Thursday, January 8, 2009

Trip Update From the Half Weekend 2009

Here we are, 24 hours before the race. I cried when they handed me my bib and goody bag. We stood in line for 2 hours to get the Marathon pins. Yes 2 hours!

I am nervous... I am excited ...... I am freaking out.....

While in line for the pins Jonathan read that there will be pace timers on bike,tracking times, and if you are not keeping time they will post red flags on the mile marker. That means you can get swepted! Holy Cats!!!

My son volunteered today .He helped with the 5k packet pick up. He handed out the packets. He earned ticket number one. He is also working the 5k in the early am. And then the Full on Sunday. That will bag his second ticket and a water park ticket.

We have been hanging out with Jeff W. and family. We went to dinner with Mike F. and family. Tonight we got to meet the rest of the group. And then tomorrow at packet pick up meet we get to meet the rest. JB we miss you and the family. I hope you are feeling better.

Crystal Palace is tomorrow. I can not wait to go.
This has been such a great trip. It is so nice to put names and faces together. And I have been forever humbled by EVERYONE!!!! Amazing.

I got a special treat today at the Health Expo. See the video on the right hand side of the screen. That is Team Hoylt. The father son team. I got to meet them today!!!! I got my picture taken with them today!!!!! And they are running the Half. And Rick, in the WC it is his birthday on Saturday too. I get to see them start the race!!!!!! SWEET!!!!!!

Got to get some sleep and I will post tomorrow after dinner.
Track my runner Rachel Milano.


DebWDW said...

Wonderful posts from a wonderful girl!!

ariane said...

I so wish we could be there to see you guys. Maybe the next one. Good luck tomorrow!