Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blustery Day Today

I know we all know who Bob Harper is ,from the Biggest Looser and this is the challenge for the weekend he posted on Facebook.

Your Weekend Challenge is to do 200 lunges ON EACH LEG!!! Make sure to keep your back up straight, abs in strong, and when you lunge forward, keep the front knee above your foot and your back knee goes almost down to the floor. Your glutes and your legs are gonna be BURNING!!! You're gonna LOVE IT!! Have a great weekend.

Today was weigh in day. 2.5 pounds down today. Big thumbs up!!!!
Here is what I did today. I jogged 4.10 miles today in 59:51 in 15-25 mile and hour winds!! Wanna know the best part...I did not have to take a walking break. I have to jog to keep up with E. NO walking breaks!!! Holy Cats!!!! :)

Day #2 of my new training plan. Today is 45 minutes of cardio, and then set B resistance. For the cardio I think I am going to do outside miles.
Here is what set b is.
circuit 1
10 walkouts
20 pendulum squats with weights To do this, go into a squat, and as you come up, you come up on one leg infront of you. Go back down on both, and repeat.
10 surrenders with weights: to do this you put your arms up in the air like you were going to arrested, and go down on your knees and then back up on your feet. Do not put your arms down. I can not do this one with the weights.

circuit 2
15 superman's
20 squat jumps
30 step ups

circuit 3
20 wide grip push ups
20 diamond push upshaha I can not go all the way down. My arms start to shake,so I went as far as I could and in all three sets all I could do was 4.
30 second mountain climbers

I got my tri shorts today. I love them and how they say put and do not move. I can swim in them too. My bike is in the shop. So no tackling of the Causeway till next weekend. I found a helmet that I like too. In 2 weeks I will go have my aero bars put on. I think I will be buying a treadmill too. I will know for sure around 10a. It's used and I will use it like a hamster wheel. haha.

And I was wearing my magic feather. :)


Amanda said...

You're doing great. Keep it up and you'll be so ready for the TOT 13K, any Tri's you want to try and the full marathon!

Justin said...

You MUST have your magic feather. 15-25 mph headwinds? Great, rub it in that I wimped-out with similar winds yesterday outside. ;-)

You'll develop a love/hate relationship with your hamster wheel. I wish I had one at home. You'll love it because it's a great tool to get in miles, practice running form, and increasing speed. You'll hate it because it can get so freaking boring some days. Make sure you have plenty of in-ear entertainment!