Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where Is The Time Going....


Hey the post box is up!!!! I have not been able to post in a week!

We had so much fun with everyone and I can not wait for Jan. 09 I am going to have Dreams Unlimited start working on Pop for Jan.09 And I am hoping that my Boss gives me that week off.

I have some addresses for all of you. I am going to start sending out Team Voice shirts that are paid for. They are awesome and they do there job. I am sending out the last payment for them. So I will have them in the mail next week.

While we were at WDW someone stepped on the back of mt flip flop. As I went to take a step forward, I lost my balance and messed up the top of my right foot. It didn't start to hurt until 3 days later,and swelled up right out of my flip flop. I had to wear my running shoes.That was the only shoes I could get on that foot. The swelling has gone down a little. I was worried that it was fractured on the top of my foot. It's not.{whew} Just deep tissue bruising.

For the Month of October I did 69.00 miles. Today I did 9.10 miles. I have to start to get the long distances in. I wore out in 7.5 and I ran out of water, and I forgot my snack. So I was feeling it. I had to walk the last 1.75 miles. When I got in I sat in a cold bath. My legs were sore. It helped. I need new trainers. My feet side around in my trainers so much, my middle toes are sore. We are so close to the half I can't believe it. And I did it without E this morning.

I have a new speed walking buddy. He is cool. He hangs out on my fanny pack and he watches my back for me. The only thing is he wants a Team Voice shirt. He said his tux is too hot to wear while we are out. I can't wait to do the half. He will giggle and shake while we go through the parks. Guess who it is yet?? He slows the cars down as they come up from behind too. The drivers stare as they go by. {never mind the bright yellow shirt} Figured it out yet??? lol

It's my Pal Mickey. I got the idea while we were in WDW. see picture.

I have to make a phone call, we all are going to be doing the Fantasy of Light walk run 5k next week. It is at 6p, and we get to go through the holiday lights that are set up in one of our local parks. Doing that one will take place of my Turkey trot, since I plan on working for Thanksgiving. {waiting on new schedule}

Can you believe I am thinking of doing the Goofy 2010! It depends on how well I do in the Half. MY first Half. Sweet!!!!

Oh btw.... ride the TOT in the dark during some extra magic hours, wow!!!


DebWDW said...

Mickey sure is lucky to hang out with you! And I can't believe you already have more races planned -- you are a marathoning maniac -- and my idol too!

MikeF. said...

Looks like you have one dedicated running pal.