Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Long Week This Week...

This was Wednesday:
Today I got up and looked at the scale. I had to look twice. It's going the wrong way. +2 What?! All the hard work I do, and I am gaining. {rolling the eyes} I got on the scale cause I noticed my clothes are not like they were. And I can see in the photos I am different. I have rested for 2 days cause of my pains. Today you wouldn't have known I was even in pain.

I do not know what else to do . I can stagger my calories like before. It helped. Or I can go back to my trainer. I may have too. I did way better. :0/

Today I am going to go swim, and put some biking miles in. This is why E thinks I should wait to do the duathlon. I don't have alot of logged biking hours. I can bike. I am really good at this. I can do the 1.9 miles, and bike the 12 miles. But I haven't put them together like this. So.. I am going to do my 2 mile loop then change out my shoes, and bike 12 miles. {close to 12 miles I can get,traffic around here is awful}

What I learned form the Princess Half.
1. Do not try pads in my shoes,the outcome is not good.
2. I wanted my ipod.
3.Not as much fun w/o running buddy.
4. I can do the mileage alone.
5. I am going to beat the 3 hour mark.{chance 3 in Sept}
6. I like my pace,work on becoming more steady.
7. Must keep training,no slacking, just because I did it twice doesn't mean I can slow down.
8. Do more runs in the heat.
9. Be more aware of my surroundings.
10. Maybe I should tackle the TOT 13k again{scared of it,I slammed in to the "WALL" at mile 5}

I will update later what I do for workout, and should I go back to posting my meals?? Please hold me accountable.

Today Saturday:
BTW: Team Voice web page is in process of transferring to Go Daddy.

Ok well things have been moving along. On Wednesday I did my strength training workout, and then I hit the pool. .I added in 2 rotations of freestyle to get use to it. I found myself not bringing my arms all the way around. And this was keeping me out of breathe. I was using the fins to keep on top and moving. I did all the exercises and I did 22- 25 laps. I never made it on the bike, like I had planned, or put in miles. Too much teen drama.. Everytime I get ready to go do ant type of training, we go throught this drama act,and by the time HE is done I am mentally wore out.
Today was the American Heart walk. It was a 5k. Our Local 10 was there.I had to wear the shirt provided by my job,{clinical ladder points for going today.} But my daughter and my Mom wore the Team Voice shirts. Me and my daughter line up in the front of the start. Why?? So we wouldn't get caught up in the mob of people walking. We were on tv and all. They did the count down and we were off. The really fast runners broke off way ahead, then we did intervals. This is my daughter's first run since her leg injury, she did great!! We finished by Run Keeper time in 34 minutes. My Mom did it in 39 minutes!!!! First one. Then shorlty there after this huge mob of people rounded the corner. It was cool to finish early and watch for everyone else. {instead of everyone waiting on me} It was fun and no real finisher time.
Now I am in the dilima of registering forv the duathlon for next Saturday. E says wait, but I want to try it. What to do???
Oh yeah got on the scale again, and dropped that 2 I had earlier in the week. Sweet!!!

And guess what Monday is???



mgreene said...

Just an FYI, not good race etiquette to start at the front of a race if you're not gonna finish in front of most people. Makes others have to pass you and slows them down. Better to try to find a position where most of the people in front of you will be faster and those behind slower. We actually had to post a "Race Etiquette 101" on out website for this very reason : Race Etiquette

Rae! said...

I totally understand !!! But this is one time I knew I wasn't going to be in the way. There was only 6 others in front of me and no one past us!!!

Amanda said...

Your Wednesday sounds a lot like mine. Except the scale showed more than a two pound gain for me. Unlike you I'm still trying to get back on track!

I used to be a headphone runner and it took me quite a while to get used to running without it. I find that I am much more in tune with my body and surroundings when I don't wear the headphones.

You're totally going to beat that three hour mark. I have no doubt that you'll do it!

You shouldn't let the TOT race scare you. You've done the two half marathons and kicked butt and you can so do the TOT, but don't do it if it's not a race you'll enjoy. Then you'll just be doing it to prove you can do it and we all know you can :)!

Great job on the 5K today! Sounds like your Daughter and Mom did great too!

Just be sure you're ready for a Duathlon and don't wear yourself out with too many races too close together. You just have to decide which ones are the most important and aim for them!