Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Is In The Air...

It's been a couple days since I have posted. I have to say this is a more demanding workout schedule and it is requiring me to go to bed early and get up early and get home from work grab my gym bag and run out the door, and then be in the gym till 11p. Then I am sore in places I didn't think I could be sore in, and my left knee is telling me to slow my running pace down a bit.
Whew, that was all in one breath.
For my weekly workouts I am going to post them in the side bar, so I do not have to type in everyday. And my calorie count. Saturday will end my staggering counting and go to 1500 Sunday -Friday and 2000 on Saturday.
We have rented the car for our trip, we will be doing one day at Busch Gardens, and then one over at the Smithsonian. And then a birthday party, and travel home on Sunday. Easter. I plan on taking my bike. And working on a calasentic workout. MY gym is way to far away from the Part of Virginia we will be in. And no swimming while there. I will take pictures. And post them. I will have to ask E's sister if there is a local 5k while we are there. That would be neat.
I have to start doing my outside miles while the sun is up here. The summer heat is coming, an humidity too. I need to get use to being out in it, since the first duathlon is in June!!!

So how is everyone doing with the monthly challenge??

Monday, March 23, 2009

Going Back To The Basics

I have been trying to workout a workout plan that will fit my needs with home, work and play.
And with the help of the beginner triathlete web site I have made one up, and I am going back to the basics of, running, biking and swimming. I have also found video to go along with it to help me learn to do the drills correctly. Just like running, here is a link to a video I thought was interesting.
Body mechanics for running It made me think about my posture while running.{Speed walking}

Then is one for hills.Running hill video Which here in a couple weeks I can put to use when we go to Virgina.

And then this one last one which the instructor explains why the body shuts down in a race "The Wall" which I did in TOT 13k. Cause Of Muscular Failure I think I am going to rerun this year.

Here is My schedule
swim: 30
All drills to work up to building endurance, and speed.
Swim: 30
Wednesday: off day/cross train with a walk or light swim
run: 30
All drills
off/ or cross train walk or a light swim
bike: 45-75
run ?
the distance I can handle after riding. Shooting for a 5k mark. This practice for transition.
Each week the time gets longer and by week 4 I will be alternating long runs and long bike rides. Saturday and Sunday I will have to move around a bit to work with my work schedule.

Now what I haven't figured out is how to continue this while out of town. I plan on taking my bike and I can run outside, but what about my swim time??

While we are up there, we are planning to go to Busch Gardens there, and go over to the Smithsonian that is based in Virginia to see the Space Shuttle Enterprise,and other awesome aviation. Plus E's Dad will be hitting a mile stone for his birthday.

Then after we get back, I will be registering for the Duathlon in June here. I plan on doing my first sprint Triathlon in May of 2010 at Disney.{ it is already full for this year}

And this weekend I did running sprints and ab. circuit. Last night , I did calisthenics.
I kept to my 1800 calories on Sat. Came up short by 77, and yesterday I came up short by 35.
I weighed in and no change. :(

BTW in Virgina where we will be going, the closed the Disney store!!! Where on earth am I going to get my fix??? Here I have to premier stores and 4 Disney Stores to go too.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Been a little crazy here. Something must be in the air, drama is back. {deep breath}
Here is Thursday's work out and meal. Went and had my yearly physical. All results back and all is good. And She said any type of changes come back. She said since I have added the strength training I will loose weight way slower than before. I told her I have stopped. And I have been wondering between a eight pound slide. I shown her everything, and she said this is normal. If I have any more trouble in the next 3 months see her again.

Bike 20 minutes, level 9 random hills, 7.20 miles, not bad.

weighed squats: 20lbs, 3 x 20
standing bent arm lat pull downs: 30lbs 3 x20
lap pull downs seated: 45lbs, 3x 20
leg press: 105 lbs 3x 20
inner thigh: 70lbs, 3x 25
outer thigh: 70lbs 3x 15{ need to do more}
chest press up right: 20lbs 3x 20
incline chest press: 30lbs, 3x 10{ needs more work}
seated row: lvl. 9 5 minutes, 912 meters
bicep curl: 30lbs, 3x20 { last five were really hard}
tricep curl: 20lbs, 3x20 { this was light}

Ab. circuit:
abdominal: 50lbs, 3x 40
ab. crunch: 70lbs,3x35
torso twist: 60lbs, 3x40, twenty per side

ezekel bread: 2 slices: 160
coffee: 2
slick creamer: 15
egg whites: 33
1/2c oatmeal: 150
personal size pizza from the heart healthy:470
oatmeal cookie:125
chicken strips x4: 250
1/2c salad:5
hard boiled egg{no york}: 78
oatmeal cookie:125
fat free ice cream 1/2c :110
grand Total: 1710

Friday I didn't make it to the gym to do my running part so I have to do it today. And I am going to swim and do the ab circuit.

