Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!

Here is today's babble.
Breakfast 10:30a
oj: 50
turkey bacon x2 : 20
1 egg white: 30
total: 280
snack: 12p
grek yogurt
fresh berries
gronola: 150
Lunch: 2p
slice of home made pizza: 165
snack: 4:45p
cheese stick ww: 65
almonds 14: 55
total: 120
after workout G2: 70
Dinner: 7:30p
grilled turkey burger 3 oz: 110
cheese: 70
Parm. peppered sweet potato fries: 249
bruschetta eggplant: 79
total: 508
Snack: greek yogurt:
fresh berries
granoloa: 150
grand total: 1445
work out:
10 min. with no incline
speed 4.4 for the first 4 min.
the last 6 min., at 4.5
miles: .73
10 min. with 3.0 incline
speed 4.4 x3, speed 3.5 x2
miles: 65
10 minutes fast 30 seconds on and off
speed: 5.6
miles: .93
10 min., no incline:
speed 4.4 x3
speed 3.5 x3
miles: .63
Just adding the little extra made my legs feel like jelly.
I am having a hard time with the last 10. But I have noticed I am making progress.
I have some discomfort in my left calf today. The knees seem to be good today. Even after working out.
shoulder press with free weights 5 lbs: 20 x2
bicycle crunches: 20 x 2
lunges: 20 x 2
push ups: 5, Yes I typed 5!!!! I did 5 push up!!!! Holy Cats!!!!
squats: 20 x2
holding plank : 30 seconds x 2
jumping jacks 20 x 2
I have to work 12 hours tomorrow so It will depend on how the body is feeling if I do the treadmill after work.

This is what I have been doing. I didn't do the treadmill intervals on Saturday my right knee wasn't happy.
I think I have the bugs worked out of my home office pc and I can finish some of my open ended projects.

I have mailed out the frames from earlier in the year that I owe those who completes the challenge. I need an address.? Trying to catch up on the podcast.
Back to work in the am.


Chris said...

Wow, you're kickin' some tail! Keep up the awesome work, Rae! Glad to see those push up numbers are rising so fast as well! :-)

Princess Fee said...

Wow - look at you! You're putting us all to shame!! So proud of you doing all that AND getting more push ups too - way to go!