Monday, November 24, 2008

I Am Lazy Today..

"Whatever the pace, run softly, run tall."

JOE HENDERSON, Running 101

I have noticed that my comments that I send from my bb are not saved on my friends blogs. Weird.

Today I tried to sleep in. Didn't work. I haven't done a thing yet today. But never fear, I have to get moving and go to the gym and do my cardio workout and then do the resistance workout. I am debating on doing the long tomorrow since I will be working on Wednesday. And family will be here for holiday.

I had to redo my ressie for the trip. I am not so sure how long we will be there. Again the job is causing waves with the half. The way the schedule is going and all this reassigning, I am not sure who is my boss any more. { i know it doesn't make sense}

Planning for Thanksgiving is and has been a challenge. I am working, and I don't want to mess up my intake. So I am waiting to hear if I can have my large intake day on Thursday. I have pulled out the Hungry Girl cook book and I am planning away. My Mom doesn't like it. Hey this is what works for me.

I am going to go purchase new running gear. Get what I need, make sure I have something for cold and warm. And it will fit.haha

I did my fasted 2.5 miles on Monday evening. 34:49 minutes. I fell asleep last night,so I didn't get anything done. :( We have to map a a new long route. They are working on the road I use and have the sidewalk blocked off.That forces me into the road. I did it once not again till they are done. My Garmin isn't functioning right.So back to map it, and driving out my miles.

Have you seen the new Disney Wide World of Sports website? I have to update my links. It's cool. But what I don't like is that it doesn't tell you how full the races are.

I weighed in over the weekend and I dumped -1.That is great. I am still moving in the right direction.

Team Voice, if I have your address I will send out your running shirt this coming Monday. I will also send you a e-mail to let you know it is on the way.{shirts that are paid for}

Have a great week!!!


Craig Wheeler said...

Great job with the continued weight loss. It has slowed a bit the last couple months, but keep at it. We all hit speed bumps.

It sucks about all the flux in your job. I hope you get everything worked out.

One month until Christmas...then the big day is right around the corner!

Craig Wheeler said...

And it just hit me that I forgot to mention this earlier...

Try for measuring mileage. It has a great interface that allows you to draw a route right on a Google map. Very easy to use.