Monday, September 1, 2008

4 To Go.......

Good bye August and Welcome September!!! 4 months to go. 6 weeks to the Race For The Taste 10k. I am excited and I can not wait!!! I haven't been in the World since July 4th!!! I am shooting for 1:10 for the race. I have alot of work to do.

Matt good luck and stay safe during this Nasty storm. And we have to keep an eye on Hanna. Man it has been busy this year.

Ok shirt news:
The one company is estimating the shirt cost to be no more than 17.99 with both logo's on it. I have to send in the logo's. I am still waiting for the other company to give me a estimate. So far I will be going with this one which is Cool Max.

How many of you are going to do the runner's retreat?? It is high in cost. What if I can get us all a small hot snack breakfast to have in the morning?? We have to line up at 3a. The race starts at 6:30am. I have some letters out and to see what I can do to get us one. There is another running group that does that. They all meet up eat, warm up together, stretch and then go to where they need to be just before the race starts. Thoughts?? I am going to carry my oatmeal with me to line up. And my water I am carrying with me,And a G2 to have before the race and carry peanut m&m's. They work for me.

Ok I will have the challenge up later in the day and and the winner of the first challenge. Today was an rest day. Tomorrow starts the twice a day training three days a week.

Be Safe!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rae! How are you?

Of course Iwant a shirt. A size medium will work. How should Iget the money to you?

I'm a little behind on everything so please tell me what everyone plans to do for January.

Like where are you staying? When is everyone meeting up for registration, race day, etc.

Is getting closer and I'm excited. But I still have a lot more training before I'm in shape for this.

Magical wishes,


Chris said...

Posted it on my blog, but I take a large shirt size.

Many apologies for not keeping up on the blogs! Not sure what the runners retreat is...just an area for groups to get together prior to the race? I'm behind on reading the blogs, but if it's in yours I'll get to it soon! Might be up for something like that.

DebWDW said...

Congrats on all your good results!!