Monday, March 23, 2009

Going Back To The Basics

I have been trying to workout a workout plan that will fit my needs with home, work and play.
And with the help of the beginner triathlete web site I have made one up, and I am going back to the basics of, running, biking and swimming. I have also found video to go along with it to help me learn to do the drills correctly. Just like running, here is a link to a video I thought was interesting.
Body mechanics for running It made me think about my posture while running.{Speed walking}

Then is one for hills.Running hill video Which here in a couple weeks I can put to use when we go to Virgina.

And then this one last one which the instructor explains why the body shuts down in a race "The Wall" which I did in TOT 13k. Cause Of Muscular Failure I think I am going to rerun this year.

Here is My schedule
swim: 30
All drills to work up to building endurance, and speed.
Swim: 30
Wednesday: off day/cross train with a walk or light swim
run: 30
All drills
off/ or cross train walk or a light swim
bike: 45-75
run ?
the distance I can handle after riding. Shooting for a 5k mark. This practice for transition.
Each week the time gets longer and by week 4 I will be alternating long runs and long bike rides. Saturday and Sunday I will have to move around a bit to work with my work schedule.

Now what I haven't figured out is how to continue this while out of town. I plan on taking my bike and I can run outside, but what about my swim time??

While we are up there, we are planning to go to Busch Gardens there, and go over to the Smithsonian that is based in Virginia to see the Space Shuttle Enterprise,and other awesome aviation. Plus E's Dad will be hitting a mile stone for his birthday.

Then after we get back, I will be registering for the Duathlon in June here. I plan on doing my first sprint Triathlon in May of 2010 at Disney.{ it is already full for this year}

And this weekend I did running sprints and ab. circuit. Last night , I did calisthenics.
I kept to my 1800 calories on Sat. Came up short by 77, and yesterday I came up short by 35.
I weighed in and no change. :(

BTW in Virgina where we will be going, the closed the Disney store!!! Where on earth am I going to get my fix??? Here I have to premier stores and 4 Disney Stores to go too.


Justin said...

I like the series of videos you linked to. Efficient running posture is becoming somewhat of an obsession to me. Reminds me, I need to finish the Chi Running post series on my blog.

Good luck on your training schedule this week.

Amanda said...

just be very careful when you start to adjust your running posture. I ended up with a stress fracture from changing my form too much. That being said-running form is important and I am always working on keeping consistent as I know I start hurting when I lose my form as I get tired.

I spent this weekend putting together a similar plan-looks like we're on the same sort of path.

I also decided this weekend to try to head to WDW in May at for the Tri as well. Not certain yet, but I am going to try!

Rae! said...

Amanda you are going to do the Tri this May?? Last I look it was full.
I did a dreadmill gait test and they told me that my posture was good other than I need to relax my arms a bit more, and make sure my gait hasn't changed to where I would need new different shoes. But that is still the same. It was the pads in my shoes that caused my leg pain at the half.
Great minds think alike.:)

Amanda said...

I meant May 2010 for the Tri...too late this year.

That's great on your posture. I've been working on relaxing my whole upper body because I tend to put tension in my arms and shoulders. I feel a big difference when I relax and it saves energy too!