Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Like Lightning .... Ca chow.....

Yep that 's me the new lightning fast Rae. I can't believe it. E had to run to keep up with me tonight. Well he looked like he was doing a light jog and I looked like I was sprinting, but non the less He had to run. :)

Today was 60 minutes of cardio. I started out on the Hamster wheel,And then I got this awful flank pain. I had to stop. I had to do alot of stretching to get it to go away. Then I finished. I did 40 minutes of sprints at incline 10 . 2.5 miles. Then I went outside and did 2.13 miles in 27 min. My breathing was a little off, and we were able to talk the entire time. I had to take 2 walking breaks, and the last 1/4 mile we sprinted to the end.

Tomorrow back to work. :( I am going to do my best to not let work interfere with my training. Specially with this being the last day of the month.

Team Voice news, We will be starting the Team Voice Member of the month. This is your time to shine and tell everyone else why you are doing all that you are doing, and what brought you to becoming the healthy you. SO each month will be a different Team Member. And it will be posted up on the Event Page which is going to be the home front for Team Voice. I will be working on putting up picture slide shows, and whatever else we can think of.
SO on May 1 look for the new challenge, and the first Team Member of The Month.

BTW I am trying out twitter if any of you are on it. I am not to sure if I like it yet. I am under runnerrae. And it won't keep my picture loaded.

Good bye April, Hello May....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday Here And Gone..

Man Am I still sore from Sunday's training. I got a new treadmill aka Hamster wheel. It does everything. I love it. It is used I got it from Craig's List. I used it on Sunday. I did my 45 minute cardio on it. Not bad at all. Here is what I did on Sunday.
Day# 4, 45 min. cardio, and set A resistance. So for cardio I picked steady joging on the tm. This thing is way faster than the ones in the gym. So I started at my normal pace 4.5 speed, then I ramped it up to 5.0 I can only run that 2 min. at a time then I would take it down and walk. Then when I would catch my breath I would go back up to 5.0 I did 3.07 miles. Towards the end I was slowing down. I was walking more, having a hard time catching my breath. I hate that!!!
Here is set A
10 stability ball lowers, I didn't do these don't know how.
30 second stability ball planks, it's all about balance.
30 jumping jacks
stability ball chess press 12 reps then right into
stability ball flies 12 reps
1 minute butt kicks
1 minute wall sit ,this can get really hard
12 sumo squats with bicep curl

I am suppose to do this 3 times well of course this never happen since we have teen drama.
Then yesterday I took as a day off. I am sore but not like yesterday. When I had to get up from sitting man oh man. And then go back to sitting, whoa.. that was sore.

Today is just one hour of cardio. I thought I would go do a spin class today. It's an hour and it's cardio.

I took my bike to the shop on Saturday and found out I have a bent derailer. So today I am going to see if I can get it replaced by the people I bought it through. It is still covered. This is why it wasn't changing gears correctly, and this is why I was having such a hard time adjusting the gears. No biking again. :( It will be race ready for June. I got the time off for the race. Sweet!!!!

I have to work three 12 hours days coming up in a row. I don't like to do this but One of three is ot. Then again the following week. I am worried how this is going to effect me with my training. It is rough, I am hoping for an easy three days compare to last week.

My wonderful friend Kate is getting ready for her first triathlon in Disney. I am so excited for her. I wish I could be there to support her. Please go say hi to her and wish her the best!!!
The race is May 10.

Here is Trainer Bob's challenge for Today.

Tuesday's Challenge, beginner's are gonna give me 50 "Burpees" and advanced people, 100 Burpees. If you don't know what a burpee is, youtube it. It is a great calorie burner and extremely physical. After your burpees, I want 50 pushups. Good luck, soldiers!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blustery Day Today

I know we all know who Bob Harper is ,from the Biggest Looser and this is the challenge for the weekend he posted on Facebook.

Your Weekend Challenge is to do 200 lunges ON EACH LEG!!! Make sure to keep your back up straight, abs in strong, and when you lunge forward, keep the front knee above your foot and your back knee goes almost down to the floor. Your glutes and your legs are gonna be BURNING!!! You're gonna LOVE IT!! Have a great weekend.

