Friday, April 10, 2009

Air And Space Today

Good Morning from chilly Virginia. Got out the door this morning.
Did 1.85 miles today. WE missed a section, to make it 2 miles. Headed out the door to the Air ans Space museum.Check out the space shuttle that never flew. And all kinds of other cool, stuff.

Send some good vibes today. E's sister is not feeling so well,and has to go to the doctor's{carrying a wee one} She really needs it. My fingers are crossed.

Team Voice Many Goals, One Voice!!


Amanda said...

Have fun at the Air and Space Museum. That sounds like it will be very cool to see!

Tons of pixie dust and good vibes for E's sister. I hope both Mom and Baby are doing well.

MikeF. said...

I hope Momma and Baby are ok. Hope you guys had a blast at the space museum. Glad to see you guys are still training even on vacation.

[rich] said...

Send our love to A and co - let us know how they get on, love from us guys x