Monday, November 10, 2008

Just Another Day

Did my new workout today. Man my legs are tired and tight. Tomorrow is my long miles. A lot of squats and lunges. And the treadmill work was alot of incline too. I don't mind since we do not have any hills here.

OK so far it looks like we will be staying at All Star Sports again. I got the 4 nights and 3 free. I am waiting to hear if we get the Disney money and move d to the movies. too.
And on Wednesday I will find out if I get the entire week off. I will bug my Boss. I plan on working the holidays. All I know if the staff on the units I have been going to have been rude and nasty. It makes it hard to go to work. I can't wait till my floor opens again.

I have been studying my ekg over again.So I can take the test at work,pass and maybe get moved to the ER. Less drama.

We are also planning to go back to the World and resort hop to see all the holiday deco. That will take a couple of days to do. Not sure if we are going to make Mouse Fest. We will see.

I didn't make a challenge this month. No one seems to be interested which is fine.The only challenge I will be making is if everyone would help me to help Jonathan make his goal of sending a child to Disney. Simple. He is close,but not enough. Jonathan is having some challenges of his own and we all need to help.


Matt said...

I miss the training portion of the monthly challenges. They give me something to strive for during the month.

Hopefully everything will work out at work.

Good luck on your long miles!

Princess Fee said...

I'm still around - I haven't forgotten you all! Work has been catching up on me and haven't had the chance to catch up on everyone else as easily...
Great you got the promotion too - I managed to get that for March, which I totally wasn't expecting!
Not long to go now until the Half - you excited?
Good luck with the long miles!!

MikeF. said...

This is for what you posted on my blog. Oh ha ha ha.;)

DebWDW said...

That's cool you were able to take advantage of the deal. The challenges were great when we were all getting started, but then it seems like everyone just got busier and busier and might have been doing them, but didn't have time anymore to report in! And it will only get worse once the holidays kick in. Maybe our challenge should be for everyone to post once a week in the TV forum!!!