I have wore them out. ;) And whatever I choose to do I will have my Magic feather.


Justin said...

Great pic. Now there's a moment you'll carry with you forever.

So you missed 2 days huh? Just don't miss the next two. Hit it hard and you'll be fine.

I haven't read through enough of the old posts to see how your previous TOT 13K went. Wow, grueling. I had no idea. It seems like you have some unfinished business with that race.

Am I right that you're on the fence about trying it again? I'd say go for it. Then again, I'm a glutton for punishment so I may not be the best person to take advice from on that one. Still, I think it'll be a good lead-up race to the 2010 WDW Full.

mgreene said...

The fact that you feel guilty about missing a workout is a good thing! Shows that it's become a habit and your results are showing it!

Matt said...

Chances are you fell asleep because your body needed to rest. I know, your saying no **** Matt, ha ha. But seriously, you've been busting your rump at work and on the training fronts, so falling asleep and missing a workout every now and then is fine. You're doing great girl! Keep it up!!!

Maroo said...

You encouraged me a few days ago, so now I would like to encourage you!

Don't worry...It is just 2 days...just get back out there. You have accomplished SO much. To be honest...I would not have been able to finish that 13K and you DID IT! :) And you continue to do it! :) Fabulous!

Keep on keeping on!

You can do it!!!

Amanda said...

Well, I can relate :)! I got up yesterday so I could go do my long run. Sat down on the couch and fell asleep...That's okay though - I just did it this morning instead.

You do have to listen to your body - it was telling you to sleep, get rest to regenerate.

Now, you'll continue on and be better for it!