5 minute warm up
10 minute sprints, 30 seconds as fast as you can, and 30 seconds walking
10 minute light jog
10 minute sprints, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds walking, fast as you can
10 light jog

And here is my staging calories count for the next couple of weeks.
Monday: 1200
Wednesday: 1300
Thursday: 1700
Saturday:1800 cheat day/weigh in
Must hit the calories,50 under,or be 50 over keep the body from going into starvation mode.

training: 0
ezekel bread: 160
1/4 pc. chicken breast:48
cream of wheat:1c 115
banana: 30
bran muffin 1/4: 76
wheat pasta 1c: 174
1/4c sauce with turkey:56
1/2 pc. gar;ic bread:40
bran muffin 1/4: 76
1/2c carrots:34
2 small potatoes:271
1/4c sauce: 56
bran muffin: 76
grand total: 1221

I hope everyone has a great weekend and Mike Rest and do not over do. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Team Member In Training

Today I did double duty on workouts. I had to make up what I didn't do yesterday. I wasn't feeling well at all yesterday. When I have my menstrual cycle I am not good for anything. So here is what I did.

Clocked in @ 10:15a
Running on the dread mill
5 min. warm up incline 5.5 speed 3.2, 0-.26
10 min. light jog 0 incline, speed 4.6, .27-1.04
3 min. jog incline 4 ,speed 4.2, 1.08-1.28
3 min jog incline 6,speed 3.9, 1.31-1.51
3min. jog incline 8, speed 3.6, 1.55-1.69
10 min. sprints at incline 8, speed 5.5, 30 seconds on, 30 off. 1.79-1.83, missed one,1.91-1.97, missed another couple and then 2.27-2.31, took it down and walked the rest. I was not feeling well.
10 min light jog,0 incline, speed 4.6 @ minutes of this 2.51-2.62, walked some and one one time, 2.92-3.02 and just walked it all out. Ended with 3.14 miles.
Note to self got to get back to the basics here. I will not make it through the full marathon in 2010.

weighed squats: 20lbs, 3 x 20
standing bent arm lat pull downs: 30lbs 3 x20
lap pull downs seated: 45lbs, 3x 20
leg press: 90lbs 3x 20{ this is light}
inner thigh: 70lbs, 3x 25
outer thigh: 70lbs 3x 15{ need to do more}
chest press up right: 20lbs 3x 20
incline chest press: 30lbs, 3x 10{ needs more work}
seated row: lvl. 9 5 minutes, 912 meters
bicep curl: 30lbs, 3x20 { last five were really hard}
tricep curl: 20lbs, 3x20 { this was light}

Ab. circuit:
abdominal: 50lbs, 3x 40
ab. crunch: 70lbs,3x35
torso twist: 60lbs, 3x40, twenty per side
left 12:30p

coffee: 2
1/2c oatmeal: 150
banana: 60
ezekel bread 1 slice: 80
good belly:50
yogurt: 90
1 egg white:30
bread bowl: 500\
soup: 130
dinner: chief salad
2 cups lettuce:10
shredded cheese 1tbsp:10
4 mini tomatoes: 20
turkey 5 slices: 60
total: 1213
goal: 1200
allowance of 50 over or under.
tomorrow 1600
I drank so far 60 oz of h2o.

Going back to swim for 1 hour.

Now I will get back on track and do the running listed here tomorrow, and swim. And then do my calisthenics, and biking outside. Then on Thursday I will do the weight training and swimming. Then Saturday will be a long ride maybe or run not sure yet. I was looking into going to do the presentation for the duoathlon on Saturday. They posted if you are a first timer you must take the presentation to receive the medal for finishing. So If I can do this one and not have to do the next one in June. We will see.

