Saturday, March 21, 2009


Been a little crazy here. Something must be in the air, drama is back. {deep breath}
Here is Thursday's work out and meal. Went and had my yearly physical. All results back and all is good. And She said any type of changes come back. She said since I have added the strength training I will loose weight way slower than before. I told her I have stopped. And I have been wondering between a eight pound slide. I shown her everything, and she said this is normal. If I have any more trouble in the next 3 months see her again.

Bike 20 minutes, level 9 random hills, 7.20 miles, not bad.

weighed squats: 20lbs, 3 x 20
standing bent arm lat pull downs: 30lbs 3 x20
lap pull downs seated: 45lbs, 3x 20
leg press: 105 lbs 3x 20
inner thigh: 70lbs, 3x 25
outer thigh: 70lbs 3x 15{ need to do more}
chest press up right: 20lbs 3x 20
incline chest press: 30lbs, 3x 10{ needs more work}
seated row: lvl. 9 5 minutes, 912 meters
bicep curl: 30lbs, 3x20 { last five were really hard}
tricep curl: 20lbs, 3x20 { this was light}

Ab. circuit:
abdominal: 50lbs, 3x 40
ab. crunch: 70lbs,3x35
torso twist: 60lbs, 3x40, twenty per side

ezekel bread: 2 slices: 160
coffee: 2
slick creamer: 15
egg whites: 33
1/2c oatmeal: 150
personal size pizza from the heart healthy:470
oatmeal cookie:125
chicken strips x4: 250
1/2c salad:5
hard boiled egg{no york}: 78
oatmeal cookie:125
fat free ice cream 1/2c :110
grand Total: 1710

Friday I didn't make it to the gym to do my running part so I have to do it today. And I am going to swim and do the ab circuit.

5 minute warm up
10 minute sprints, 30 seconds as fast as you can, and 30 seconds walking
10 minute light jog
10 minute sprints, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds walking, fast as you can
10 light jog

And here is my staging calories count for the next couple of weeks.
Monday: 1200
Wednesday: 1300
Thursday: 1700
Saturday:1800 cheat day/weigh in
Must hit the calories,50 under,or be 50 over keep the body from going into starvation mode.

training: 0
ezekel bread: 160
1/4 pc. chicken breast:48
cream of wheat:1c 115
banana: 30
bran muffin 1/4: 76
wheat pasta 1c: 174
1/4c sauce with turkey:56
1/2 pc. gar;ic bread:40
bran muffin 1/4: 76
1/2c carrots:34
2 small potatoes:271
1/4c sauce: 56
bran muffin: 76
grand total: 1221

I hope everyone has a great weekend and Mike Rest and do not over do. :)


Amanda said...

You'll get past this plateau. It's just your body readjusting again!

I'm curious how you are determining your calorie counts for each day. Is it based on the exercise you're planning to do or part of a training program?

I've keep my calories even except for long run days, so I'm just curious if this is something I should try too :)!

MikeF. said...

Hey just wanted to say hi and yes I am taking it easy.

Rae! said...

HI Amanda!
The stagger in the calories is to help keep the body from going into starvation mode.

Amanda said...

Thanks Rae...That's interesting. I might have to do a little more research on that to see if it would work for me.

Matt said...

Hey Rae! Looks like everything is going ok. Just keep it up! We all go through plateaues.

Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hi!