Friday, November 7, 2008


I just found out we won't be doing the local 5k. They changed the date and E has acquired some tickets to go to the Homestead Nascar race that same weekend. Cool!!! My kids have never been to a race.I can't wait. Everyone is excited. So now I need to figure out when to do my next long mileage day. I was going to take today off but I feel guilty for not doing any.

Oh boy my trainer is working on a workout to help build my endurance and strength. I have been doing the the ab. circuit she gave me. I have to do more reps now, I told here that and she said that is good. I still struggle with the planks.She asked me if I wanted to start adding more miles? I said yes, since the plan is to do the Goofy 2010. My trainer said she just wanted to make sure I was still planning that.

My Mickey isn't hard to carry as I thought he would be. He clips right on the fanny pack. Thanks Deb!!! :)

I sent in the room request for the half. I am waiting to hear if we can get the 4 days and 3 free ones.I hope I get the time off. They know how hard I have been working to do this. Now one of the girls at work want me to do the Miami half later in the same month!!! I told her we will see, depends on how I do at WDW.

Can you tell I am nervous and excited!!

Jonathan my heart goes out to you and you family. I will keep your Father in my prayers. He has a long road to recovery. Have faith. :)

Back to work this weekend. :( I hope they give me a nice assignment.


Chris said...

Rae, can I say that you've been doing awesome! You continue to impress me :-)

Goofey in 2010? Holy Guacamole! I was thinking about doing the full, but the may have just inspired me. My wife is already making our plan for 2010 when she runs the half.

Jeff said...

Jana contacted me yesterday and we changed my reservation over to Movies so I could take advantage of the 4 - 3 deal. Even with the cheaper marathon rate I had I still came out ahead plus 200 in disney cash. But I had to change to movies. Not sure how the package applies if you are an annual passholder but call her and see. If you book through her mention that I told you about this and we could each get a bonus 100 in disney dollars.

Mainstreet Travel 615-870-4630

I am workingn this weekend and will open skype when I can.

mgreene said...


Here is the blog of one of my friends who is along a similar track as the Team Voicers, except he's doing the full marathon here in Huntsville next month. He's only been running since February and has made really amazing progress. Eric Patterson

Rae! said...

Thanks for the link!!! He is awesome!!

DebWDW said...

That is neat that you are taking the kids to the races! That sound from the cars on the track is amazing! Can't wait to hear what they think about it!