I need to explain myself here. Team Voice. I am not quitting, I am backing off . I can not do the web page and pay out the hosting every month for it. I have to focus on myself more and not stress on what everyone else is doing. I am going to continue to blog and do my thing. But I am not going to stress over what Team Voice is doing. I have been working on a couple things for Team Voice, like Team Voicer of the week. Where you tell your story to Team Voice and it is posted on the event page and on the Google page, and I will put it on facebook. I am also looking in to video of myself to share with everyone. Training eating, and so forth.
But if you need me for any reason, day or night and you need to work through a tough patch I am here. Text me, E mail me, I am here. I am full of information, and I will share it with everyone who needs it.

Watch out Disneyland Half I am coming, and I plan to make it under 3 hours!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Today In History.... March 16....

March 16 is the 75th day of the year. There are 290 days left in the year.

Motion picture designer and Disney legend Harper Goff who collaborated with Walt Disney on the Disneyland design,is born in Fort Collins Colorado. Harper's concepts for Main Street established the fact that the story could be told with architecture: {he designed Disneyland 's City Hall} He also led to the design of Epcot's World Showcase Pavilion. Goff played banjo as the firehouse five plus two{A jazz band made up of Disneyland employees.

Animator, designer,Imagineer and Disney Legend Joyce Carlson is born in Rachine Wisconsin. Her 56 years at Disney include creating the original It's a Small World for the New York Worlds Fair of 1964.Carlson also worked as an ink artist on such films as Cinderella, Peter Pan,and Sleeping Beauty.

An Ocar is won for Disney's short cartoon, The Three Little Pigs at the 6th annual Acadey Awards{held in Fiesta Room of the Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, Calif.

The Disney film Mickey's Service Station featuring Mickey Mouse ,Donald Duck, and Goofy is released. Directed by Ben Sharpsteen, it is the lasdt Walt Disney animated short in Black and White.


Actress Lauren Graham, who appears in Disney's 2005 comdey feature The Pacifier, is born in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Louis Armstrong and his 7-piece band recoeded 4 songs for the up coming LP Disney Songs the Satchmo Way in a Hollywood studio. This day's session includes "The Ballad of Davy Crockett", When You Wish Apon A Star", " Bibbidy-Bobbidy-Boo", and "Zip-a Dee-Doo-Dah".

Rachel also known as Rae from Team Voice is born today.

At Walt Disney World, Magic Carpet 'Round the World replaces America the Beautiful in Tomorrowland's Circle Vision Theather.

The Dapper Dans film one of the opening segments of the MAgic of Christmas at Disneyland.

The Atlanta Braves take on thr New York Yankees at Disney's Wide World of Sports in Florida.

I got all this wonderful Disney History tid bits from .

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Today Is Saturday? Right?

That is so weird. I wonder why my post is saying Wednesday when I posted today. And I am posting again to see what it says.

I went swimming today. I did not do as well as before. I could not catch my breath. I did 12 laps of exercises without fins, and I look like I was drowning, and did not know what I was doing. The last 7 laps I put on my fins and did a bit better but I just could not get my rhythm going. How frustrating that was. I was trying to put my reflectors on my bike and the damn screw is to short. What next?? {deep breath}

Back to work tomorrow so I will not get to swim. :( But I will put some miles in.

I am waiting ti find out what a quote will be for me to travel to DL alone will run me. Yes I am still trying to go. We will see. I want it bad. Real bad.

I am waiting for a response from the running store triathlon training coach. To see if I can get in on it. I am going to go buy a helmet. It has to be rated like a motorcycle helmet to be able to use it in the tri's and the duo's. And my first Duathlon will be in June. That is the next one. I will go watch this one coming up.{man is it going to be hot then,it is in South Miami }

I was playing with the web page for Team Voice today and tinkered around with it. It will be going over to go Daddy on the 22nd they said. If I don 't like them, I can take it back over to Google.

Today is my big calorie day.2000 And I am not even half way today. Grr....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Long Week This Week...

This was Wednesday:
Today I got up and looked at the scale. I had to look twice. It's going the wrong way. +2 What?! All the hard work I do, and I am gaining. {rolling the eyes} I got on the scale cause I noticed my clothes are not like they were. And I can see in the photos I am different. I have rested for 2 days cause of my pains. Today you wouldn't have known I was even in pain.