Today was weigh in day. 2.5 pounds down today. Big thumbs up!!!!
Here is what I did today. I jogged 4.10 miles today in 59:51 in 15-25 mile and hour winds!! Wanna know the best part...I did not have to take a walking break. I have to jog to keep up with E. NO walking breaks!!! Holy Cats!!!! :)

Day #2 of my new training plan. Today is 45 minutes of cardio, and then set B resistance. For the cardio I think I am going to do outside miles.
Here is what set b is.
circuit 1
10 walkouts
20 pendulum squats with weights To do this, go into a squat, and as you come up, you come up on one leg infront of you. Go back down on both, and repeat.
10 surrenders with weights: to do this you put your arms up in the air like you were going to arrested, and go down on your knees and then back up on your feet. Do not put your arms down. I can not do this one with the weights.

circuit 2
15 superman's
20 squat jumps
30 step ups

circuit 3
20 wide grip push ups
20 diamond push upshaha I can not go all the way down. My arms start to shake,so I went as far as I could and in all three sets all I could do was 4.
30 second mountain climbers

I got my tri shorts today. I love them and how they say put and do not move. I can swim in them too. My bike is in the shop. So no tackling of the Causeway till next weekend. I found a helmet that I like too. In 2 weeks I will go have my aero bars put on. I think I will be buying a treadmill too. I will know for sure around 10a. It's used and I will use it like a hamster wheel. haha.

And I was wearing my magic feather. :)

Let's Be Honest

I am so proud of myself!!

I can remember when I would sit in front of the tv ....

Then I was on the Disney website and found the endurance races. This is before I meet everyone. I started walking. this was September 2006. October 06 I fell. I got injured and mess up my good knee. Had surgery...I went to pt 3 times a week and I was wanting to get well so I could get walking again. I was released Dec 06. Kept walking. March 07 i got injured again. I added a mile on to my walk and tore a muscle. Pencil led size. Doc why did that happen?Your shoes.This put me out of the Minnie that year. Got back out there. Turn right around got a shin splint.I was getting them all the time. I had such a hard time controlling my breathing. Kept right on walking.
Then someone would comment ya know you can run if you try. I would come back, no knees will not let me nor will my ortho doctor. Before you know it, I was walking 6 miles. I was getting faster, more shin splints.
October is coming.. tot 13 k. I am going to speed walk my first race. I tried to quit many times over the summer. It's time. All four of us were in the race with others we meet over the internet.{miss you JB}
The race was a night race. The route did go off road. Walking... and mile five...I got the cold sweats... belly was bloating... Feeling sick... I kept going...drank water.. mile 7 i was done. I wanted to sit down and wait for the medics.I was still nursing a shin splint, and I really do not remember the last 2 miles of the race. I do not remember crossing the finish line. I do remember spending the rest of the evening in the restroom. I had to be wheeled to my car. I could not walk. And I was up all night with cold sweats and the runs. That very next day, I was done. I wasn't doing this again.
E got me back out the door. Support from everyone helped too. We did the Turkey trot 5k. It was great but I was so worried I was going to get all that pain back. I didn't. I felt good.
I worked really hard, and did the Minnie and enjoyed it!!! Then I got my trainer. By October I had lost 37 pounds. I was faster, no more shin splits,and then my trainer when are you gonna run? I said oh no not you too. We did the Race for the taste 10k. Enjoyed it. I avoided TOT 13k. I started to slack the closer we got to the Half. I had to drop my trainer for a bit.
I did it, and I am so proud of myself. The ex said you will NEVER do a 5k. So what do you think now?? Here I am I put on 7 of the 37 I lost, I have my trainer back, she is busting my rump. And I am not going to use my knees as an excuse not to run. I am going to bug the you know what out of my Ortho Doc for help to run. HE will give the look, and I will fuss, and he still may say no,we will see.
Any way... This is my story. We all have fall backs. Ups and downs. Right or wrong or no matter how you take it, or you perceive life, you can over come. Some of us want it worse than others, but in the end the sport of it brings us all together. And cars. :)

I will be honest .. I posted yesterday just before I was going to workout. I was waiting, and the next thing I know E was taking the laptop of my lap and telling me to go to bed. I said no way I have to go work out. He said not unless you can get in at 1am. Yes I fell asleep. Work is stressful lately, and what do I do when I get stressed. I sleep. Yep. And I did it again tonight. Here I am late night blogging now that I am awake.

