Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!

3 days ago I set out to run 6 miles, try out the new fuel belt. About mile 1.5, I tripped and fell.I skinned up my knee, my right knee. The right knee is black and blue. No pain. I walked the rest. I did 4 miles. I have stayed off of it since. Later today I will be out doing a short 2 miles and see how it feels. I have a long run tomorrow.

Work has been crazy. And I have been finalizing a project. More on that later.

Well Enjoy your family and close friends today. Be thankful for everything you are and everything you have. Look back on 2009 and admire the things you thought you could not do and you did. All the hard work you have put into this year and surround your self in your glory. Do not dwell on the pit falls, it cost you more in mental energy than it would if you just learn from it. Find out who you really are and blossom into a greater you.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


That my friends is my time for a 14.2 mile run. I had to go out alone, E has been a little under the weather. I was canceled to work OT today so I changed and I did it. I was freezing by the time I was done. E said that my lips were purple when I made it in. I was cold and it nearly took me all day to warm up. It's cold today.
During my run,I worked on twittering. Not to bad. Then later my fuel belt had a blow out and I lost all the contents in my pack and I only noticed when my phone hit the side walk. And it is just fine.
The soreness didn't set in till later on in the day. I made the error of not icing the knees down before doing anything else. I paid for it too. So E suggested that I check a bag with my stuff for my knees so I can start recovery right after the race so I can walk. Really. I can have them pack my knees in ice and my icy hot and braces ready. I have to ride Soarin after the race. I couldn't find my gloves. My hands were cold not as bad as I thought.

That's me, around 8.5 miles and I was cold. I had on a skull cap too!! haha
Have a great week!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jingle What?

What happened to Christmas?? Why I am asking this is because I have all the stuff down to decorate and no one seems to notice or care. Really. And never mind that we are having summer like weather still.

Well we finally got our e-mails to download our race wavier and bib numbers. I am going to be 16009 and E is going to be 16010. YAY!!! And I plan on standing in line again for the new set of medal trading pins.

Training here well I have been slacking. I haven't done a thing.

We booked AKL from 1/7-1/11. Got the room at a great rate. Finally.Plan on a park pass for the weekend. :)

So I plan on a long run on Sunday, I work Saturday. We are shooting for another 16-18 miles. They say it's going to be chilly. We will see.

And sad,sad news...
Roy Disney past away. :(

I thnik we need cow bell for Marathon weekend.:)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And We're Moving On!

We had a great weekend at the World and we didn't even go into the parks.

FJ asked when they are done using all this chocolate, do they get to eat it?? Did you really just ask that??

The best part of it all was meeting this little guy. Fj asked will he ever stop drooling? I asked, Did you??

And of course we were serenaded by big sis.
As you can see she drew a crowd.What a nice weekend with the family.

It fueled the fire. That I know the marathon weekend is coming. And as we drove down World Drive I was visualizing out there, wogging, like last Jan.09. and knowing almost all of us will all be in one place again. Doing what we all love doing.
Realizing I will, no we will be out there for nearly 6 1/2 hours!! Holy Cats!! I hope the parks are still open by the time we get done. As soon as we are done, we are going stinky and smelly right over to ride Soarin. I feel sorry for those who sit under us! haha We do this after ever race we finish at WDW.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Worried? Me?

5 weeks!!!

We have put miles in everyday this week except last night. Fell asleep. Tomorrow long run. Looking to add 2 more miles to the mix. That will be 18 miles. Holy Cats!!! Then I have 2 more really long runs before we bring it down a few.
So why taper?? I do not get it.{I do } I have worked way to hard to get here. Then after the full marathon will I loose the endurance recovering from the 26.2?? I have worked way way too hard for this. I got my fueling down to what works for me. I will be in the pool alot more after the race. And cross training. But I do not want to loose my long distance endurance. I have my recovery work out and what works for me. So a couple hours after the full marathon I have to go to my room and do my recovery plan. Then come back out to hang out in the parks. That way I can walk.
Then my next goal is to get my 5k and 10k runs faster. I have been researching the results of the people in my age group and their race results in the triathlons here. I will rock on the bike{if i get a new triathlon bike}, maybe a bit slow on the swim, but my age group runners are quick. I have to get faster to get on the podium. {i can't believe I just said that} I have to have good numbers. Why?? I will be entering in the 2010 lottery for Kona next October. That also means I have to get out there in the heat and run. Orlando In May is hot.

My daughter texts me and said I got a really big box in the mail yesterday. I send back from work, what does it say?? She replies not sure. So I call her on my lunch break and she opens it. It is my new transition bag I ordered from Ironman. SWEET!!!!! And the rest of my goodies from my sponsors came in to. I have goodies to share with everyone. Cow bell?? :)

This is the plan for our new shirts. I can order the color shirts we have maybe in a different material and E wants to do the screen on the logo. Cut out the middle man. It will be cost effective. Less out of pocket. Ideas??

Still working on our room for Jan.2010.

Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Did What??

Sunday was my long run day. Wog actually. And we did it again. 16.1 miles in 4:15 and change. Ice packed knees and rest. Well today my knees and legs felt great.
So... Another 6.2 tonight. A little slow but we did it. 1:32:47 . I was surprised at how well I felt today. Light jog this evening, almost the enitre way, if it wasn't for the one light we caught.
I recieved my official e mail on my points award. It's this weekend, I can't wait. Just think, I thought to do these races for maintaince never dreamed I would like them like I do. I was surprised to see that only one lady was in my age group that made her points. So I am thinking maybe this is going to be fun. :) ohhhh I found my next bike!!!! It only weighs 6 pounds!!!! 20 speed!! Down side it cost more than my car, well close to it. :)

6 weeks!!! Holy cats!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Good Bye November 2009

Things are moving along here. getting my new schedule up and ready for use tomorrow. It's for my training. I have got a handle on my fueling, I have to get a different fuel belt, that way I can carry all my fuel on me and get my water at the water stations.

It took me nearly 5 days to recover from 14 miles, yikes! Sunday is my long run. I didn't get up in time this morning to get out there. I didn't sleep well. I am finding not sleeping well to be a trend here. :( Not to sure why.

I hope everyone had a great turkey day.

I am waiting for my quotes to come back so I know where we will be staying in Jan. 2010. 6 weeks Team Voice!!! 6 weeks!! I am soooooooooo excited!!! Then behind that the triathlon series here starts and then My big A race Ironman.

2 weeks and we will be meeting the newest member of the family. :) And I get to be as close as I can to MK before the marathon. We will be resort hoping, looking at them all in their holiday glory.

So to end the month of November for me My weight goal I missed by 3 pounds. Made it to my goal for long miles, and I have sponsors. Who knew!!!! :)

Anyone want a cow bell??

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. I will be at work. I am Thankful I can work.
So today I am cooking and getting it all done. All E has to do is smoke the turkey tomorrow. :)
We are having Thanksgiving Pot Pie, fruit and toasted almond stuffing,heritage lane cranberry sauce, and pumpkin cheesecake with candied cranberry. All dairy free and vegan. Well except for the smoked turkey. New twist on things I can eat.

Real quick my calves are still sore from Saturday, and running has came to a halt, I can walk, but not run. It has been a challenge the last 2 days to get anything in.

And the face of my blog is going to change a little. As you can see I have a new badge up in my stuff to the right of the screen. I have been getting invites to enroll early to triathlons are the state and our country. I am flattered. I am finding out it is due to my USAT points rank. Even invite to a entry level pro race in Miami. Holy Cats!!! I am flattered. I also want to introduce everyone to a couple of my sponsors. What?! Yes I have sponsors. I am just beside myself. I am on the network Loop'd. A community for athletes.
My first one is Fluid,I am waiting on my Kit to get here. They are a recovery drink. All natural.
Next is Christopher Bean Coffee, I just love their coffee and tea. I can find it here in the grocery stores. It is all natural and organic coffee. I have three more sitting on the table, and One is a bike manufacture. So I will be putting up links to their sites and I will have promo stickers on my gear, and running gear too. My Team Voice shirt is not changing, I am just adding them to it. So Now I can not stop training or slow down I have to keep moving forward.
So after this full marathon, I may cut back to the triathlons and duathlons, I am looking into more of signing up for the Ironman Miami 70.3 for Nov. 2010. The inaugural one. So as I sign up with the sponsors I will be adding them to the blog. I knew I was good at this. But I didn't I was that good. Who knew! And they all can be reading this now!. Hi all!!!!