I do not know what else to do . I can stagger my calories like before. It helped. Or I can go back to my trainer. I may have too. I did way better. :0/

Today I am going to go swim, and put some biking miles in. This is why E thinks I should wait to do the duathlon. I don't have alot of logged biking hours. I can bike. I am really good at this. I can do the 1.9 miles, and bike the 12 miles. But I haven't put them together like this. So.. I am going to do my 2 mile loop then change out my shoes, and bike 12 miles. {close to 12 miles I can get,traffic around here is awful}

What I learned form the Princess Half.
1. Do not try pads in my shoes,the outcome is not good.
2. I wanted my ipod.
3.Not as much fun w/o running buddy.
4. I can do the mileage alone.
5. I am going to beat the 3 hour mark.{chance 3 in Sept}
6. I like my pace,work on becoming more steady.
7. Must keep training,no slacking, just because I did it twice doesn't mean I can slow down.
8. Do more runs in the heat.
9. Be more aware of my surroundings.
10. Maybe I should tackle the TOT 13k again{scared of it,I slammed in to the "WALL" at mile 5}

I will update later what I do for workout, and should I go back to posting my meals?? Please hold me accountable.

Today Saturday:
BTW: Team Voice web page is in process of transferring to Go Daddy.

Ok well things have been moving along. On Wednesday I did my strength training workout, and then I hit the pool. .I added in 2 rotations of freestyle to get use to it. I found myself not bringing my arms all the way around. And this was keeping me out of breathe. I was using the fins to keep on top and moving. I did all the exercises and I did 22- 25 laps. I never made it on the bike, like I had planned, or put in miles. Too much teen drama.. Everytime I get ready to go do ant type of training, we go throught this drama act,and by the time HE is done I am mentally wore out.
Today was the American Heart walk. It was a 5k. Our Local 10 was there.I had to wear the shirt provided by my job,{clinical ladder points for going today.} But my daughter and my Mom wore the Team Voice shirts. Me and my daughter line up in the front of the start. Why?? So we wouldn't get caught up in the mob of people walking. We were on tv and all. They did the count down and we were off. The really fast runners broke off way ahead, then we did intervals. This is my daughter's first run since her leg injury, she did great!! We finished by Run Keeper time in 34 minutes. My Mom did it in 39 minutes!!!! First one. Then shorlty there after this huge mob of people rounded the corner. It was cool to finish early and watch for everyone else. {instead of everyone waiting on me} It was fun and no real finisher time.
Now I am in the dilima of registering forv the duathlon for next Saturday. E says wait, but I want to try it. What to do???
Oh yeah got on the scale again, and dropped that 2 I had earlier in the week. Sweet!!!

And guess what Monday is???


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Offical I Finished.. Barely.. Long One

First Let me say I past my test yesterday!!! WooHooo!!! Now I have to get the desk thing down. My manager wants me on my own. But they are giving me 2 more weeks. Reading the Doctor's handwriting is the hardest part.

OK ...... On with business...
We had a fabulous weekend. It was quiet, peaceful, enjoyable,able to recharge to take on the kids when we get home. We left late on Friday. For some weird reason the rental we tried to get,was set for Saturday pick up. What?? So we ended up driving my Mustang. I love that car. We arrived around 10:30p. It was very chilly.
Saturday morning we set out to Magic Kingdom to head out to the Bakery for breakfast. Yum!!! To me they have to best coffee. While there we were chatting back and forth with Kate, Amanda, And Fiona. I found out Byran was there for the weekend for his birthday. We headed over and rode the people mover. Construction going on. At first I thought they were working on COP. Now I have not listened to ant of the podcast lately, so forgive me if I don't know what they are building.

Then from here we headed out to the Expo. The expo was so calm and easy compare to the Jan. one. In out and done. That easy. They had all kinds of neat stuff again and some new stuff and they had the medals up again. This time they had the Coast to Coast. It is Awesome, and heavy. So is the Disneyland one. I look and E and said " what if It were just me to fly out to DL and do the race?" He smiled and said that sounds alot more doable. SO I may begetting to go to DL after all. :)
I bought a Princess pin at the ESPN store cheaper than it was online. I saw a sticker I had to get. It is a large penguin with a bib on and it says "waddle on" I love it. I got one.
As we were walking around there was this lady sitting at this table, I wasn't going to stop but the photo caught my eye. She was on a tri bike. I stopped and spoke to her. Her name is Sarah and she was in Beijing. I got to meet and Olympian!!! Holy Cats!!!! How cool!!! I asked her all kinds of questions and She singed and photo and she took her picture with me. And I closed my eyes!!!

