Sunday, December 14, 2008

Can You Feel It In The Air?{ Updated}

"It's not about speed and gold medals. It's about refusing to be stopped."
Amby Burfoot

I received a e-mail with a lot of news for the Marathon weekend. I have the link here to track your runner.

And here is a picture of the medal pins that will be available first at the Health expo. And this is what the medals will look like too.

Are they cool or what?! I can not wait to go!!

We are doing a local 5k on the 27th. It is called 2008 Resolution 5k. The entrance fee is the member fee for the RRCA. The local chapter. This will give me access to tracks, and coaches, and tempo runs. And long distance runs. We were thinking about signing up the entire family. And we will get discounts at the running store we go to, and discounts on the races.

Is anyone going to be doing the runner's retreat?? We thought about it.

Yesterday I was suppose to do my long run. Was unable to do to drama. So now my question is should I do my long miles today, and then this coming Friday do my next long run, since I work this weekend coming?? So I did my ab.circuit so I would not make my legs so sore,that my long run would suffer. I weighed in yesterday to. And I dropped another 2 pounds!! :)

My wonderful little buddy my blackberry is well not working correctly. I do not get my e-mails on it and I can not access the Internet. It on it's last legs. I can get text and phone calls,but that is it. SO if I do not answer right away,please bear with me. I will be replacing it in 2 weeks. {if it last that long}

The Team Voice shirts are being mailed out tomorrow and Those of you who are waiting till the race I will bring them with me. And I have extra shirts if anyone wants one. They are $17.99 a shirt and I will donate $5.00 dollars of each shirt to Jonathan.

I ended up doing 6.3 miles this evening. We did it in 1:25. We shaved off 5 minutes!! Man what a head wind. I was getting a cramp in my left side, it was enough to make me slow down until it passed. Then I got a bug in my eye.I was wearing sunglasses too. We used our new headlamps tonight. I was making sure I was being seen and we were complemented on them too.
so to start off the week is good. :)

Miles this week: 6.1


Craig Wheeler said...

Rae, Do you have any large shirts left? Shoot me an e-mail with how to pay and I'll get you my address.

Chris said...

Great work, Rae. Medal pic was helpful too, wondering what they were going to look like.

Jeff said...

Can't wait to get that real Duck medal!

Quack Quack.