Thursday, May 8, 2008

Trip Report #1

First off I have to let everyone know that today is Frogger Jogger"s 16th birthday.

On to the trip report with pictures!!!! I am going to start on Friday when we went to the Wide World Of Sports.

After we found a place to park.We saw this sitting in the middle of the walk way. They were so busy. I forgot that this was the weekend they were doing the Disney Channel All Star Competition. We had just missed Ms. Montana. She wasn't not going to be at the red carpet review on Saturday since she had taken that picture and Disney World did not like it.

Radio Disney is going to be there on Saturday too.

The one thing they could have told us in the final race instructions to go to the Milk House in the Wide World of Sports. This will be were we will be picking up the half marathon packets.

When you walk in you will see all different sports stars pictures on the walls and they have a milk mustache. As you walk in you can walk over and to this rail and look down on to the expo.

They had speakers and all kinds of things to buy and look at. Packet pick up is in the back. While walking around there is a table set up and it had all the different races that Disney does. And the medals. This was the last Minnie Marathon weekend. It is being replaced. It will be replaced with a Princess Half Marathon that will be in March. And it will be gear toward women like the Minnie. There will be a 5k and kids races too.

Here are the Minnie Medals. This my Minnie shirt that was in my packet. I just happen to get 2 since they are not made for men. :)

And that was packet pick up. I was so excited I was getting a sour stomach. It didn't take every long to do. While we were there the one speaker was was giving tips on how to drink while running. When you get your cup she said pinch the top together in the center, and you will have a funnel like sides and drink out of it from the funnel that way you do not spill the water all over you. It works!!!! We both did it in the run!!!!

Until tomorrow.....I will do more trip report, and pictures!!!


Craig Wheeler said...

It's nice to see what we'll be getting into in january.

Matt said...

Since you know what your doing, I'm sticking to you like glue during packet pick-up in January.

Chris said...

I'm just jealous of the name "Frogger Jogger", that's awesome! ha!

Great pics, keep 'em coming!

Basil said...

This is good stuff Rae!! I feel like it's some real insight into what us beginners will be facing in the 2009 half.

DebWDW said...

Thanks for a taste of what it will be like in Jan!