I am forever grateful and Thankful for my healthy body, and my healthy family. I am thankful for my everyday that I can wake up and close my eyes. I am thankful for all my wonderful Disney friends, and the lasting friendships that have came out of Team Voice. I am thankful for being able to swim, bike and ride and run. I am Thnakful, and looking forward to the new year.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, even if you do not celebrate Thanksgiving, just be thankful for all you have. :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Did It!!!

Did my long run on Saturday. I made sure I had my fuel made up the night before and everything laid out.

I didn't have to use my fuel til about mile 5. And used it all up by mile 8. So we made a pit stop and made new fuel bottles and hit up the potty. Headed back out. That took about 10 minutes.
I was starving the rest of the time. But I felt good.
Mile 11, my calves started burning, and the last 2 miles I just had to walk. My right knee on the outside was having pain. This is new. The braces are suppose to help keep that from happening.
So I FINALLY did 14.0 miles. My legs were spent. When you look at the full marathon map we were headed into Animal Kingdom. 3:45:13. I stretched, and stretched. Then I got off my feet for a while, and put on the support socks and they started to feel better. Well I guess I will be in a wheel chair the of our time at Disney in Jan. ;) haha.

I do not know what the line across the map is but it got it right. haha

Today my calves are sore. So running today. Back at it tomorrow.
Watching Ironman. On universal sports .Same place you can watch for me in May. :)

So how are you doing?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Can I Rest a Moment??

It's been sometime since the last post. My demanding training schedule for Ironman, rules the roost here. I schedule my training around work and that makes me a very busy girl.

I am working out 3.5-4 hours a day,eating every 4 hours,give or take. I sleep alot more since I have no spare time. I am trying out a new fueling schedule, so far so good. I will know if it is going to work this Saturday another attempt to a long run. Over 11 miles. I need a good long run, to bring my hopes of finishing back to light. I am lighter right now than I was for the half this past Jan. I am looking to be lighter by the race.

The best news as of yet... E is back to work!!!!! YAY!!! Back to the same grind as before. This means we maybe able to get a 2 day hopper pass for the weekend!!!! Working on were we are staying,and I hope it is a cool as it was as this past Jan!!! Please..... And don't tell FJ he doesn't know it yet, but he is going to be running the race too. He has been running long distance now for months, and he is fast. I can't wait to see his time.

I am adding a couple new little badges to my Team Vocie shirt, Like Ironman training May 2010, and one for my dearest friend, who loves running and can not run. I will have you with me the entire race. Miss you guys tons!!!!! ;) I think you know who you are. I will be twitting during the race. I will post pictures and my location. I will even use the voice record. Any mileage past the MK is going to be very interesting. I plan on getting as close to the front as I can to give me a head start on the last wave starting and the last runner crossing the start line, to get in front of those swepper flags. I will stay to the right out of the others way.

I have bought new support stocking for my legs after the race, I do not know if I can walk afterwards, but I will try like you know what too. Then depending on the legs, I probably won't be back to full Ironman training till Feb. I will be swimming so much, I will just live in the pool.

I can not wait to go see the family, here in December!!!!! {meet the new addition}And I get to meet up with my BFF from high school.{18 + years since I have seen her.} And she is taking me on the ironman bike ride that weekend too. Thanks facebook!! And some of the other girls from school too. I am soooo excited.

Oh yeah getting a new do this weekend. A bit shorter than last time, easier to get in the swim cap. :) :)

So what Team Voice challenge are you going to do??

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's November Already?

Here we are in November.
Can you believe it? I sure can not. I am starting to get nervous about the 26.2 miles that is set out in front of me. I have not been able to get over the 15 mile mark for a long run. Last week my long was cut short do to the fact I hit the wall. I stopped sweating, and I started feeling ill. The week before I made it to 11.5 miles. My mileage is up to 20.2 for this week and the weather here out side right now is well nasty. So no mileage tonight. Saturday is my next long one and my next weigh in. I lost a total of 5 pounds for the month of October. I am hoping to get a few pounds lower. I am at the weight I was for last Jan. I am looking to be lighter. I am getting faster, running longer, father.

I am totally freak out. I am sooooooooo worried I am not going to make it past the MK. Mile 5 is just the outside of Epcot, mile 10 is just before you go in to the MK. I am good to that point after that well, I don't know. I am trying to figure out how to fuel for this. I am not having any luck during training. I may have FJ go to certain points and pass me and E new drink bottles and fuel. Oh yeah FJ can run 8 miles in 49:50 He has been running alot lately, I may have to put him in a race.

See this picture, this is part of the reason why I MUST cross the finish line in Jan.2010.

I missed my long bike this week and my swim today. Taking care of the kids and school. So I am going to be very happy with a one pound loss this week.

Here is my training schedule.
Friday: 1500
lift: shoulders, abs, arms
Bike : 45 minutes sprints
stretch 15 minutes.
And 6 mile run
Saturday: 1800-2000
long run{if I am not at work}{end week}
lift: Back,abs, Legs
Bike 25 minute easy spin
stretch, no run
Lift: abs, legs,back
swim drills week 2
stretch,6 mile run
Lift: abs, arms Chest
bike 60 minutes
6 mile run
long ride,
6 mile run
Thursday: rest day

It changes every week and it get more intense. I may have to up my calorie intake to 1800. I am always looking for something 3.5- 4 hours on the nose. This is what is recommended. and the intensity is to build endurance. I found my lactate acid threshold which is mile 5-5.5 running at 5.5-6.0 yes I am getting faster.Biking is at about 25 miles in 68-70 minutes. So when you find your threshold slow down a bit and and keep going. For the speed walking for pace I hit my threshold at 11-11.5 miles.
Swimming I haven't found it yet. Still working on drills. I can almost get a full 25 yards in before I have to stop and catch my breath. I am learning I am not blowing all the air out of my lungs before trying to breathe with every 3rd stroke. Just practice is all I can do. I have my tools for swimming. I can't afford a swim coach. And E let's me know if I start to loose my form. Man my arms are going to be strong. :) I am sore after every workout and the next day is just as sore and then I stretch out and run and it helps, and other days I feel like a large heavy piece of medal.

How was your Halloween?? I had a blast. We had alot of kids. And I was dressed like a scientist. We are already planning the theme for next year. I can't wait!!!! We have 359 days to go. We have started collecting the material we need. We were the talk this year, wait till next year!!!! MMMUUUAAAHHHAAAAA.......

I gotta go , got to finish my lift part of today. Happy training.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Longest Week, Happy Halloween

This week has been busy. Specially adding in all the working out and training for the WDW full marathon/Ironman. Yesterday was my first rest day. And today I can actually sit without my backside being sore. I was suppose to go on a group bike ride this am but I got lost. Yes I did. I don't know the area they were meeting up in and well I was lost.

Tomorrow is weigh in. I can't wait. I have been staying on track and making sure I eat ever 4 hours and not straying off course. I can't wait till Saturday!!! I love Halloween. I get to dress up and it is my large calorie day!!! And I get to go have a treat.WooooHooooo.

I can not believe this is the end of October already. Amazing. Before you know it the marathon weekend will be here. WoooooHooooo!!!!

So this is going to be short got to go swim and all that fun stuff. Have a great weekend!!!
Happy Halloween.

