Sunday, March 1, 2009

March In Marching Right On In

My Vern Week Run was awful. I started out with my new iphones not wanting to work with my ipod. Then the city was watering the sidewalks not the grass so they were nice and slippery, and I had to wait for nearly every intersection. And people walking there dos would let there dog come over and get in front of me and trip me. Then peoples riding there bikes on the side walk. Hello they are for walking!!! Then the sun was beating down so hard it was hot. I felt it too. In all I shaved 8 minutes off my time. I know that I will have to get out there at 6am instead of 7a. I took the bike out for a spin yesterday. Nice and smooth. Have to make more adjustments to it. Got to get a helmet. As soon as I get one of those I will take it out for a nice ride. {not on the sidewalk}

OK over on Grannies Ear Horn {my Mother} she is taking on a rather large task. She wants to do the Kona Half Marathon. She has to raise$6000.00 to go. It also help the cause she is doing this for. Go over and check it out. {She is working on a mass e-mail.}

And today my glutes are sore and My abs are still burning. Today I am going to swim and do another exercise. It is called the Belly to The Wall. I have to use my fins for this. This is to help get me to rotate up on my side were I will nearly feel like I am going to turn over on my back. And wearing the fins will help keep me from kicking from the knees to propel myself forward using more of the feet. I snorkel alot this shouldn't be to hard. Then I will do some laps of the freestyle. I am pushing for 10 laps today. and I will be taking a spin class today.Weighed in on Saturday no change. :(

OK news on the Disneyland trip front. We have decided not to do Disneyland this year. { i am still trying to shoot over Just me} And go next year but not for the half. And I have come to the conclusion to do the full marathon 2010 and then the Goofy 2011. Work up to it.

I am on the look out for a full in the fall this year here. They just did some in Jan. too. May is going to be a busy month for races. I am planning to do the triathlon in Disney as long as the swimming comes along, and do it again here in Miami. The one here goes over monstrous bridges!! Twice!! I have access to this part of the route so I will be out there practicing. Biking route here.
I am on the look out for a douathlon as well. Trying to stay close to home. These are all USA sanction races and once I get three triathlons and two douathlons my race results will count. Including all my half marathon times and full. All my race times. So After finding this out I am going to join the USAT. And I think this will cover us as a Team. I am still researching this.

Ok Team Voice front when I get back from the Princess Half, I will transfer the Website over to Go Daddy and have them host it and get it up and running. What else would we all like to see on it?? Disney races, Team members and their progress, what??? Pictures, what else ?? Let me know.And I can get it together and get it ready to go up and make it live. I will post a section about me, and my story with pictures. Form the beginning with me and my heaviest to current. Maybe all of the original Team Voice members should do that?? Highlight a Team member a week?? Let me know.


Amanda said...

Wow-Rae! I am humbled by your resolve. You are taking on so much. I am glad to hear your going to do the full next year instead of Goofy - I think with all your other races this will be good. Who knows maybe I'll be ready for the Goofy the following year too.

Sorry to hear your Vern Weekend run wasn't fun. I've had some of those runs. Great job shaving off more time.

I think it sounds like fun seeing the results of everyone's hard work on the Team Voice site. It could be very motivational!

Matt said...

Sounds like you had an adventure! But at least you finished!