Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Still Sore

My legs are still sore!!
I have on my Teds today. My calves were so swollen. Teds are support stockings to promote circulation, and reduce swelling. I have been stretching.

For the Team Voice Challenge for May is the 15 days of 30 minutes. Jonathan's challenge.

During the race we saw some people dressed up and some people going to the bathroom in the bushes and some not even going to the bushes. A lot of walkers in this race. we also noticed a man with a hiking child pack on his back. And he had his daughter in it. They had on a team bib. We both thought that was cool. He was doing intervals, and finished a few minutes before we did. Then we saw him getting emotional, as he ran to this beautiful woman, who was also in tears. The woman was his wife and the Mother of the daughter he was carrying in the race. It was emotional to wittiness since the mother was totally wheel chair bound. I didn't have any of my Tam Voice cards on me.I wanted to tell their story, in full and I am praying for them. I do hope I see them again in other Disney races.I will make sure I get them a card.

There was tons of W.I.S.H. shirts out their and only 2 Team Voice. Hey it's a start. I am working on down loading the pictures to tell my story on the run.

Lori you lucky girl you!!! She got to ride Toy Story Mania. ;)

I want to give out a huge THANK YOU !!!! Why? Because of all the support and inspiration from everyone . It has been a long trip for me,one year and 6 months and Still a long road to travel to the 2009 half.

As of right now after my time from this race , I will be able to finish the half in 3.5 hours. I want to shave off that half hour. That's race walking for me. So I need to work harder on loosing more weight to get faster.

I want ti bid the Minnie Marathon a farewell .For it will no longer be a race. And it opens a new door to a new race. The Princess Half Marathon. March 2009 And registration should have opened yesterday for it. Well I am going to be looking into doing this one too. I got to see what they have in mind for a medal. SWEET!!!!!! I have pictures.
I will update when I am done loading the pictures.


Chris said...

Simply awesome, Rae! I think the measure of how awesome this is can be attributed to your handling of adversity. I've read through the various challenges you had along the way, but you kept going and did it! I'm proud and very inspired, can't wait to up our team voice numbers for the half in Jan!

Thanks for sharing the story about the mother in a wheelchair. I tell ya, the older I get, the more emotional I get...if you had the full story I'd probably have to lock myself in my office for a while! ;-)

Chris said...

Oh, and the W.I.S.H folks are from the Disboards community, right? They have like 170k board participants, no wonder why! :-)

I did get a shameless team voice plug in over there on a string a while back....I guess they like me otherwise they'd probably revoke my ID! LOL

Basil said...

Good stuff Rae!! Can't wait for the pics.

DebWDW said...

Congrats on finishing, Rae! I am so excited for you!!!

Joggerblogger said...

Well done from the UK crew :-D

Craig Wheeler said...

...trying to convince my wife to run the princess half -- that way we get an extra trip to WDW!!!

Matt said...

Great Job Rae! We're all so proud of you! And don't worry, there will be plenty of Team Voice shirts in January. I can't wait!

P.Hill said...

Yeah well done Rae. I have been following your efforts for quite a while now. I took a big break from blogging and was very impressed with how much progress you made.

Great stuff :)