Team Voice keep moving forward.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Weekend

Good early morning! Weighed in this morning,no change. Headed off to work today. Wondering were I am going today.

Tomorrow I start my new, demanding training schedule. E and sat down and worked out a schedule around my work days, with beginner swimming drills. I have been meal planning and seperating and getting everything ready. I am back on my calorie counting, eating every 4hours,have my set up to let know when it's time. And this will steal time from my family, but this is what I have to do to do what I want to do.
The riding group never got back to me not sure how to take that. Maybe just show up,not sure.

Did you know that 3500 calories is equal to one pound?? If you eat 500 less in calories you can drop a pound?? Or if you ate 250 less calories,and exercised and burned 250 calories you will loose a pound in a week??
Just a fun fact.

Congradulations to Jonathan and Amber,they FINALLY got to take Elizabeth home!!! Yay!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just Keep Swimming

This week is almost gone. Headed into the weekend. I have to work, :( but at least I am working.
Tonight I am going to go and meet up with a local group and do a run/walk. And see if I like them and if so I will join their group so I can train. I also found a cycling group that rides everyday. I thought on Friday am I would go check them out and see if I like them. If so I will join that group to ride with for training.

Tuesday we did a long wog/walk. We did it during the warmest part of the day, and ended up with a head wind for over 5 miles. We did 11.5 miles and we hit every single light at every single intersection. E average it out and we wasted 30 minutes at the lights. We had a horrible time, 3 hours, and I was very sore yesterday from it. So I had a rest day. When you look at the full marathon map we made it to the outside of the magic kingdom. I did at least break the 10 mile!!

Today I was going to start it yesterday, will be cycle drills week 2 day 1. I haven't looked at the training program yet so I do not know the intensity of it yet.

We are going to Disney in Dec. Staying at Pop. I will be doing my first training ride for the half ironman. I am looking into some of the other running trails they have there to try out. I am finding out that the weekend we are going to be there, it is also the non mouse fest weekend and alot of us are going to be there. I am working on were we are going to be staying in Jan. I am shooting for Pop or All Stars.

Weigh in this Saturday. Maybe another loss. I started my weight count over. October I turned all my counts back to zero. Waiting on my new food scale to get here. I am finding out family members are also back on track and I can't wait to see them in Dec!!!!

Team Voice Many Goals One Voice, keep moving FORWARD!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What A Way To Finish A Season

What a nice weekend.

We went to see the Disney Christmas Carol train. That was neat. Had to stand in line for 2.5 hours , and then we got to go on it. I have never been a a train before till then. It was fun, who would have thought we would go wait in a line in the train yard to see a train?

Race day. And cool and crisp 57 this morning and the wind was kicking it up to about 14-18mph plus the gust were around 20mph. Even though we got there early we still got stuck parking way out. Racked my bike, got marked, picked up chips. And still had time to spare. It was down right cold with the wind blowing. I started to worry about my biking time,and my lungs with the cold air. We didn't get eased into the cooler weather, we were dumped into it. This was one race I was glad not to be swimming in.
7a it is still dark. So our start was delayed for a few minutes waiting for the sun to come up.
I am already excited that this is my last duathlon, headed to age group triathlon. We are off, and about a minute in my lungs felt like they were going to come out of my chest. Not use to the cold air. I did my sprint in 11:54, 4 minutes slower than last one, running in a head wind. T1 was good, and I ran in and out, mounted my bike little over a minute. And then all the sudden I realized this ride is going to be real hard. Head wind, moving along about 16-18moh, and then we did the turn around to head back out and the head wind was so strong it was blowing all us across the road, and I could only pedal at 13-15 mph. My breathing was so off, I could not get down in my aero bars. Lap 2 I almost wiped out .A gust a wind came at me in a turn and another person was passing me I almost ran into the curb on my right from the gust of wind. I would have taken out the other rider too. By the time I made it back to T2 my legs felt so numb from being cold,I had a hard time getting off my bike.{41:11} I got off And I ran, racked it, tore off the helmet, and jogged out.All I could do the way my legs were feeling. Walking made them hurt.
All I know was I had to beat my time.

It wasn't about beating anyone but me.
The last 2.5 miles I did, was my best ever. 33:26
I did it I beat my time. 1:29:16. It the worse racing conditions yet for me and I did it.
Next season age group, I know what times I have to beat, or get close too. So training doesn't stop here, I have the full marathon. 26.2 My longest race challenge yet. WOW!!!

So now when it is windy out I have to go run in to it, and bike in it. I have to train really hard.

I have to give Justin a huge shout out for finishing the Full marathon today. You are awesome.
And a really big CONGRATULATIONS to Jonathan and Amber. They are parents!!!!!!!

Team Voice In Training ,the meets are being finalized for Marathon weekend 2010, Already planning for the Goofy 2011,Disney will be 40, so will I. I can not wait for the party to being!!!! Looking into the next year's new Half in October and the 5k. My Team Voice member of the month did not get back to me for this month sorry about that. I havethe rest of them lined up.

So enjoy the rest of your weekend, I am going to go take a nap. :)

For some reason I can not up load pictures when I can I will post them.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Are You Ready?

This week I have been so sore from training. My glutes and inner thighs make it hard to sit down. I feel like one of those wind up toys. All for good reasons. No more squats until after the duathlon. I have been doing my cycling drills. Yesterday was my longest one yet, 48 minutes of 4 sprints for 4 minutes at 95 rpm, with a 3 minute recovery light spin. Today is just an easy 30 minute spin. I am going to have to get a new tire for racing so I do not use the same one for training.
I didn't get my run and swim in yesterday. We didn't get all of our daily household duties done and then 3 hours of drama. {rolling eyes} . I have to get in the pool. Tomorrow is weigh in.
I found another triathlon in March down here which is a qualifier for the Olympics and it has pay outs. I have been thinking that that race would be good to have on my resume of races for Kona 2011.
So I have found a training group and cycling group that rides everyday. Which works for me since my schedule is never the same. This is all starting to come together. And its scary and exciting and WOW!!! NO wait....HOLY CATS!!!! I am really doing this.

So when I cross the finish line Sunday morning that's it, no more duathlons. WOW!!!! And it is going to be 62 degrees Sunday morning !!!! WOW!!! I will have to wear my skin like I did at the half marathon.

I think I have dragged it out long enough, I am sooooooooo sadden to say that I must report that the WDW full marathon Weekend is going to Have US IN IT!!!!!! Yyyyyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhhhaaaa!!!!
Here we come!!!! I can't believe it. All the extra hours and number crunching, we are coming.
SO half marathoners, I will be out there on my bike cheer all of you on from the beginning to the end. I will make my way to the start line since I will not be able to get in to the early am meet. I will have my Team Voice shirt on on my yellow bike. We will not be able to join everyone in the parks after the race, but we can on Sunday after the full. I am torn if I want to go into the MK and enjoy it before they start the changing of the park or go to Epcot. I have to be able to see Mickey So I can take my picture with him. What to do.

Has anyone looked at the full marathon map?? What is the deal with the red, blue and yellow start, and they keep us in Epcot for the first 5 miles of the race. We are really doing this. I wish I could find a wireless camera I would wear on me to record it as a live stream. That would be cool. I will have My Pal Mickey with me again and I and making him his shirt. It's hard to make it with his head, and he has running shoes now.

The Longhorn Ironman is this weekend, go to to watch it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Training 101 UPdated

Think I am going to need that energy bar!!
4.1 miles in 1:01:40
4 minutes slower than the last time I did a run. Lungs were not happy but I worked through it.
Monday work, came home exhausted
Bike drills
30 minute easy spin 82-92 rpm and be able to talk. 11.33 miles at 22mph
40 minutes on dreadmill 3.97 miles and no breaks
resistance circuit done
Wednesday work
early am 2.0 miles


15’ warm up. Then 4x4’ at 55-65 RPMS. Recovery is 3’ easy spinning between sets. Easy 5' cool down.