After that we headed over to AK to meet Amanda. She is a great person and I am so glad we were able to meet and hang out. We also met up with Fiona and her Mum.

They are really neat too. They went on there way. Kate had made a adr over at 50's, They didn't come since they had one for the next day. So we all headed out to HS and meet up with Kate. We had so much fun at dinner.
Then we went with Kate to American Idol experience. I thought it was good so did E. I really thought it was going to be corny. Then after that we all went our separate ways and we went to DTD and got a rice crispy treat. It is my very last one till I get to go back.

Went back to the room set out my clothes and got ready,and set every alarm in the room. I was worried that the phone clocks wouldn't turn ahead and I would miss the race.

Ya know how you get this gut feeling something is going to go wrong, I had that, and I couldn't shake it.

The alarms went without missing the change in time. We traveled to the start line. E walked in with me and we meet up with Fiona and her Mum, then Kate, and Amanda.

We just stood around waiting. Used the restrooms. Headed to the corrals at 6a. E headed over to the MK.

Kate and Fiona were in corral A me and Amanda were in C. When we walked in we ended up in B. I couldn't see the start line from where we were. And when I looked behind me all you can see is a sea of people. Holy Cats is all I could say. I had a little camera on me.{haven't developed it yet} I didn't bring my Garmin and I couldn't get the run keeper to work the entire time So I had no clue what my time was. There were only two wheel chairs in this one. And they went off first. 5 minutes later it was us. It took almost 15 minutes again to get to the start line. I was so excited. I am crossing the start line of my second Half at Disney!!! Amanda was off, she looked back and I smiles and said do your pace!!! And that was the last time I saw her.

I didn't wear my under armour, it was cool but not cold. I was able to get into my pace and go. It was funny seeing all these people dressed in Princess dresses or like a frog, or like "what was that" haha. It wasn't as crowded as Jan. either. By mile one there is a drum line and music playing corny music, and then the character stops started. I didn't stop. The moon was awesome. Mile 2 went by, Mile 3, and then all of a sudden, hear are the runners screaming and I can see lights on a truck, Here comes the first wheel chair. Holy Cats!! I took her picture.

Not even 5 minutes later, here comes the first man runner I took his picture.

It looked like the guy who always comes in first.
By mile 4, Here come the top 3 women. WOW!!! That is all I could think. I waved at the FHP and here we come up on the entrance to parking for MK. Instead of going through it like in the half in Jan. went to the left of it. By now I had to stop and use the restroom, and I had my first gel, and started to drink my my energy water. I had to walk here too. The humidity was so thick, my breathing was a bit off. Here we come up on mile 5 and headed by space mountain to turn in to the MK.

Out of the blue this lady slams into me, I loose my balance, and stumble, but I didn't fall. I turned to her and said, "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!!" She never looked at me, she just hung on to the cones, and I kept going. Here we go into the MK!!! Woooo Hoooo! I was so excited I was crying and thinking I made it again!!! I had to gain control or I would have been walking. Now I am looking for E. HE said he would be near Walt, I briefly saw the Team Voice shirt and again I started to cry. I was so happy to see him.

I took his picture. Then around the park we go, and I had to walk again to gain control of myself. Here we come up on the castle. Minne and Mickey were there in their royal outfits how COOL!!!
Then all of a sudden I hear the triumphs play!! Sweet!!! And then I entered the castle and then all of a sudden my calf starts screaming. My left one. The side were the lady slammed into me, and I see E again and pointed to my leg. I had to slow down. All the characters, there seemed to be alot more this time in Frontier land. And remember where the Pirates were, Donald and Daisy were there with a new float and they were dressed in their royal outfits. The maintenance guys were out there dancing to the disco music, it was so funny. Man my leg is killing me. And my right foot is starting to hurt. So now I went from slow to walking. I am behind the scenes headed out back to World Drive. So here is where I ate my bar and tried to figure out what was going on with my feet and calves. I was enjoying the view and reading the trivia, and more characters. It seems this race had way more.
Coming up an mile 8 I tried speeding up again. I did I went for about a mile. And on my left I hear OMG Team Voice!!! I love Team Voice!!! I saw the guy in the MK and I am aatm And she said her number and her name is Megan. She went on how when you google her name it comes up on the aatm list. And then I told her my name and OMG!! Your Rae!!! Everyone is going to be jealous. I love you guys and how you helped Johnathan. I didn't know what to say other than Thank you and I am glad you are apart of the Team. Then she fell back. I am sorry if I didn't get the entire conversation, My calves were killing me.

