Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Long time since the last post. Blogger has been apart of the problem for blogging. I do not understand the issues.

We went to the races and we had a blast. The kids love it. I haven't down loaded all the pictures yet.

I have been training. I did my cardio work outs and man they are tough. My legs have been real sore and my abs and the core have been feeling it too. Here is what I have been doing for a week.


30 minutes running- start a 5 minute warmup speed walking at 3.4 and incline 5. Keep incline at 5, and for the next 5 minutes run at speed 4.7. Next, take incline to 6 and speed to 4.5- run for another 5 minutes. Next, take incline to 7, speed to 4.2- run for 5 minutes. Next, take incline to 8, speed to 4.1- run for 5. Last 5 minutes, take incline back down to 5, and speed to 4.8.-- This willbe difficult at first, so if you have to, run for the 2 minutes, rest for 1, then run for 2, rest for 1, and so forth. If you can, run for 4, rest for 1.

RESISTANCE (repeat each set 5 times!)

Set A
10 "walkout" pushups
30 sumo squats
50 bicycle crunches

Set B
20 alternating lunges
10 scissor crunches
15 bridges


30 minutes on treadmill- 5 minute warm up walking at 3.4, incline 5. For next 15 minutes, take incline to 0, speed to between 6.5-8.0 (whatever feels difficult (very difficult) but doable!). Run sprints- 30 seconds on/30 seconds off. After you've reached the 20 minute mark, take your incline to incline 10, and your speed to 5.0. Run 30 second on/30 second off hillsprints for the remainder of the time.


Set A
10 alternating pushups- start in plank position and one by one, lower yourself onto your elbows and then back up, so the rhythm would be right down, left down, right up, left up.
30 mountain climbers
15 traditional situps

Set B
30 weighted squats (holding 5 lb dumbbells)
20 reverse crunches
15 traditional pushups

Today I went outside and did 2.5 miles in a good time. Couldn't say what it is the garmin wasn't working. I ran nonstop tonight. I could not believe it. I did. And I didn't panic. Tomorrow is my long. It is cold down here!!! It is going to be 41 in the morning and maybe make it to 65!!! Then add the wind chill in they said it will feel like 48-50!!!! Well this is training, and I will find out how I do in this weather.

Teen drama is here in the home front. It is hard to deal with the stress of it and then try to move on and train with the emotional drain from it. :(

I have been sorting through the running shirts and getting them ready to ship out. I love my shirt. It keeps you dry and cool.

I think we will have things worked out for the race in Jan. My Boss thought it was in Dec. and that is why he was giving me such a hard time. I am looking at getting there Tuesday evening or Wednesday. We will see.


Jeff said...

So Tues and not Monday huh? Glad things are looking up on that front anyway.

Can you believe Amy voted out Colleen? Boo to her. She'll be gone next week.

Chris said...

Okay, so it was 25 degrees here this morning and it won't get above 40 for the rest of the week (feels like 10 with the windchill) you don't get any sympathy from this end! ;-)

Great to hear that you and the boss are working things out! Gotta be somewhat of a relief.

Can't wait on the shirts!

MikeF. said...

We got the samething here in upstate ny as Chris. We got like 6-10" of snow last night. Let me just tell you my body tightened right up and i could not get loose.

Anonymous said...

Cool. I'm glad things look like they are working out with your boss. See you soon. Keep up the great training.