Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Never Ending Story

Guess what it is doing here? It is raining!!!! Which also brings lighting too. :( I don't know if it is raining where the brush fires are but my yard is enjoying it.

I made it to the gym today.
Program: variety
Time: 30 minutes
H.R. Av. 137, max. 141
Miles: 2.20
calories: 330

up right bike:
20 min.
random hills
level: 6
H.R., 137 max. 141
miles: 6.90
calories: 167

Ab. curl: 80 lbs. x 100
Ab. ext.: 30 lbs. 4 sets of 25
bicep curl no weight: 10 { use to do 40 lbs.}
triceps curl no weight: 10{use to do 30 lbs.}
My right arm with this cursed carpal tunnel did not like me doing those. I will have to talk to my Doctor on what else I can do . :(
Back ext.: 100 lbs. x 100

Tomorrow is our 2 year Anniversary. It is also our first date night. We met over the Internet through my long time friend.We use to talk on the phone,IM and stuff before we met in person. Since then, we have been inseparable. E is my biggest fan. He told me the only reason why he does any of these races is because it is something we can do together. {awe} Since we have been on this journey E has lost 50 pounds. And 2 pants sizes. Me I have lost 10 pounds,and inches, and one pants size. I love him dearly. E helps me stay on track when I get frustrated and I want to quit. We also cheat together. Yep some days we don't get out the door, or we have a big bowl of ice cream. He is my graphic designer for Team Voice. E also opened up a world of Hot Wheels I never knew. And E never knew all the history to the World either.

Happy 2 years Hunny!!!!


Matt said...

Awe! That's sweet. Happy Anniversary Rae and E!!!

It's raining (very hard) here as well. I wish we could send it down to you guys because we do not need it at all!

caballerofan said...

Happy Anniversary. Check your email for a special song.

MikeF. said...

I raise my Chocolate Martini in the air. Salute!

Joggerblogger said...

:-) happy 2 years you guys...E's a guy.

Princess Fee said...

Happy 2 Year Anniversary!! What a lovely story :D

And great training - I had a hard training this morning, very sluggish, but I did it!

Basil said...

Congrats Rae & E!! Happy Anniversary!!!

DebWDW said...

How wonderful you two have each other! Happy Anniversary!