Thursday, July 10, 2008


I worked 12 hours today and did all of this. Thank goodness for days off!!!
Workout 2: Frontside
*Same as before- 3 times through, and then cardio option below!

45 seconds buttkicks
30 “stepups” on chair or flat bench
15 pushups

45 seconds “jumprope”
20 tricep chair/bench dips
30 seconds scissor kicks

10 burpies
45 seconds jumping jacks
50 regular crunches

After completing each of these sets 3 times, complete one of the following cardio options for 20-30 minutes:
*Sprints on a low/no incline (minimum speed of 6.0, 30 seconds on/30 off)
*Consistent jog
*Elliptical at a high resistance level
*Spin class
*Elliptical sprints
Your days will look like this, and you can arrange your schedule to start on whatever day is necessary for you:

Day 1: Workout 1
Day 2: Workout 2
Day 3: Day Off
Day 4: Workout 1
Day 5: Workout 2
Day 6: Cardio
Day 7: Day Off

Here is what I did today, and tomorrow is a rest day.So since it is a rest day, I am going to go out and do outside miles.
Today's cardio was the sprints at 6.0 spped, and no incline .I t was the fastest 2.0 miles I have ever done. And I did 45 push ups today. My arm has been bothering me so they were hard to do.
The pictures above, well the castle, and Fantasyland, at sunset.


Joggerblogger said...

Great work :-) Love the castle pictures as well - keep it going...

Matt said...

I love the "Sunset over Fantasyland" picture. Beautiful!

Great job Rae! You deserve a day off!

MikeF. said...

Awesome job Rae! I love the Castle pic.

Princess Fee said...

Love the pictures!
And enjoy your day off - you've more than deserved it! Amazing workouts :D

Matt said...

You are very welcome Rae! But I'm the one thanking you! LOL...

caballerofan said...

Great job sticking your work out following such a long shift.