Thursday{gonna try to work}
dreadmill incline sprints
30’ easy spin, keep the effort conversational and the cadence between 85-92 RPM.
resistance workout

This Sunday is my last Duathlon. My last race of the season. I will get my bonus points, still in second place for points{ and this race will put me in first I think}, and I am going to make it under 1:30!!!! I have too.
Because I have to start next season in my age group, part of requirements for Kona and I have to be in the top 5. In every race. I am not sure where I need to place in the half iron in May.I know the women in my age group are getting the race done in 1:10-1:15. I have alot of work ahead of me. And I am working on my long distance pace,I want to be under 6 hours. I am planning on wearing a Hammer Nutrition shirt during next season. Why?? Well if I can place in my age group and I have on a shirt of theirs, send them the results, with picture in there shirt I can earn credit for their products that I use. That would help me out alot. Or they send you a check.

And Chris is where I watched the Kona, and they air all the ironmans there and marathons like this past Chicago. I was at work. Uncut live races. Maybe they will have a section to watch some of it.

I want to apologize for not getting any shirts made for Jan. 2010, they will come later in 2010.And I want to apologize for not getting the Team Voice member of the month up, they did not get back to me.

I got to come up with a training name for Ironman 2010..ideas??

Disney trip news fingers crossed!!! This week is dragging..

I am going to have E twitter for me this Sunday during the race. And post pictures. I am just not able to do that. So if you don't Twitter try it. It's not as bad as you think, and I am Runnerrae on there. I won a sun hat last weekend, while twittering and watching the race.

This weekend here is a busy one.
Saturday is K mart Cars Collector Day, the Steeda stampede, and the train is here!!!!! I have to go see it!! That over rides going to Steeda. Packet pick up and then heading out to see the train.
What train are you talking about Rae?The Disney Christmas Train.

Update after I am done!! Waving....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What And Where Have I Been?

Yesterday I battled with head pain. The night before I hardly slept.
I watched live the Ironman Kona. the triathlon of all,the race I spire to do. I had to watch it on the web, tv was playing football and golf.
So I just rested. Ice and staying off my left side. I was excited to watch this great race.
Then I got this email and it made me very happy. So happy I became emotional. We are going to Disney in December!!!! It's only for 2 days, no parks just happy to be there with the family and meet our newest member of the family. Get to see the resorts in holiday glory, maybe Cheif Mickey.i want to hug Mickey really bad!!!! I will be taking my bike so I can do the half ironman ride. I have the directions, and friends up there that know it well.

And if everything goes to plan, fingers crossed by next Friday we will be setting plans in stone for Jan. 2010.
Back to this amazing race. Our time 12:45 there time 6:45a and it just finished up as I was getting ready for work this morning. All the different people of different ages and life issues they had to go through before Kona. Inspiring. Here I sit with a little jaw pain not doing a thing,stressing out worrying if I am going to make it to the marathon weekend.
Even if we have to stay off site no parks, I have to be ready for the mileage, and pace. Crap!! What have I been doing?? Feeling sorry for myself, instead of working through it. Then I got a text message, it said "Chris finished in 4:30ish"!!!
I was jumping up and down, E thought I was nuts, I told him.
There was this man doing the ironman with no legs. I mean none, no glutes,no hamstring, and he did it!!
Holy Cats!!
I have to set goals here. First next Sunday is my last duathlon for the season!! That means I got to get in the pool, hit the beach once in a while. Feb. Is around the corner my first triathlon. Crap!! I got to get my head, neck better. I will figured out how to work around it. I have too.
I am venting, and babbling,had a light bulb moment. Somewhere in me yesterday I woke up. I do not know if it was the race,going to Disney in Dec. Or the combination of it all.

I am back and I am moving forward.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

From The Rae Phone

Trying out the blogger app on my iPhone. So far so good.

I have been absent from the boards,blogs,and running. I have not done a thing in 30 days. By next Friday I will know for sure if we will be making it to marathon weekend.

Other than that nothing new.

I hope to see this soon.
I am working alot so fingers crossed!

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Headed Back To Work ....

My head is slowly feeling better. I still can not put the phone to the left side. I am headed back to work in the am, fingers crossed I do just fine. {gulp}

Since I have been on my own without my trainer, I have decided to start back at the beginning. Week one. Calorie count says 1500 daily, and 2000 for on day a week.
Here is my workout:

10 min. light jog, incline 0
10 min. light jog incline 3, same speed
10 min. sprints, incline 0, 30 second on, 30 seconds off
10 min. light jog , incline 0

resistance x 3
15 push ups
30 fast squats
20 shoulder press
20 alternating lunges
30 bicycle crunches

Three days a week, plus my mileage.
And swim one hour x 2. Ride x 2.

As long as my jaw, head, TMJ stuff is going to stay at bay I will be training.

I got a e-mail from Ironman up dates. They are going to be taking lottery apps starting Oct.1 through Feb. 28 2010. And then all winning entries will be announced on Wednesday April 15th. 2010. So this means I will not be in the lottery for Kona 2010. I will have to wait till Oct. 2010 for 2011. Which is good. Gives me time to gain some speed, endurance and tone up.

Have a great weekend!! Waving

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bump In The Road..

Happy Autumn!!!

I have been absent for a while. I know I need to keep in check, but life keeps throwing me curves.

For the last three weeks I have been having alot of head pain on the left side of my head. And when it gets real bad it runs down into my neck, shoulders. Early Monday morning 3am, I was up with such a pain I thought my ears were going to pop out of my head. My ears have been so sensitive to sound and my eyes to light. I called off of work and went to the doctors. She said I have TMJ. Inflammation of the Jaw.Temporomandibular joint. And she said stress can cause it,or grinding of the teeth while sleeping,and our friend arthritis. {oh great} So I am on an noninflammatory, and a muscle relaxant. It has been bugging me on and off for three weeks, after the Duathlon on Sunday, it has just been a steady pain in my head. I have missed 2 days of work, and I am going back on the weekend. I worry about all the monitor noises with my ears being so super sensitive .All caused from the TMJ.

Sunday was my second to the last race of the season. At this race I was trying the Hammer Nutrition fueling method. I ate my breakfast 3 hours before the race. Forgot my fueling bottle, and I carried water and my flask of gel. One was raspberry and vanilla mix, with 2 teaspoons of chai seeds. My main source fueling bottle was going to be the sustained energy one hour bottle, flavored with a gel. It keeps your fueling intake about 200-250 calories and protein. My bottle on my bike was the heed which is the organic gator aide, I used 2 scoops instead of one. This is to help keep your electrolytes balanced so you do not have to take in salt tabs. I usually bottom out after the 10 miler on the bike. And instead of taking in large amounts of everything. I sipped on it. I started it just before the count down to start the first mile sprint.
My first mile was my best ever.11:50. I felt so good, my first Transition was just over 2 min. I fought with my biking gloves, and the transition area was huge. I scaled the Causeway both times, made it back and I was sipping on my fueling bottle the entire time. But I was getting in the way of the faster riders. I was listing to the left and not knowing it. I did noticed my balance was a a bit off too.My 10 miler was 39:16. T2 was almost 2 min. I headed out for my 5k run. My legs were stift this time instead of feeling like jelly. It took a mile before the legs limbered up. And then it started to rain. No more like pour. Then it let up a bit and sprinkled for the rest of the race. And the cool part was there was a huge rainbow hanging over the run. I didn't have my phone on me, I could get disqualified if they saw me handling it so I just don't carry it. And I did intervals, and did my 5k in 44:44!!!! I ran across the finish line!!! I felt great. So my total time was 1:39:24 UGH... I thought I finally made it out of the 90 minute window. I was the only one in my category again so I got first place.
They are doing the points awards on Saturday. I do not understand how when there is still one more race. It is listed on my series, and as a points race. When I run the last race, I will get my bonus points of 500, it will put me in first place in points in my category and I will get recognized for that. It will help for the lottery for next year. :) {Kona} I am awaiting an e mail about that. Then the next season starts in Feb.2010 and I will be doing the Olympic distance triathlons. There is only 4 in the series, the distance will be .90 mile swim, 18-20 mile bike, 10k run. But I will still do the sprint distance triathlons.