I have to tell my trainer. {gulp} She will say brush it off and start a new day. It done and you can not change that.
Today would have been #3 and a day off. Tomorrow is a new day. And the Biggest Looser finalist are not going to be here!!!! They lied on their website. I do not want to go now. :( We will see.

I still haven't found a helmet that I like, But I need to, get my bike adjusted, so I can go do the Causeway Sunday. And I need new shorts. I have wore them out. ;) And whatever I choose to do I will have my Magic feather.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What A Day ....And A Training Session

Day #2 of my new training plan. Today is 45 minutes of cardio, and then set B resistance. For the cardio I think I am going to do outside miles.
Here is what set b is.
circuit 1
10 walkouts
20 pendulum squats with weights
10 surrenders with weights

circuit 2
15 superman's
20 squat jumps
30 step ups

circuit 3
20 wide grip push ups
20 diamond push ups
30 second mountain climbers

Those push ups are going to be really tuff.
Got my feather in had and I am going to drag my butt out the door. Today was a really tuff day at work and I am emotionally tired. And then the teen drama. {rolling the eyes} Oh yeah the resistance training is x 3. :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Magic Feather..UPDATED

I made a reference to Dumbo yesterday. And it seems we sometimes forget about Dumbo.

He went through alot in that movie. He was young lost his mommy, and was befriended by a mouse who in a sense was his coach. He helped him gain the confidence that it is ok to be different, and no matter how different we all are you can do it. SO maybe it took that darn feather to get him to realize he can fly.

And SO maybe it took the knee support bands to make me realize I can run. And I will be headed to my Ortho Doctor and ask about getting gel put in to my joint. I want to run.This is the braces.

I expressed all of this to my trainer. She said it would be possible. Me running a entire race?? Holy Cats!! I told her I was thinking of returning to WDW in October to do the TOT 13k , my wall race. You will run. Hard work, at the pace she gives it to me, and not to over do. That may be only a weekend trip, possible no park time {depends on this summer} Actually run. I am good for a 5k, slow and steady. The catch, there is always a catch if and when it starts to hurt, stop. I agreed. No really stop.{ I am the one who will ignore it and keep going. }

So Here is how it will go training for 5 days a week. I can use one for a day of running.
For day #1
60 minutes of cardio. Then the CORE. I have choices for cardio. I can do one for the time or break it down in 20 minutes, with three different cardio options.
So for today I have picked
20 minutes of hill walking, incline 10, speed 3-3.5 speed 3.2, miles 1.10
20 minutes of elliptical level 9, consistant speed , 1.57 miles
20 minutes of stairs level 4, last 7 min. level 3, 48 flights
CORE{ no choices here} must do: 5 sets of 20 reps
100 bicycle crunches
100 dead bug
100 butt lifts
100 double crunches
100 scissor crunches

I did the core last night watching BL. I did it 20 reps each until I made it to 100.
My calorie intake is 1500 daily, no cheat days. Get consistancy back.

June 7 Tradewinds Park is going to be my first Duathlon.{they changed the location}
I have to call and make sure the biking is road course. That park is flat. Not like the Rickenbacker Causeway. I have to head over there sometime next week and run it and ride it. Get the feel of the pavement there and the area. It says a 10 mile ride and has a map . And then a 1.0 mile run, map . I know I am good for a 5k running. The bike ride I can do in about 40 minutes. Just under a 5 minute mile. I did my first transition from biking to running before we went to VA. My legs were kinda jelly like and I was able to do my Half marathon pace. wich is in the 14 minute mile. That is walking. And since this is a scanction race, by the USAT you have to buy a day pass or buy the yearly licsense. Well sense I am planning on doing more than one I will purchase the licesense. All times are offiical. And I will have to do a first timer meeting the day before the race, if you do not do the meeting you do not get your finishers medal.

I have to give a shout out to Justin. HOLY CATS!!! 27 miles. You are the running machine. My Team Voice running guru. You will do fine in the Full marathon coming up. Go over and give him a shout out.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And Training Begins

Hello Humans!!!!!

I am feeling so much better. As long as I stay away from milk My tummy loves me. So no milk products. I will be seeing my Doctor about all of this. Going out to dinner was hard. Even a really nice salad comes with cheese. And when you tell them you do not want cheese they still do it. I was so embarrassed I got upset.

This weekend is the health Expo in Miami and I am so excited about it cause it says on the website that the Biggest Looser finalist are going to be their too!!! I am off this weekend. I am going. Plus this weekend I am tackling the Rickenbacker Causeway.