I had to slow down again. I text E and said they hurt, and Mile 9. He texted back and he will be where We saw Lou coming back in to Epcot. It is now hot and the runners are slowing down. I mean hot; no clouds to hide the sun. The pavement was really hot. Mile 10, my right calf muscle is tightening up when I speed up and when I slow down my right knee is is in pain. I can't bend it or straighten it. I knew that lady hit me hard, but I didn't realize how hard. I text E again, mile 11, and there is a med tent, Should I stop I was thinking. I was thinking how great it would be to get off my feet. I past it. I am at a walking pace that kept my right calf from tightening up, but yet my knee was on fire, and the bottom of my right foot felt like I was walking on a ball. I told myself that I only had to go 2 more miles. Here comes the last bridge I texted E And he said he could see me. I started to cry. It was so reassuring to know that. I could see his shirt. There is Spaceship Earth big as day, and a lady started screaming Yay!!! Epcot!!!! I was in so much pain I couldn't enjoy her excitement. I got close to E and yelled my knee is hurting and entered Epcot. Last mile I thought... I am almost done. There is no way I made better time. I knew was on the really slow side. The fountain had a wall around it and the crowd was yelling and the CM's and All I could think was E is there waiting. Mile 13 Wooo Hooo I didn't even stop to take my picture, a band was playing, and I rounded that corner and there is the finish line. I got excited and I do not know where it came from I pushed and crossed it!!

I was limping. I couldn't even pick my foot up for them to clip off the chip. The medics ask if I was ok, I said I was fine { what the hell was I thinking}, I got my medal{ people were saying they ran out of medals out on the run}, and I got my drink, and fruit , picture and I made it to E!!!

I was so relieved. E wasn't sure about my time either. We started walking out and I said ya know I think I need ice. So I went to the medical tent. And showed them what was hurting, and they wrapped my right leg in ice. My knee to my ankle. My left arm was sore from where the lady slammed into me. My entire left side was sore. And the bottom of my right foot.

BTW the wait time on Soarin was 10 minutes. E looked at me like I was nuts. We sat out front of the entrance to Epcot, while the ice did its job. Then I heard this noise, Smack and a thud. I looked up and a lady passed out in the security check point. Her husband is yelling I am a doctor she will be fine. FINE!!! She just passed out. He sat her up, I am yelling, "head between your knees!!! Were is ems?!!!" When you pass out, that is caused from no o2 to the brain. Some Doctor.
HE REFUSED HELP. AND A WHEEL CHAIR!!!! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!!! AT this point E is telling me to keep walking, I said NO! She needs help! They refused the Disney official said, but they would take control regardless of what he said. Some Doctor you are!!! Keep walking E said. The lady got up unsteady and she was crossed eyed!!! OMG!! She needs treatment!! LOOK AT HER!!! At this point E is dragging me away. I do not know what happen after the man dragged her up the monorail ramp. But she really needed medical help.
I hobbled over to Soarin. Now it is 30 minutes. It was shorter. E made my recovery drink, and I know I should have went back to my room. But I will not be back till next year!!!
Then we went to MK for lunch, yes I am still on my sore legs and screaming in pain knee. We did a walk up to the plaza. { i am still in all my running gear, bib and all and I don't care if I smell} lol Here comes one of the MK towns people. She was so cute. She tried to get me to dance with her, I could hardly move and she made a big deal over the medal and she was loud!!! LOL
We get seated and it is nice and quiet small no characters, and nice. I got this nice soft comfortable seat. Then the Cm who seated us came back in and said we have a special guest today{oh yeah this is going to be cool} And today we have seated our 100th guest. Sweet !!! I got the camera out to take their picture. Then it hit me{we were the last ones seated} I looked at E and he was smiling looking around and then they Called our Name!!! {oh nooooo} Emma went crazy the Town lady!!! She ran over to us and just went silly. E said My face was funny. {i cant get up i am hurting to much} She didn't make me get up but it was fun. We got a free dessert out of it. The food was great!!!

