Monday, March 2, 2009

It's Chilly Here South Of The Magic {44}

Recap yesterday. I forgot to take my fins with me to the gym. I did the spin class and later went back to swim. I could not get the freestyle down. So I did whatever I could do to get in 10 laps. SO I didn't get to do the swimming exercises.
Today I did do the swimming exercises. I did the belly to the wall and the transition from left side to the right and back. I did the pressing the buoy also. Then I put them all together. That was hard but I did it. I do not swim in a straight line and I almost lost my swim suit bottoms to the deep end stairs. {that was so embarrassing} I ended up doing 20 laps{1.0 miles} tonight. I do very well with fins. Then a young lady came in and she was running swim drills. Wow!! She was awesome. One day I will swim free style like that I thought. So tomorrow I will try the freestyle with the fins on like it says I can to put it all in motion. Plus tomorrow is strength training. I have to get up and put in 2 miles.
I found on line all the local triathlons and duathlons. That takes out the swim part. There is one coming up on the 22 of this month. It is up in St. Lucie county. About an hour and a half from here. 2 mile run and a 12 mile bike ride. { i can do this} So I think I am going to try this.
The Disney triathlon is already full. So I will not get to do this one till 2010. That's ok I will be ready then. More confident. I may sign up for the Miami one. Not sure the swimming is scaring me off. We will see.
Got to hit the bed.


Chris said...

In the words of Matt Hotchberg, Outstanding! I love reading your blog cause even when you tell us about a step back or issue, there's ALWAYS some progress to be had in there. Not to mention how positive and excited you are about the training. Keep up the intensity, it's addictive. :-)

How's the new bike working out?

MikeF. said...

As always. You so totally rock Rae!

Matt said...

This is awesome Rae! I know you can do it! I think I may try doing one of these one day. Is the Disney triathalon during marathon weekend or is it at a different time?

Good Luck Rae and Keep it Up!

Amanda said...

That's to bad that the Danskin Tri is full, I would suggest trying a Tri with a pool swimming section before you tackle open water swimming. Just a thought. Regardless, you're doing awesome-keep it up!