I bought a patella support band for both knees. And a IT band. Sunday I went for a run. Yes a run. I ran 2.10 miles. No pain. I did it in 29 minutes. E had a hard time keeping up with me. I was so excited I found these bands, and I have no pain. None the next day. I think I found my magic feather.{ like Dumbo} I see speed work in my running future. I go over to my Runner's Depot tomorrow and I am joining the running club. They owners were at the Boston Marathon so I have to wait till they are back in the store. This will give me access to a track, and coaches and other runners, walkers.

And on the training front I have my new workout from Isabeau, and there is a few things I do not know on this one and waiting for a response on how to do them and I will post what I am doing.

I miss going to Disney whenever I want to. :( I can't wait till October. I have been sitting on the fence about D 23. And I have decided not to join. I can get the magazine, but I don't think I am going to join. As much as I love Disney I 'm not just not into this.

OK it is official I will be doing the Full Disney Marathon 2010. E is not sure if he wants to. He does and he doesn't. He does since it is on his birthday, and doesn't since it is 26.2 miles!!! haha
I am sitting on the fence about doing the TOT 13k. And I am sitting on the fence with the DL half. I am so torn.

Train hard, Have fun, Stay injury free!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back On Track??

Here I am again and it is the weekend. We got home last Sunday. Went right back to work on Monday. I wasn't feeling well again this week. I am having a hard time eating. Milk and milk products specially cheese is making me sick. :( So Now I am back to feeling better I will head back out the door. E wants me to go back to the Doctor's. I don't want to cause they will want to stick me full of crap.

I would post more photos of the air museum but I can't get them to upload. It was so neat in there. And it was a nice trip.

Today we just vegged out. We drove down to Miami and drove across the Rickenbacker Causeway.It is in the Danskin Triathlon in May. Holy Cats!!! What a bridge!! The view is awesome. So now I am going to buy a helmet and get my aerobars put on my bike and go back down there and practice.

This is the bottom of the Causeway this is turn around one of the 12 mile bike ride.

This is what it looks like driving on it.

This is going the other way, kinda a better view.

It's an amazing view.

I am back with my trainer, as soon as she gets over her cold, we will be refining the training schedule. I am more than willing to work, eat sleep and train. Train, sleep and get up and go train some more. Being ill has not helped me one bit. I am still sitting on the fence about DL.
I have a 20 year high school reunion to go to, plus the duathlon in June and maybe some other really cool stuff, but I sure do not want to look like a pumpkin. {i still feel bloated from the lactose intolerance}

I haven't been swimming and I know I need to get back to it. I am so feeling it.
Next weekend is the Health Expo in Miami,and on the list they are saying the finalists from the Biggest Looser is going to be there!!! Holy Cats!!! And I do not have to work that weekend!!! I am so going. And I just found out that Aerosmith is coming here in July!!! Sweet!!!!!! I want to go.

Well I am looking forward to getting my rear back out the door and as long as to tummy isn't hurting I will be out there training.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What Day It Was Yesterday

This is what you see when you walk in!!!

The space museum was a blast. And the cool part of the whole thing was E's Dad was talking to an employee who he asked where the observation tower was. And the next thing I know we are on a lower deck of the tower ,looking out with no waiting!!! No people!! So cool!!! He told us about the air crafts and how they got them in there. And that the Enterprise never flew in space but it has glided down for training. It was and still is used for training.

Then the drive home. Oh my... the traffic coming out of DC was madness and we sat in traffic for 5 hours. Holy Cats!!! They have the express for the traffic coming out of DC and then later it dumps back into the highway and what a mess!!!

It was all still fun.

Today we are going to go look at a Creator site and then it is birthday time!!!
Thank you for all the good vibes, it was a false alarm, E's sister just has to slow down a bit. {whew}

Today we did 2.34 miles. The hills are something. E was really slow today. And then we have to pack and get ready to drive home tomorrow.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Air And Space Today

Good Morning from chilly Virginia. Got out the door this morning.
Did 1.85 miles today. WE missed a section, to make it 2 miles. Headed out the door to the Air ans Space museum.Check out the space shuttle that never flew. And all kinds of other cool, stuff.

Send some good vibes today. E's sister is not feeling so well,and has to go to the doctor's{carrying a wee one} She really needs it. My fingers are crossed.