Things are still tight here. My next goal after the last Duathlon in October is the new Miami Halloween half. Here on out I will be concentrating on mileage and working on the arms for swimming.

I did the weekly challenge last night. I did 1080 in jumping jacks. I can not do jump rope. That was during the Biggest Looser. 2 hour show. Plus I did a arm workout. I used my 5 pounders and I did 4 set of 12 in butterflies and chest press,and this other thing on the balance ball. I did 100 crunches and 100 scissors.

If my head calms down I plan on going and doing some rowing, and stairs. And hopefully 6 miler today. I haven't put in any miles in 8 days. Well except for the race.

And no news on our plans for Jan .2010.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Have A Nice Weekend

This week I ran 24.98 miles. We were suppose to do 11 today. We didn't. We missed the morning window, and then it rain!! I am suppose to go on my first group bike ride tomorrow. I hope we can find it. And today was weigh in. I dropped 4 pounds!!! back to 194!! Wooohooo!!!
I did a cardio workout on fit tv I recorded. I am not a very coordinated person. haha

And I was watching Lou's live feed today on and off. And When I went on there was a buzz of rumor of expansion of Fantasy land. I found video. and here it is.

And the construction will not be done in time for the big 40!!

And here is another one.

And I am so excited that WDW Endurance Series is going to announce the new races for 2010. I am so excited!!!!!

Tomorrow is Brandon's Ironman. Good luck tomorrow and have a blast. Wanna know why?? You are going to be an Ironman!!!!! 140!!!!

I went to my local running shop and one of the new clerks commented on me buying a 70.3 sticker.{E is printing on it training for 2010} I told them Not yet, I am doing one in May, he said at Disney? I said yes. He did that one 3 years ago, and said by the time he made it to the run part of the race it was 90' !!!And he said it has some moderate hills. I am not afraid of hills, I can clear the Rickenbacker. He said then I will have no problem with theirs. The heat will be the problem. It drains me and drains me fast. :(

So what do you think of this??

Go check out Disney Daddy

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Things Are Tight /Tough Here

It's been awhile since I have sat down and blog. And I am able to do it today. It has been upside down here.
At the moment all my Disney plans are all on hold. Including the half Marathon trip. YES this is not a typo. This have become very tight here. So all plans are on hold until further notice.

SO my last weigh in was 198. Yikes up 3 pounds!! Holy Cats!!! I can not go any higher. So I have become a bit strict on my eating, and snacking. The snacking is where I fall.
Running for this month
Last Tues: 2.0
Sat. 10.75
Mon. 4.0
Thurs: is going to be 4-6. We were headed out the door and found the refrigerator not working. Holy cats!!! E is good at what he does and fixed it!!!! We lost a gallon of milk and had to cook all the stuff in the freezer.

This is me climbing the Rickenbacker Causeway in Miami in Aug. I am still waiting for my picture cd.

I will be trying a group bike ride this Sunday. I am worried I will not be able to keep up. I am hoping I can get long with everyone, and join the group. They have a swim schedule, and running schedule. Plus I am worried about my rear tire. It has been eating tubes. So I have been told to get some rim tape and tape the spots in the rim I think is causing the leaks. My rim isn't bent. SO again my biking has been on the low side.

I have alot of small things I have planed out for Team Voice. I am working on getting us goody bag for the runners, and some other neat stuff. SO your input for the meets and stuff will be greatly appreciated. We got a few. AND I have help to design the Team Voice web page.

I want to give a Huge shout out to Erin 337 for finishing her first Full Ironman!!! 140 miles. And then this weekend Iron Brandon . He will be doing his first Ironman Wisconsin .These are the only 2 I know.

Congratulations to all the Disneyland Half runners. And at the d23 meet, did you see they all got to meet Tim Burton??? Holy Cats!!!
Well gotta go, time to an hour of cardio and some core workout.
100+ this month miles!!! Can you do it?? I am going to try like you know too.

Miles of the month 18.98

Monday, September 7, 2009

Insipration Comes In All Forms

Double-arm amputee, triathlete Hector Picard 'makes best of it' -- South Florida

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I just had to share this. I didn't get to see Hector on his bike, but he ran by me on the run.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

What A Way To End The Month

I finished my 4th duathlon. And if anything could go wrong it did. My alarm went off at 4a. I hit the snooze button and Said I will get up at the next buzz. Well the next buzz never went off. My tv is set to come on at 5a. I jumped up when I realized what time it was. E filled my tires with air, and racked my bike while I fixed breakfast. I always have oatmeal banana, coffee and peanut butter before a race. I ate it on the way. By the time we arrive there I have about 5 rack my bike. So I was going to ride it in and get the muscles moving. I get on and I have a flat.A FLAT!!! I was so mad. Finished walking it in and I wasted both of my co2 on it and I was so mad I was in tears. E found out that there was a tire tent and they put in a new tube and checked my rim and gave me a green light. I ws able to rack my bike with one minute to spare. I grabed my chips, got marked and headed out to the start line for the Duathlon. I hear them counting down while I am heading over there. WTH!!! I threw my arms up in the air, and an official came over told me wait till everyone passed me and go.

I love my shoes. No leg pain foot, or knee. I ran my one mile sprint in 12:01 MY fastest mile yet.
ANd I rode the ten miles in 36 minutes. At dismount I nearly fell off my bike, and my legs were so jelly feeling and I had a hard time catching mybreathe. No burning, I think I was pushing myself. The last 2.5 mile run.I did small intervals. I was feeling like crap. I hada sour stomach and the peanut butter was sitting hard in my stomach. I forgot again to do a gel at both transitions. So I did my last run in 39.5 minutes. This was my persoanl best yet. All I kept telling myself was I have to beat my last time. I did. Almost by 2 minutes. I made first place in my catagory. No one else ran in it. And the other women that normally does ran in it did the age group and placed 4th!!! Sweet.

E saw one of his friends there and we sat with him for a bit and waited for the awards. I went back to get my bike from transition and found that someone had tampered with my bike. Yep. I had another rear flat. The stem was pulled out and released. And one of the gears were bent. I sent the sponcors a e-mail to let them know someone is tampering with bikes. I have an idea who it was since they were taking up enough rack for 4 bikes. I moved the bike over and racked my bike.

So now I have to get some more co2 cans. I have a spare tube and I can change it, and I need to get new rear tire rubber. So I can have a spare.

And I had to put some of my Team Voice business on hold, Now we are striving to surive the job thing. Until futher noctice all my WDW plans are on hold. Got to get through this month.

So this was a great way to end this month. And get ready for the next. Miami has picked up some new races for this fall like The Halloween Half, with a costume contest, and some other races. Can't wait.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Found Keys, Missing Fairy Godmother...

Runner's World Kick IN the Butt:
" I often loose motivation,but it's something I accept as normal."
Billy Rodgers Olympic Marathoner

This statement rings true here for the entire month of August for me. How about you??

The darn keys were really hiding in a spot I did not think to look and E found them.
Still no Fairy godmother....

SO with that I have to get my head back in the game. I am going to post a challenge for everyone over on the Event page and I am going to amp it up a bit. I still have my trainer. And I am so greatful for her. :) Hi Isabeau!!! {waving}

I have a duathlon this Sunday. I am registered and Going to packet pick up. I have only 2 races left in the race season. Looking at doing the Half Marathon here in Nov. Just another race to get under the belt. And maybe some of the 10k, and 13k's.

