Friday, March 6, 2009

I Can't Get Sick Now

I woke up this morning and my throat is on fire!!!! Oh NO!!!! The race is Sunday. :( This is not cool. I am Packed and ready to go. Waiting for the day to get moving so E can get home from work. {Man today is going to drag} I have to go to the running shop and get my gels and recovery drink mix for after the race. {i can't believe i am sick}

This trip is going to be weird. None of my kids are going. Yes that is not a TYPE O. They are all going to be doing their one thing with their friends. And the parents know where we will be and when we will get back. My best friend said if all else fails they would pick up the youngins for us. That is so cool. {still can't believe my throat hurts}

Tomorrow We will meet up with Amanda, Fiona, and Kate at some point. Amanda is in the 5k. We will be volunteering I think. Damn throat.

I updated the Facebook Team Voice group, and added a couple other links to it too.

I am going to carry a camera with me, and E will have one with him. I am so nervous. Excited!!! Not worried about getting swept. Holy Cats!!! hahaha

Then right behind this is the 5k Heart walk with my job, and right behind that is the duathlon in Tradition just North of Ft. Peirce.

spin class
Pick up rental
load it
My big calorie day I am going to leave for Sunday after the race!!!

Holy Cats I forgot to print my bib number!!!!! I will update later with it.

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Gordon said...


good luck on the race. Would you please contact me when you return. I have a Disney running podcast and would like to interview about team voice. Go to for email and such.