Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bad Weather Day

Runner's World Kick In The Butt

"In a world that's quickly becoming so fast-paced that multi-tasking is a way of life, runners have managed to find a way to do something that's good for our heads, bodies, and spirits, and that provides wonderful social interaction."


The couple of days have been something. The weather here has been windy. So windy that some of the semi trucks are falling over in the roads. The storm slowed down so now it is just as bad. :( For the last 2 days, I have been stuck indoors. No miles.

My best friend sends me a message on Monday asking me to take her to the Doctors. { she is 3 month pregnant}.And then she tells me she is spotting. She is high risk till her 4 month. I was flipping out.I told her of course I would. So we went and she has a small bleed that the Doctor isn't worried about.It's not near the womb or anything! OMGosh!!! We got to see the baby, and it was just moving all around.And we heard the heart beat. So cool.

Then E was flying home during all of this and he missed his connecting flight, due to being stuck out on the tarmac for over 20 minutes. Airport traffic. He was able to get a stand by flight. Thank goodness other wise he would have been there till 9p.

We are registered for the race. I can't wait. I hope all these damn storms go away. :(

Still no news on the shirts. We will not be going to the Mount Everest challenge. I have an job obligation to attend to. :( They so suck!!! That means I won't get to meet Fee until March during the Princess Half!! I have to be on call during that time since I am going to be the labor coach.

Deb has sponsored a race for September!!! Go check it out!!! I can't wait!!!

For running gear I am going to try out the new running skirts for women. I need a new water pack to carry.I will need to carry 2 water bottles. I finally got E to get new trainers!!! We will be looking this weekend.

I am taking my Mom over to Bally's today so she can check out the sliver sneaker program. They have a pool!! And an indoor track!!! and they are running a special. But I haven't been to the bigger gym of the one we have membership too. I will have to go look.

So what would be a good dreadmill for at home?? I want one, but how do you know what is good?? I do not need all the bells and whistles. I want one I can just run and walk on with incline. Suggestions??

Have a great day!!! October 24th here we come!!!!


DebWDW said...

We've had some rain this week too, but we really, really need it.

Jeff said...

If you looking at treatmills. Take the time to really compare. When we bought ours I was not very informed and did not realize how poor ours stacks up against the ones at the gym. Prices range all over the place. If you like the feel of the one at your gym I would compare to that. Mine has a hard wood deck under the belt and it has no bounce to it. It's fine for walking but not much fun to run on.

Happy hunting.
We are running the Big Ten Network this weekend and it my shift this time around. If things are quiet I will have skype open.