Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not Again.....

"Racing is pain, and that's why you do it, to challenge yourself and the limits of your physical and mental barriers. You don't experience that in an armchair watching television."


The Half Marathon is now becoming a challenge. Because I had to change my dates,I lost my room. They are looking high and low to see where else they can get us on site. Other wise I am going to look else where to stay. :( I am not very happy with my Boss at the moment. I put in for the time back at the first of October. I know it hasn't been easy at work with the floor not open, but now it is interfering with my life. And all my hard work.

I feel sick to my stomach again. :(

So Am i going to go through this for the Princess Half too?? And when we go to fly out to Disneyland??

I did my resistance workout for set a and b. Then I went out and did 2.0 miles. I felt like I needed to go out and do it. So i did. Note to self, doing miles after doing 2 rounds of of 2 different types of squats is not easy. Plus the other stuff. I plan on doing my long on Friday morning.

Just got the e-mail stating there are no Disney Resort Rooms now. What?!
Because I had to change the dates!!! @!?@!

Boss I am sorry if I am short with you at work in the AM. :(

Miles this week: 6.68


Chris said...

Sorry to hear about the room/dates trouble...didn't realize this was a half marathon with hurdles, did ya? :-) You'll get it done, I'm a believer!

Miles for October from my end - 76.48

DebWDW said...

Rae - Check Swan and Dolphin!! Their rates are usually pretty good, and it's on property.
Hang in there -- you've had challenges all year and have overcome them beautifully -- you can get thru this!!