A few of us are coming up with a list of places for ADR's for Jan. Then when it is posted we will need input so we can get them planned and in place. E again gets to do a race on his birthday, the Full marathon. He said this will be the only 26.2 he will ever do. And wait till you guys see what he is going to be wearing this time. Oh yes the Candles will be back and... just wait and see... hahaha last year he wore the candles in Monsters Inc and was picked to be that guy.SO that is his plan this coming year too!!! hahaha

I can not beleive we are going into Sept. already. I can not beleive I am going to wog 26.2 miles!!! I never ever thought I would be able to do that!!! I mean.... Holy Cats!!!!!

Everyone needs to head over and say hi to Erin. She is going to be doing her first Ironman this weekend in Canada.

When does everyone plan on getting to the World in Jan?? And plan to depart?? I am working on when to arrive and depart. I will probably arrive before E will. Value resort for this trip. Maybe I will find my Fairy Godmother then too. ;0)

I can not put anything in stone till we make it through Sept. Why?? Job security. :)

I have to go see someone this evening about some Team Voice business. And I will post about it later!!.

Have a Magical Day!!! And happy Friday!!! {waving}

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh Fairy Godmother??

I am stressing today.

If you want some more info on the Newton shoes,check out Gearjunkie.
Then check out Brandon. He has alot of great info on running and all kinds of running relate issues and of course the Newtons. And the running front. All kinds of info. on the awesome shoes.

I can not locate my fairy godmother. I need her to help send me to DL. I want to go hang out with everyone. When I find her I am going to break her wand. :(

I am having a bad day. My key are missing. I can not find them anywhere. I have turned this house upside down. All I wanted to do was go run at 6am. Yes I am still looking for my keys.

I thought we made it through the part of the year where we do not have to stress over jobs. Well we were wrong. E is having to go on nights to work or look for a new job. We can't afford him to do either. There will be no one home home for 3-4 hours after kids get home from school. No one to fix dinner, and fj can't go to his youth program after school. Which has helped alot. No one to bring him home. SO here comes another mental block I have to over come. This will play in my head and I will mentally be unable to get past it and my training suffers. Just like it has this entire month. I have to drop my trainer again. I am not ready to but I have no choice. :( How do you guys work through this mental block?

All I want to do is become more steady with my pace that I can run now, and swim, and get my mileage in on the bike. And drop another 10-20 pounds. Holy Cats!!! Mentally I suck. I have got where I do not need my ipod. Maybe I should carry it, I do not know. I know the Ironman is all about me. Can I do this?? I know I can do the full, not to worried, worried about next Sundays race. I have not done crap this month. :( I am still holding steady at 195. WTH!!!

I really do not have anywhere to ride my bike either. The traffic here is nasty and the idot drivers drive 24/7 here. I think I should have waited on entering the ironman.

I am stressing and I need a break.

Oh yeah and the band director sprung a football game on us for THIS THURSDAY!!! Are you kidding me!!!! I have to work. I don't get off till 7:30p

I will update if I find my keys. And they are probably right in front of me.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A bit long Winded

It's been a while. Alot going on here.

Found these at Target.

Getting ready for school, and WORK. I have been working like a mad man. That's ok I can use the extra money, I want to go to NNSHP. And MVMCP. So I use that for motivation for plugging forward. So that means I am slacking on the training front. And I owe some shirts to people too. I will get those out today and 2-3 day mail them.

My trainers. The Newtons are awesome. I will recomend them to anyone. I can almost run a full 6 miles without a walking break, my legs do not hurt. I am on my forefoot. I got my breathing under control too. I know they cost a bit more than my other ones, but well worth it. I tried my old trainers after a week of my Newtons and I can sure tell the difference. They are lighter. I love them.

I am trying to work out a plan to manage my time better than what I have been doing. It's hard.The goal is to go back to running in the early am hours and then after work do the second part of my work out. So today is get my running around done and then cook for the next couple days so that way it will be ready just need to warm up. We did that last week and it worked out pretty well. And getting to bed no later than 10:30p means I do not go on the internet,no blogging. My blogger for the phone wasn't working.

I am also working on a 4 day training trip to Isabeau. Then in October training trip to Orlando to ride and run the course. Busy. And I got an e-mail for the Disney Endurance series and it said that the TOT anf Race for The Taste will not be back in 2010. They have a new races for next year. I am glad I got them. They also said they medals will be in the vault. That means collector value will go up on the ones now!!! Sweet!!

I missed my last race. I read the e-mail wrong and I got my times mixed up. So Now I have the finish the race season out doing the duathlons, so I will get my points. :( So Feb.2010 I will have to do my first Triathlon. :( Oh well that much longer to practice swimming. :) My next one is the 30th. and it is over in the park that is flat!!! Wooohoooo!!!

I feel like I am a NoN Disney person and that is not a happy thing. I just cant get it all in. My radio in my car isn't working. It just stopped. So I am looking around for a new one. No podcast on the way to work. :( So I am behind. Way.....

I haven't been on twitter or Fb in a while. So busy so little time.
Until next time!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It Is Officially Official

And I am going through a mess of emotions right now.

I did it. I hit the send button this morning. Now I am in shock. I really did hit the button.

I am registered for the Ironman 70.3 here in Florida at Disney. May 16, 2010. I still have the Disney Marathon 26.2 in Jan. I can not wait for. But I did it.

I have a duathlon this Sunday. It's in Miami and I know what to expect. Then I have to do 2 more Duathlons, to get my bonus points and the series award. Then in October the last race of the season will be my first triathlon. Then season will not be back till Feb.2010.
I have made a decision on my next long distance race. I am going to stay close to home and do the half here in Nov. I want the WDW full marathon to be my first marathon of many after to come.

Now this Ironman is a Qualifier for the Clearwater ,FL.Full Ironman, and once I complete the 70.3 at Disney without getting swept, I can get a lottery number and try for Kona.

I got me a new pair of running shoes. Yep. I got a pair of Newtons. They cost a bit more than my other ones but Man oh Man they are awesome. Light weight shoe and I did not pound the you know what out of my feet. And I shaved off 3 minutes on my last 4 miler. E was so excited I was able to go father ,longer and a bit faster. I was too. I don't heel strike, I am on my ball of my foot.

SO as the months melt away to the marathon weekend, I will post alot more on the race and the track and the times and all that fun stuff.

Value resort reservations will be set in Late Sept. for Marathon weekend,AND we plan on staying at Fort Wilderness for the Ironman. Holy Cats!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Rambling Right Along...

Well between work and band camp I am one tired peep. My daughter's band director is cool, and they are organized. Compare to the last three years. She is on her high school years. And she is excited scared, happy, sad, the entire emotional roller coaster. These kids want it. And they have been working hard as we do to get the miles in. The cool part is the director is open to going and doing music days at Disney. I have already asked. I am going to do all the leg work to get the paper work and all the contacts together. Then I was asked to be a board member on the band parent booster club. I do not know if I can commit to that as well as work, and all the games and training for the races.

I was only able to get one day of training in this week. The rest of the time I fell asleep or I rolled over and hit the snooze button. And I kick myself for it. Work has been stressful. They are going to close my floor for 6 weeks.They want to put in hurricane windows. And they will be closing us when our season kicks back in. I will float all over the place or get canceled.That means they will be after me for over time. I am over whelmed with all of this.

And the boy well he is doing fine.3 more years of high school for him. A little behind but he is still in school. He choose not to do PT. And just got up and walked out the door to go to a friends. And he has been stressing us out by staying late. How late?? Midnightish... :(
I do not know how to get it across to him I am not going to tolerate it. So if he does it again, I am going to but a blanket and pillow on the front patio and he can try sleeping out there. Curfew be in. Or get locked out. Right?? {deep breath}

I have not been making my calories. I have been under. I am just not hungry. When I am I eat like I am starving. But I haven't been making my calorie count. And I am back to 195!!