At this point, I wanted so bad to ride Pirates but my legs were not going to carry me, I finally agreed to go. E was looking so forward to go to the water park, we couldn't. Cause of me. I felt so bad.
We headed back to the car, rode the tram out to the parking lot. Realizing the car is still over near the finish line. No tram out there.{great I have to walk to Explorer} They saw me limping and stopping, but no one offered to help. There was my car, all alone, waaayy out there! I made it. While we were in the car I just remembered that I had put pads in my shoes for cushion to help my feet. I didn't do anything different but put those in my shoes. There is where alot of my problem was; and that lady slamming into me. I only had 150 miles on those shoes. Nothing is broke, just really sore, and my feet were swollen. The bottom of my right one had a knot on it. Yesterday at work was rough. But I made it. Today is better, no swelling, and the knot on my foot is gone. E doesn't want me to do the duathlon in 2 weeks. We will see.

Oh yeah my official time was 3:15:29. Not as bad as I thought it was. I don't care I finished.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Magic Kingdom Here I Come

Good morning from the Happiest place on Earth. I am so excited!!! And it is very chilly here!!! I am freezing. So I will be wearing mt real thin under amour tomorrow. {when the sun gets up higher suppose to make it to 80}
We are going to go have breakfast on Main Street in the Bakery. I don't know why but for me they have the best coffee here. while eating we will get to see the street show and all that cool stuff.
I am not renewing my passes this year. So I am going to enjoy this little trip like it is my very last one ever.{not true} I have tons of other things going on at home and it would be way to temping if I have my pass. But I know in Jan,2010 I will get it back.
My throat is not so on fire today.
Got to go to packet pick up,and check out all the cool stuff. Then call all the girls and catch up to them. Then later I have to cram in some studying for my test on Monday. This test will make or break my new job choice at work.
The race starts at 7am. I wonder way so late. I will ask today. The race will be in full swing when the parks open Sunday.
We are trying out the Joint Juice water today. Less calories and no fructose! Or an other junk.

I can not believe I am going to get to run in the Magic Kingdom again!!! Twice in one year how sweet is that. I have 2 gels, a energy bar, my hammer sustain energy powder to put in my water. I am going to try to come in tomorrow at the 3 hour mark. I don't have to worry about other Team Members getting swept, or E or the kids. I can get in to my pace and just go. No worries, no stress Just me, on World Drive headed to the Kingdom, meeting new people along the way. Then head back to Epcot!!!! Holy Cats!!!

Jb I will be carry you with me in this race. I know how much you love to run, and you have been grounded and it so sucks and I wish as hard as I can everyday That you are going to get better and come back here and run the half with me. I love the Bunnie stickers. :)
Mike cheer up, you will be back to Mike speed in no time. I have faith. ;)

OK Till tomorrow. Well Just before I head out to the race. I will have a hard time sleeping.

Team Voice Many Goals One Voice.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I Can't Get Sick Now

I woke up this morning and my throat is on fire!!!! Oh NO!!!! The race is Sunday. :( This is not cool. I am Packed and ready to go. Waiting for the day to get moving so E can get home from work. {Man today is going to drag} I have to go to the running shop and get my gels and recovery drink mix for after the race. {i can't believe i am sick}

This trip is going to be weird. None of my kids are going. Yes that is not a TYPE O. They are all going to be doing their one thing with their friends. And the parents know where we will be and when we will get back. My best friend said if all else fails they would pick up the youngins for us. That is so cool. {still can't believe my throat hurts}

Tomorrow We will meet up with Amanda, Fiona, and Kate at some point. Amanda is in the 5k. We will be volunteering I think. Damn throat.

I updated the Facebook Team Voice group, and added a couple other links to it too.

I am going to carry a camera with me, and E will have one with him. I am so nervous. Excited!!! Not worried about getting swept. Holy Cats!!! hahaha

Then right behind this is the 5k Heart walk with my job, and right behind that is the duathlon in Tradition just North of Ft. Peirce.

spin class
Pick up rental
load it
My big calorie day I am going to leave for Sunday after the race!!!

Holy Cats I forgot to print my bib number!!!!! I will update later with it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Last 2 days I took off. Working and just tired. Started planning for the weekend. Its gonna be chilly in the morning of the race, not sure if I am going to wear my skin or not. It's finally here. I haven't done anymore weight training. I am going to wait till I get back. I don't want to be sore.

