Friday, September 26, 2008

I am Bored

"It all comes down to having a dream. You have to know why you head out the door every day to run. Your purpose will motivate you in every mile you train."

Brian Diemer, three-time Olympian steeplechaser and 1984 bronze

I was thinking about up dating my pictures. Since I don't look like the one from the Minnie 15k.Then I thought well we have 2 weeks till the 10k. So I will update them then. :) I mean with the hair cut and all I look different. I think I do.

My Dad's birthday is a couple days after the 10k. I was thinking of inviting him to meet us over at the World and spend the day with just us. Then he can experience the race atmosphere too. My daughter said that's good, just get out of her way so she can get to the :)
We are not staying on site. Not when we can get a room for $30.00 usd. Since we will not be in it except to sleep, and shower.

We walked last night. 2.24 miles.I felt pretty good. Maybe try at pace tonight. And then try one of my trainer's dreadmill workouts. know I am suppose to wait till Monday but I am so bored.

Good luck to those who are in the Mt. Everest Challenge tomorrow. All stay injury free please.

I will update the shirt news a bit later today.

Today the water works have been turned on. Man my eyes are watering like they are over full.But I feel a bit better. This medicine makes me have a headache, and rather sick to my stomach.

Weigh in tomorrow!!!

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