I have a race in 2 weeks and I do not feel ready. :( And I never made it to my Newton shoe fitting the other night. So maybe I will go to the running shop today and get fitted. I noticed them watching the triathlons and watching the elite runners, and it is what they are wearing. and I asked on twitter and tons of people who are runners and triathlete will swear by them. I have to wear motion control trainers. So we will see. And this next race is the same one as the last one and I know what to expect. I think I do.

Have any of you been over to say hello to Gordon?? Run to Disney. HE is a Disney nut like us and he is also a Disney runner like us. He has a podcast that he has been doing and it is good. I like how he addresses how he feels and gets while training and I can relate to him. I think we all do at times. You can go over check him out and let him know I sent you.

Well that's all for now, I hope.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Am I Turning Potato Again??

After a week of issues and no training at all I finally get to restart again.

I recorded the ironman they viewed on tv last week and it was inspiring as all get out. Now I kinda know what I need to do to prepare myself for this. The only positive side is it will be on common ground for me at Disney and I know most of those roads and I can maybe take a couple training trips up to ride the bike and run the run. I know I won't be able to swim in the lake. Since I am a slow runner I have figured out that I will have to make up my time in the biking. I am good at this. So I won't run out of time and get swept, I will have to get faster on the bike. Trying to work it out with work and everything so I can go maybe once a month for a week at a time to train with my trainer.

My son had a football accident. HE was playing with his friends and he was tackled really hard. Everyone else got up, but him. He tried and he couldn't so they called rescue and one of the other parents called me. HE was complaining od hip and thigh pain. SO off to the er. Well thank goodness no broken bones or fractures but a possilbe muscle tear. There was no orthropedic doctor office open yesterday. SO this morning we went and all it is a servere groin muscle strain. So the kid will have to have some physical therapy and no football for quite some time. {whew}

So E is leaving it up to me to deside on if I want to do the full marathon in Nov. or a half. He agrees I will be able to iron out what will work better for Jan. 2010. And I do have running induced asmtha. Doctor suggest otc clartin 30 minutes before training, running or any race, and if that does not help I will have to do some test and find what will work to control it.

Here is my training schedule.
week #1 speed
#1. 30 min. short sprints on tm. speed 7.5 after 5 sprints increase speed .2 until hard but do not stop, decrease only back to 7.5. ,30 sec on 30 sec. off.
Plus outside milage
45 min. extended sprints, 1 min. sprint 30 sec rest,speed 6.4 and slowly increase until hard but do not stop.
#4.Cardio resistance and a 10 mile bike ride under 1h, and 20 minutes
3 mile run
mile 1 @9.5 min. speed 6.5
mile 2@ 9.0 min. speed 7.0
mile 3@ 11 min. speed 5.5
#6.strength resistance
stagger calorie count 1800/1300 which I do ok at.

During these days I need to put in my milage. Get back out there. And I have to do it in the heat so I will not suffer so bad like the last duathlon. And I have to start swimming again. Before you know it Feb. 2010 will be here and I will make the transition from Duathlons to triathlons then.

SO the majority rule here will be a Stinky Smelly Soarin Meet after the Half and the full. SO that way everyone and meet up together. I know some of you have to leave on Sunday during the full. What about a Dole whip meet?? Ealy on Saturday?? I know of 5 of us doing the full. Me,E Kate, Brain and Mike R. Anyone else??

We are getting closer to the DL half. I can't wait to hear all about it.
I have a Team Voice Memeber of the month and we need a challenge, so if anyone can come up with one let me or Jeff know.

And it is pin trading tonight again and I can go again!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

I am Going to Be Soarin....

OK well the last couple days I have been waiting for some of my e-mails to get answered about the races. I was asking about if the Miami man would qualify me for a full IronMan. And other things.

So here I go...
NO the Miami man is not a qualifying race. Great... Now what does this mean I have to travel out of the state to do one?? No. Really?? Where is the closest one and when?? It is in May 2010 and it is in Orlando. Oh REALLY?!? {grinning and getting excited} Where in Orlando?? Fort Wilderness at Disney. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! When Can I sign up? Registration and apps. are not open yet. I have to apply?? Yes. Oh Grea{rolling my eyes}, Have you been racing? Yes duathlons, and 2 half marathons, ok you should be good. SWEET!!!!

Ford Ironman 70.3
Transition Map This is to give you a idea where abouts of the race.

Tomorrow on NBC is the Championship Ford Ironman from Hawaii. This is my goal race. The race of my life time. I remember watching The Hoyt's in this one when I was a kid, and I got to meet them this year!!!

And My trainer said we will stay on this training course, and I can run more. But I still have to do my training as written. I want to just loose another 6 pounds then maintain my weight between 186-188, so I can stay in my weight division. OK we can do that. Can I come up and train with you?? Yes. Oh sweet!!!!

Now to do the Space coast full marathon. I was looking at the course on line. It looks kinda flat. In that part of FL. it is hard to say. Space coast course
Holy Cats!!! It would be my first 26.2 miler ever and then I could learn from this to make Disney alot more fun. {grinning} Then I would have 2 full marathons bagged.

Rae, Why do you want to do all these races?? Have you lost your mind??
Why?? Because I am tired of being the one on the sideline. I only have one life and I want to actually mark it off on my "To Do List" If I can wog and I can still keep pace I am going to race. I like it, I like the way I feel when I am done. And I do not want to hold myself back from living my life to the fullest. And then when I look back, I can feel accomplish, and look at all the great friends I have made. And lasting friendships.

If I can inspire someone to get up one day and say I am going to do it. That is priceless.

After September, we will be booking for Jan.2010. I plan on value resort that trip, and then we are planning to Fort Wilderness Resort for May. And it's Nov. for ADR's?? Crystal Palace again? They still doing breakfast with Donald in AK?? Garden Grill??

And when we cross that finish line in Jan., get photos and medals and stuff my goal is to walk over to Soarin and ride it like I did after the half. Smelly and stinky.If it takes me till the parks closes to walk over there I am doing it. After every race I have done at the World except TOT{that's a thorn in my side} we have rode Soarin,and the hydroponics. It's like a tradition we started and will keep doing. So if you want to do that after the Half too let me know. We can make it like a meet. The Smelly Stinky Soarin Meet. LMAO.

Team Voice Many Goals, One Voice!!!

I will probably post this alot.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last Sunday's Race

I am a bit behind here with my race report. Nursing a sore calf muscle.

Last Sunday was my 3rd Duathlon. I have to put in 3 more to get the USAT race award and bonus points.

This race was a last minute change, of site, since Key Biscayne was still is working on a smaller bridge that was part of the biking route. So they shorten up the mileage and they were able to keep from canceling the race with the help of the city Mayor. BUT they failed to tell anyone that the last 5k route was a trail run. And the one mile sprint for us duathloners was only a half mile,bike was 8.1 miles, and then the 5k. This is South Fl. 7a it is already what 85 and humid.

Up and out the door by 5:45a, got stuck in traffic, they took a 6 line highway and crammed everyone into one lane. Holy Cats!!! Here we sit and I need to get my bike in transition by 6:45a
We got off the highway at 6:45 and at the race site 2 minutes later, and I had to get my bike off the rack and ride it the rest of the way in because other people were holding up the road. I get to transition and the official said sorry transition is closed. I told him please it took me an hour to travel to get here, please... then he heard them annoounce the race was going to start late due to difficulties he let me rack my bike. HOLY CATS!!! I got lucky. They USAT official didn't have to do that. And since I am in a weight divison they are suppose to weigh us so we are not lying about our weight. Athena Divison is 185-199. Other wise it is the clydsedale 200+.

