Saturday, August 2, 2008

Loosing and Travel

Hey Team Voice!!!

So what did you think of my Team Voice Finish Line?? It was Deb's idea. :)
we are traveling back from North Florida. We picked up my Mom and her goodies and bringing her back with us. SO I use my BB for a modem for internet. Sweet!!!

Ok I am working out the small touches on the challenge for this month. And with a little help from a couple of other team voicers it's coming together. I will try to finish it tonight and get it up and out there.

With all the traveling we have done today I have not done any exercises today. and I looked at the calendar and it says today was a rest day.So that works out.

Food is going pretty good.

Today was my weigh in day. So since we got up early to head out to get my Mom, I weighed in early too. Got on the scale and I looked down and I had to take a second look. Then I ran out to the kitchen and grab E. I said to him come quick and take a look. I got back on the scale and he looked and he agreed with me on what it was reading. Are you ready for this.........I screamed Holy Cats!!! I just could not believe my eyes and I was just in awe. Ok I will quit dragging it out. I lost 3 more pounds!!! YES 3!!!

SOOoooooooooo that put me at ready for this...........197.0!!!!!!!!!! Yep I am under 200!!!!!!! I haven't been under 200 since 2001!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am lost for words!!!!! No wait Holy Cats!!!! { really big smile}



Matt said...

Three more pounds and down to 197! Holy Cats indeed!

Oh and good job on the new Team Voice segment on AATM. I look forward to hearing you and Deb on future shows.


MikeF. said...

Hugged computer! Yeah that was me.

sambycat said...

loved hearing you non AATM! looking forward to more - i think the spot is a great idea!!

caballerofan said...

Jumping up and down out here on the Tundra. Congrats on the weight loss. I know it's been a long road.

So happy for you!!!!!

Craig Wheeler said...

Great job with the continued weight loss!

Princess Fee said...

Congrats on the weight loss - woohoo!!! :D

Chris said...

Awesome, Rae! Congratulations!

Sadly, I'm behind on my podcast listening as the DVC pool project has turned to DVC get some grass growing before the dirt washes out, project....ugh!

Now that I know you're on it though, I'm going to refresh tonight and listen tomorrow morning in the car! :-)

Anonymous said...

The segment was WONDERFUL. And I'm SO proud of you for your weight loss - and I'm working on getting some great weight news myself for August!