Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And Training Begins

Hello Humans!!!!!

I am feeling so much better. As long as I stay away from milk My tummy loves me. So no milk products. I will be seeing my Doctor about all of this. Going out to dinner was hard. Even a really nice salad comes with cheese. And when you tell them you do not want cheese they still do it. I was so embarrassed I got upset.

This weekend is the health Expo in Miami and I am so excited about it cause it says on the website that the Biggest Looser finalist are going to be their too!!! I am off this weekend. I am going. Plus this weekend I am tackling the Rickenbacker Causeway.

I bought a patella support band for both knees. And a IT band. Sunday I went for a run. Yes a run. I ran 2.10 miles. No pain. I did it in 29 minutes. E had a hard time keeping up with me. I was so excited I found these bands, and I have no pain. None the next day. I think I found my magic feather.{ like Dumbo} I see speed work in my running future. I go over to my Runner's Depot tomorrow and I am joining the running club. They owners were at the Boston Marathon so I have to wait till they are back in the store. This will give me access to a track, and coaches and other runners, walkers.

And on the training front I have my new workout from Isabeau, and there is a few things I do not know on this one and waiting for a response on how to do them and I will post what I am doing.

I miss going to Disney whenever I want to. :( I can't wait till October. I have been sitting on the fence about D 23. And I have decided not to join. I can get the magazine, but I don't think I am going to join. As much as I love Disney I 'm not just not into this.

OK it is official I will be doing the Full Disney Marathon 2010. E is not sure if he wants to. He does and he doesn't. He does since it is on his birthday, and doesn't since it is 26.2 miles!!! haha
I am sitting on the fence about doing the TOT 13k. And I am sitting on the fence with the DL half. I am so torn.

Train hard, Have fun, Stay injury free!!!


Matt said...

I'm glad you're doing better. I hope you'll be able to eat dairy soon. Just listen to your doc.

I'm really glad that you're doing so well with the running and that you'll be there in 2010! As much as I would love for you to join me in the DL half, be smart. Don't over extend yourself. You know where your limits are.

Have fun at the Expo!!!

Justin said...

I'm there with you on D23. I want to see what it becomes, and how it develops, in a year or so before I commit.

Glad you hear you're official on the 2010 WDW Full Marathon. That's awesome news. Very cool.

I forgot about Dumbo's magic feather. Never thought about it in the context of running. Hmmmm.

Amanda said...

That is cool that the knee bands worked for you. I bet it felt good to run withoutyour knees hurting!

It sounds like you have your motivation back-it's great to hear.

You don't have to worry about not being around-sometimes you just have to take care of you :)!

I can't wait to hear about the expo and all the cool things you learn and people you meet.

Keep strong and train safe.

Basil said...

Wow, the full!! You're awesome!!

Princess Fee said...

Am happy to hear the bands are working for you!! I have one of those just below the knee bands that I put on after training, but when I get to see the sports therapist I'm going to see what she advises.

And the Full? Way to go!!! I don't think I will ever do a full marathon so I am completely in awe of you!! Way to go!!!

Oh and the cheese thing - totally feel you. As someone who doesn't live in the US, we notice when we visit that cheese is on EVERYTHING and when you ask for things without cheese you get a strange look. We would just go 'we're British'! lol