Then I noticed I dropped one of my riding gloves. E went back out to look for it. He found it. I am putting my knee straps on and getting myself ready. I have my fuel belt,2 gels and a mini bar.And my sustain energy. I didn't have time to warm up or anything. I didn't get to do any breathing exercises. {was that a mistake} We are getting ready to take off I took a quick sip of my drink and we were off. Were we were at they didn't gibe the race officials the key to the back gate so we had to cross the bike coming out of transition. and run up behind the transition area on the exit side for the swimmers. I was ran over by one of the other runners coming out of the water. He ran into my left side I stumbled and he knocked all the water out of the volunteers hands at the water stop. I have a small bruise on my shoulder. He was suppose to have been penalized for that. I ran to my bike I normally walk, grabbed my helmet snapped it and grab my bike ran out of T1, mounted and I was hauling you know what, we had to cross the Ricken Backer Causeway, I went to a easy spin gear and hammered my way up, My breathing is so far off and my lungs were on fire, so at the height od the climb up this bridge I felt like I was in slow motion, a rather pooh size fellow on a mountain bike went past me. I knew right then my breathing was gone. Finally made to to the top and then I put it up in high gear and I went flying down the bridge, I went blowing by the guy that past me and my speedometor said I was doing 32.1 mph on my bike!!! HOLY CATS!! ON A BIKE!!!!! Made the u turn and headed back one more time.

Then we rode out on to Virginia Key, nice quiet area and then all the sudden you have speed humps. Small ones, the the next few had a triangle top on them and I had to slow way down or blow a tire. I cruise at 15-16 mph. Coming back out of there and head back to transition. Wave at E, taking pictures. and enter to dis mount. Pasted my rack, turned around went back to it, racked the back, took off the helmet and gloves and I kinda ran out of T2. What are you kidding me!!! Wet sand and huge holes to run thriug, I walked, my breathing was off and lungs killing me. Then the path came up. oh great a trail, I wasn't prepared for this. I have my street runners on and I am going to slide all over the palce. That I did. So I walked. It's your avarrage trail. I was worried I was going to slip and fall, and falling I dod not want to do. My knees wouldn't make it. Got my breathing under control. Then I noticed I was so tense and excited I forgot to fuel up at T1 and T2. No wonder I wasn't feeling so good.I had the shakes and I looked like a drowned rat, I didn't even go in the water I was sweating so much. So I tried to down my bar. I got half of it. I did start to feel better. So I did some running intervals, my breathing would kick in and I was back to walking. So I saved it for the end.
I ran full speed for about a 1/4 mile and ran cross the finish line. I was shaking and I needed to sit down. I was over heated. I grabbed a water bottle put it on my neck found E and sat down. I drank the water bottle, then I drank my recoverite and then I went back filled my jug with Heed and drank it, and drank the heed in my areo jug on my bike. My left calf muscle is blown out too.
We hung around. I placed second again. The other girl in my Catagory was a minute and 30 seconds faster.

What did I learn, DO NOT to for get to fuel. And my breathing scred me. If I am going to do this Half ion in Nov here, I have to be able to run in this heat. the end run is a half marathon, and I would get swept if this would happen to me.
So I have till August first to figure out what I want to do. E think I should wait till next year to tackle the Half iron. And do one not here in the heat. He is right. ANd refocus on the full marathon distance. Get a couple of them under my belt. I think he is right again. Waiting to hear back form my trainer. I told her what happened and how I am siding with E on this one.

And my calf muscle is doing much better. I got some althetic tape like the stuff you saw on the olpmpians. It works great!!!

I weighed in last Saturday and no change still 193. I measure tonight. I know has changed. I had to tighten up my fuel belt. This week starts speed workout week. I am already a day behind, I am selling my tm I think that is where I hurt my calves. Last week I was doing a run on it since it was storming out and I made it to 10 minutes and Bam they started to hurt. SO I am going to head back into the gym.

So when I am not working I should be out at 7a putting in a 5k during that time of the day to get use to the heat. {rolling the eyes}

1/2 mile run 5:36
bike 8.1 miles 36:40
5k: 50 min. My longest ever 5k, that's so sad. :(
total time: 1:31:41

Team Voice Many Goals, One Voice.!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I have been Ironing....

Yes it has been awhile, Hi Mike!!{waving} This is going to be a little long. I am going to explain a little on the duathlon and the USAT that I have learned.

First I have my Half Ironman training workouts from my trainer, I think she is trying to make me pass out. Today stars day one of a week of Endurance training. Day one is one hour run and 30 minute bike ride. I have dump 2 pounds finally!!! YAY!!!

Now I have fell in love with the Duathlons. I like doing these. I have been dong the sprint distance. Which is 1 mile run,10 mile bike, and 2.5/3.1 mile run. If I do 6 races at this distance, I will get a end of the year USAT award and bonus points of 500. {yes there is a point system} Right now I am 2nd in category and 116 over all. I am not last!!!!

Now I have to do the Half Ironman 70.3 miles ,which is 1 mile sprint, 56 mile bike ride, and 13.1 mile run. Now After I do this I am now able to pay for my lottery, to see if I can get in to Ironman. So by next season I will be swimming in the races. Season starts in Feb. 2010. I am waiting on more information on if this years Miami Man can be used for next year. If so I am in, otherwise I will have to find one right after the Marathon weekend in Jan.2010. There is a point system like Nascar. The more races you do, faster you are more pionts you get and the higher rank you are overall at the end of season in Nov.

SO if I CAN do 70.3 miles, I should be able to do the Goofy right???{grinning} 90% full as of today, Full 75%. half 85% full. Without getting swept.

Race number 3 is this Sunday. Down in Miami,they had to move the course, and it is going to be shorter. 2/3 run, 8 mile bike and 5k. I have been training and I feel great I should do really well in this one.

Oh yeah, the Olympic distance is way shorter than ironman, I am going to do some of those too. ;0) Full Iron 2.4 swim, 116 bike ride ,26.2 mile run, Olympic is .93 swim, 24.8 mile bike and a 10k run.

Did you see they are offering 5k distances in the Disney races?? All the races. Cool!!!! SO that means new races to do and they are adding a triathlon series too!!! Maybe a Ironman?? Sweet!!!!

So this is what I have been doing,over in the right hand side is my twitter updates, and facebook updates. Keep an eye out on them. And maybe just maybe I will have some really cool news about Team Voice.

I can't wait to see this in 2010!!! I wonder what the theme is going to be.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What No Disney Till Jan. 2010??? UpDated!!!

Yep the tittle is right. The original plan was to go to Disney in October to rerun TOT 13k, but that has changed.

I have been watching and the Goofy is still open, and I have also noticed so is the full Here I sit on the fence again. To Goofy or Not to Goofy. I want to Goofy 39.3 miles . Then I will not been out there cheering everyone one on in the half. It's such a heavy and hard decision to make. Like Iron.
What would you do?? Man,this is a tuff one to make.

So for the last 2 weeks I have been sick. I was on meds. and everything. I did my second Duathlon sick. I thought during the biking park that I was going to loose it. I was was only off by 5 minutes. And I am now finally starting to feel better,a bit more solid.

SO staring on Monday I will be starting a new more intensive training program with my trainer. Endurance and Distance. What do you think sound like a good plan?? It's going to be Hard and but it will make me strong like Iron. No excuses. I can not miss a one workout. No excuses!!!

Have you figured it out yet???

It's killing me!!!!
Holy Cats!! I have been waiting to say something now for 2 weeks!!! I had to brain storm with my trainer before I made it official. I am going to do a 1/2 Iron Man Duathlon

It's November 8th. 4 months away. I have to maintain my times or I will get swept. Like Disney.
It is official. I will registered tomorrow for it.

Here is a picture of the Causeway that is in the next race. Yes this thing. Going to go ride it. And I will post the map of it later.

I have been slowly catching up on my podcast and I heard Jonathan read Maroo's E-mail. I was so touched. I can not wait to meet her!!! I will be bringing things to donate to her from The Team.

Team Voice Many Goals, One Voice!!!

OK here is the map of the Rickenbacker Causeway. Holy Cats it was tuff going up and I hit 29.9 mph coming down on a bike!!!!!! It was exhilarating,and scary. I plan on doing another early am on Saturday.