Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Team Member In Training

Today I did double duty on workouts. I had to make up what I didn't do yesterday. I wasn't feeling well at all yesterday. When I have my menstrual cycle I am not good for anything. So here is what I did.

Clocked in @ 10:15a
Running on the dread mill
5 min. warm up incline 5.5 speed 3.2, 0-.26
10 min. light jog 0 incline, speed 4.6, .27-1.04
3 min. jog incline 4 ,speed 4.2, 1.08-1.28
3 min jog incline 6,speed 3.9, 1.31-1.51
3min. jog incline 8, speed 3.6, 1.55-1.69
10 min. sprints at incline 8, speed 5.5, 30 seconds on, 30 off. 1.79-1.83, missed one,1.91-1.97, missed another couple and then 2.27-2.31, took it down and walked the rest. I was not feeling well.
10 min light jog,0 incline, speed 4.6 @ minutes of this 2.51-2.62, walked some and one one time, 2.92-3.02 and just walked it all out. Ended with 3.14 miles.
Note to self got to get back to the basics here. I will not make it through the full marathon in 2010.

weighed squats: 20lbs, 3 x 20
standing bent arm lat pull downs: 30lbs 3 x20
lap pull downs seated: 45lbs, 3x 20
leg press: 90lbs 3x 20{ this is light}
inner thigh: 70lbs, 3x 25
outer thigh: 70lbs 3x 15{ need to do more}
chest press up right: 20lbs 3x 20
incline chest press: 30lbs, 3x 10{ needs more work}
seated row: lvl. 9 5 minutes, 912 meters
bicep curl: 30lbs, 3x20 { last five were really hard}
tricep curl: 20lbs, 3x20 { this was light}

Ab. circuit:
abdominal: 50lbs, 3x 40
ab. crunch: 70lbs,3x35
torso twist: 60lbs, 3x40, twenty per side
left 12:30p

coffee: 2
1/2c oatmeal: 150
banana: 60
ezekel bread 1 slice: 80
good belly:50
yogurt: 90
1 egg white:30
bread bowl: 500\
soup: 130
dinner: chief salad
2 cups lettuce:10
shredded cheese 1tbsp:10
4 mini tomatoes: 20
turkey 5 slices: 60
total: 1213
goal: 1200
allowance of 50 over or under.
tomorrow 1600
I drank so far 60 oz of h2o.

Going back to swim for 1 hour.

Now I will get back on track and do the running listed here tomorrow, and swim. And then do my calisthenics, and biking outside. Then on Thursday I will do the weight training and swimming. Then Saturday will be a long ride maybe or run not sure yet. I was looking into going to do the presentation for the duoathlon on Saturday. They posted if you are a first timer you must take the presentation to receive the medal for finishing. So If I can do this one and not have to do the next one in June. We will see.

I need to explain myself here. Team Voice. I am not quitting, I am backing off . I can not do the web page and pay out the hosting every month for it. I have to focus on myself more and not stress on what everyone else is doing. I am going to continue to blog and do my thing. But I am not going to stress over what Team Voice is doing. I have been working on a couple things for Team Voice, like Team Voicer of the week. Where you tell your story to Team Voice and it is posted on the event page and on the Google page, and I will put it on facebook. I am also looking in to video of myself to share with everyone. Training eating, and so forth.
But if you need me for any reason, day or night and you need to work through a tough patch I am here. Text me, E mail me, I am here. I am full of information, and I will share it with everyone who needs it.

Watch out Disneyland Half I am coming, and I plan to make it under 3 hours!!


Amanda said...

You're doing a great job-keep going!

It's okay to focus on yourself. Good for you for realizing that you need a break to work on you.

As you know I'll help you through any rough patches you may hit as well!

Chris said...

Definitley, focus on your workouts! We know you're there and totally appreciate everything you do when you have the cycles to do it. I think alot of us are in the same boat and up against the wall already. Feel a little like I'm burning the candle at both ends myself... Long term, we'll all be in an out of it. :-)

Keep on bloggin' when you have the chance so we know what you're up to!

Matt said...

Excellent work Rae! I need to get some of your motivation, HAHA!

That is completely understandable. There is no reason why you need to keep all of Team Voice on your sholders. Why don't you delegate some of your "responsiblities" to some others? Just a thought.

Hope everything else is going well!

Princess Fee said...

GREAT working!!! You are doing brilliant in all your workouts.

And it's totally understandable that you need to take time for yourself - as Matt said, you don't need to have all the responsibilities on yourself! We are all here for you anytime - like you are always there for us.

And I will see you at Disneyland Half then? ;) I just have to sign up!