My calories have been consistent but my choices are all over the place. I guess I am nervous about the race. Not sure.

Ok this is short.

Monday, March 2, 2009

It's Chilly Here South Of The Magic {44}

Recap yesterday. I forgot to take my fins with me to the gym. I did the spin class and later went back to swim. I could not get the freestyle down. So I did whatever I could do to get in 10 laps. SO I didn't get to do the swimming exercises.
Today I did do the swimming exercises. I did the belly to the wall and the transition from left side to the right and back. I did the pressing the buoy also. Then I put them all together. That was hard but I did it. I do not swim in a straight line and I almost lost my swim suit bottoms to the deep end stairs. {that was so embarrassing} I ended up doing 20 laps{1.0 miles} tonight. I do very well with fins. Then a young lady came in and she was running swim drills. Wow!! She was awesome. One day I will swim free style like that I thought. So tomorrow I will try the freestyle with the fins on like it says I can to put it all in motion. Plus tomorrow is strength training. I have to get up and put in 2 miles.
I found on line all the local triathlons and duathlons. That takes out the swim part. There is one coming up on the 22 of this month. It is up in St. Lucie county. About an hour and a half from here. 2 mile run and a 12 mile bike ride. { i can do this} So I think I am going to try this.
The Disney triathlon is already full. So I will not get to do this one till 2010. That's ok I will be ready then. More confident. I may sign up for the Miami one. Not sure the swimming is scaring me off. We will see.
Got to hit the bed.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

March In Marching Right On In

My Vern Week Run was awful. I started out with my new iphones not wanting to work with my ipod. Then the city was watering the sidewalks not the grass so they were nice and slippery, and I had to wait for nearly every intersection. And people walking there dos would let there dog come over and get in front of me and trip me. Then peoples riding there bikes on the side walk. Hello they are for walking!!! Then the sun was beating down so hard it was hot. I felt it too. In all I shaved 8 minutes off my time. I know that I will have to get out there at 6am instead of 7a. I took the bike out for a spin yesterday. Nice and smooth. Have to make more adjustments to it. Got to get a helmet. As soon as I get one of those I will take it out for a nice ride. {not on the sidewalk}

OK over on Grannies Ear Horn {my Mother} she is taking on a rather large task. She wants to do the Kona Half Marathon. She has to raise$6000.00 to go. It also help the cause she is doing this for. Go over and check it out. {She is working on a mass e-mail.}

And today my glutes are sore and My abs are still burning. Today I am going to swim and do another exercise. It is called the Belly to The Wall. I have to use my fins for this. This is to help get me to rotate up on my side were I will nearly feel like I am going to turn over on my back. And wearing the fins will help keep me from kicking from the knees to propel myself forward using more of the feet. I snorkel alot this shouldn't be to hard. Then I will do some laps of the freestyle. I am pushing for 10 laps today. and I will be taking a spin class today.Weighed in on Saturday no change. :(

OK news on the Disneyland trip front. We have decided not to do Disneyland this year. { i am still trying to shoot over Just me} And go next year but not for the half. And I have come to the conclusion to do the full marathon 2010 and then the Goofy 2011. Work up to it.

I am on the look out for a full in the fall this year here. They just did some in Jan. too. May is going to be a busy month for races. I am planning to do the triathlon in Disney as long as the swimming comes along, and do it again here in Miami. The one here goes over monstrous bridges!! Twice!! I have access to this part of the route so I will be out there practicing. Biking route here.
I am on the look out for a douathlon as well. Trying to stay close to home. These are all USA sanction races and once I get three triathlons and two douathlons my race results will count. Including all my half marathon times and full. All my race times. So After finding this out I am going to join the USAT. And I think this will cover us as a Team. I am still researching this.

Ok Team Voice front when I get back from the Princess Half, I will transfer the Website over to Go Daddy and have them host it and get it up and running. What else would we all like to see on it?? Disney races, Team members and their progress, what??? Pictures, what else ?? Let me know.And I can get it together and get it ready to go up and make it live. I will post a section about me, and my story with pictures. Form the beginning with me and my heaviest to current. Maybe all of the original Team Voice members should do that?? Highlight a Team member a week?? Let me know.