Saturday, March 7, 2009

Magic Kingdom Here I Come

Good morning from the Happiest place on Earth. I am so excited!!! And it is very chilly here!!! I am freezing. So I will be wearing mt real thin under amour tomorrow. {when the sun gets up higher suppose to make it to 80}
We are going to go have breakfast on Main Street in the Bakery. I don't know why but for me they have the best coffee here. while eating we will get to see the street show and all that cool stuff.
I am not renewing my passes this year. So I am going to enjoy this little trip like it is my very last one ever.{not true} I have tons of other things going on at home and it would be way to temping if I have my pass. But I know in Jan,2010 I will get it back.
My throat is not so on fire today.
Got to go to packet pick up,and check out all the cool stuff. Then call all the girls and catch up to them. Then later I have to cram in some studying for my test on Monday. This test will make or break my new job choice at work.
The race starts at 7am. I wonder way so late. I will ask today. The race will be in full swing when the parks open Sunday.
We are trying out the Joint Juice water today. Less calories and no fructose! Or an other junk.

I can not believe I am going to get to run in the Magic Kingdom again!!! Twice in one year how sweet is that. I have 2 gels, a energy bar, my hammer sustain energy powder to put in my water. I am going to try to come in tomorrow at the 3 hour mark. I don't have to worry about other Team Members getting swept, or E or the kids. I can get in to my pace and just go. No worries, no stress Just me, on World Drive headed to the Kingdom, meeting new people along the way. Then head back to Epcot!!!! Holy Cats!!!

Jb I will be carry you with me in this race. I know how much you love to run, and you have been grounded and it so sucks and I wish as hard as I can everyday That you are going to get better and come back here and run the half with me. I love the Bunnie stickers. :)
Mike cheer up, you will be back to Mike speed in no time. I have faith. ;)

OK Till tomorrow. Well Just before I head out to the race. I will have a hard time sleeping.

Team Voice Many Goals One Voice.


[rich] said...

Cheers Rae :-) have a great time.

Craig Wheeler said...

Best of luck to you. I'm sure it will be a blast!

Chris said...

Congrats on finishing the race, Rae! :-)

DebWDW said...

Congrats on finishing faster than you ran in January! Can't wait to read about race day.