Team Voice Many Goals, One Voice!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Look A Giraffe!!!

I couldn't wait!

Here is a picture of me and fj feeding a baby giraffe. It was so much fun. Ever since I went to Busch Gardens I have liked them.

Resting right now and later I will update my miles. I will try posting a map of it. Like I did before.

Virginia is Chilly

We are here in Virginia, and we were going to go to Busch Gardens but instead we decided to stay local and headed out to the zoo. We are going to go feed Gariffes!! It will be fun. going with the family.

It seemed like it took forever to get up here this time. I think because we had to stop more with the dog.

Slept in this morning so no miles yet. I will do that when we get back. I think we will drag everyone with us. :) I really do not like being lactose intolerent. People make it seem like I am doing it on purpose. I didn't trust me. It makes me feel like an outsider and we brought stuff with us so they wouldn't have to worry. And we bring more they we normally would. It's hard to find some of the stuuff I eat.

I will post some photos later, no Disney store to go visit. :(

So I will try to get some of the really pretty scenery shots here.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rambling On,

Yesterday at work was my last day of training. Tomorrow I am on my own. Three 12's in a row. I work at the desk now,instead of on the floor.We will see how I do. Then it is off to Virgina.

This morning I got up and put in 2 miles. The plan was 4. The humidity is just thick. Then they just said we are going to get a cold front. Crazy weather we have. After it cools down a bit this evening I will put in a couple more miles. I also wore my running shoes today. I have not used them since the Princess. When I look at them all I see is the pain I was having during the race. I didn't have any. SO I will alternate between them and my older ones. So I do not wear them out.I will take them out for another spin. :) Over coming these small hurdles are great things. TOT 13k, hmm that would be a huge hurdle.

Today was weigh in and I am -3 this morning. Back on track.Whew I was getting worried for a while there. My trainer is out on assignment.And it has been hard to get together and get things workout. She is also now doing Home Training coach. What?! Seriously?? I can not wait to talk to her. I want a week with her here, in my home,and all. When I get more details I will share them. This will be the deciding factor in my DL trip.

And I caught up on all the Biggest Looser, Holy Cats!!! Did you see Tara with the car!!! Go girl. I have to record then and watch later. I am normally in the gym when it is on. I can't wait till next week.

Now I will have to figure out how to download the record stuff to my PC and watch them during travel next week. I have to entire season of House, and ER to watch. And Sunday is Wrestle Mania !!! I will miss the first hour ,{thank Goodness for dvr's}

Today is my 2000 day. Man How am I going to get it all in? Last night I was able to have a couple of cookies, and still stayed under my 1500. I will have to post a couple of the new recipes we have been trying. Get tired of the same ole thing. And the a low cal, high protein.

E hit up the Disney Premier Store and brought home the Stitch cookie jar. He is so Cool!! {i think he knew I was missing WDW}And he will match the new color of the kitchen. Slow but sure we are getting the home improvements done. Kinda looks like a construction zone, but we have made progress.

I can not believe I will not be going to Disney anytime soon. I feel like I lost my happy get away zone. But I try to think of it this way. I have it to look forward too. :)

Enjoy your weekend, and the Team Voice Event Page is up dated!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Week IN Review

Things here are going good. Packing and getting ready for our trip.

I have been riding my tri bike. Oh my!!! I love this bike. It takes no effort at all to ride this bike. I have been doing the one pedal drills, and I can do a mile in 4.5 minutes. WOW!!! I still haven't found a helmet that I like,I sure will not go long distance without it. E can't keep up on his mountain bike so when I do start doing the long distance rides he said he will drive the car behind me so I won't get ran over. hahaha

I am getting back with my trainer. I have to do what works for me, and her guidance works. And she is getting married this month. I am proud of her, she is one of the success contestants from BL. I have bought myself a new goal outfit, and I just can't wait to get started. She likes what I have been doing but she is going to make it work better.

I am still getting quotes for DL Half. I am looking at packages that include my park tickets with my room. From what I understand, the Good Neighbor hotels are within walking distance. I have never been there. I to plan on doing the 5k as well.

Congratulations to Johnathan and Amber!! Children and gifts, great gifts. But when they turn into teens, they believe they know all !!

If you are like me and breathing is always an issue check this out Breathing Enhancers