Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back On Track??

Here I am again and it is the weekend. We got home last Sunday. Went right back to work on Monday. I wasn't feeling well again this week. I am having a hard time eating. Milk and milk products specially cheese is making me sick. :( So Now I am back to feeling better I will head back out the door. E wants me to go back to the Doctor's. I don't want to cause they will want to stick me full of crap.

I would post more photos of the air museum but I can't get them to upload. It was so neat in there. And it was a nice trip.

Today we just vegged out. We drove down to Miami and drove across the Rickenbacker Causeway.It is in the Danskin Triathlon in May. Holy Cats!!! What a bridge!! The view is awesome. So now I am going to buy a helmet and get my aerobars put on my bike and go back down there and practice.

This is the bottom of the Causeway this is turn around one of the 12 mile bike ride.

This is what it looks like driving on it.

This is going the other way, kinda a better view.

It's an amazing view.

I am back with my trainer, as soon as she gets over her cold, we will be refining the training schedule. I am more than willing to work, eat sleep and train. Train, sleep and get up and go train some more. Being ill has not helped me one bit. I am still sitting on the fence about DL.
I have a 20 year high school reunion to go to, plus the duathlon in June and maybe some other really cool stuff, but I sure do not want to look like a pumpkin. {i still feel bloated from the lactose intolerance}

I haven't been swimming and I know I need to get back to it. I am so feeling it.
Next weekend is the Health Expo in Miami,and on the list they are saying the finalists from the Biggest Looser is going to be there!!! Holy Cats!!! And I do not have to work that weekend!!! I am so going. And I just found out that Aerosmith is coming here in July!!! Sweet!!!!!! I want to go.

Well I am looking forward to getting my rear back out the door and as long as to tummy isn't hurting I will be out there training.


Justin said...

Hope you feel better soon. That's cool that you're scouting out the route for the bike portion of the triathalon. Getting excited for it?

Amanda said...

I hope you get your tummy troubles under control. It is so difficult to train when your stomach is not cooperating.

I know you're going to get back on track and kick butt! Just keep moving forward.

Let us know how your training schedule shapes up.

Princess Fee said...

Really hope you get to feeling back to normal as soon as you can - will be sending good feelings your way!! And there's nothing worse than wanting to train, get out there, and really not being able to - so frustrating.

But you've got the right mental attitude so you're half way there! Go Rae!

Matt said...

Sorry that you haven't been feeling well. If it were me, I'd listen to E and see a doctor and get them to tell you what's wrong. But again, that's just me.

You'll be fine. You always do. Good Luck Rae!!!

Rae! said...

Yeah I have an appt. I dread going. I have been feeling very well. I have had any type of milk products and I have been doing great.