Saturday, May 24, 2008

Run ! Mike Run!!!

I hope everyone is having a great, and safe weekend!!!! It is raining here.

Please do not forget to give Mike a shout out. He is going to be running the Buffalo Half tomorrow!!!
I can't wait to here how he does. I will be at work so IM me, and keep me posted!!

How is everyone else doing??

Me well, I must confess I have not done well since the Minnie.I have to get back out there. We can't tonight since there is hard rain, hail thunder , lighting.Plus my gym closes at 8p and I get home at 8:30p. I need a new gym. So I have to get moving again.
Over all just to much drama.

Team Voicers... Pride on 3.... 1....2......3..... Pride!!!!


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Matt said...

PRIDE!!! Haha, That is SO band nerd!!! My HS band did that before a halftime show. Ahh, memories...


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