Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Forgot All About It!!!

It has been a few days since my last post. There has been a lot of teen drama going on. And E and I have been moving furniture around. Let me say the cherry wood is heavy. All I did was push no lifting. The hand has been misbehaving the last few days.

As you can see to the right I have only been doing half mile walks. That 's all we can do with all the drama.
Today was a nice quiet Sunday. Then Around 11.30 a I get a im on my BB.
It says Unofficial time for the 10k was 48:20. Holy cats! {with all the drama here, I forgot about all the Team Voicers and the 5k's and 10 k's!!!} It was Mike . Sweet!
Then Mike told me at mile 4 he started to drag a little and then out of no where the song Just Keep swimming pop in and he was off. {see I love that little tune} Then I asked,how was the weather, and why did you drag? Was it hilly?? Mike replied he hit hills at mile 5, and they were there to the finish. Weather was 50 degrees, and he had been nursing the shin splints. Mike also said that his left one started out a bit tight and it did loosen up. He said it took him a minute to actually cross start line.Then I asked if I could post this as a interview, with a picture. So here we are!!!

He attached to the photo can you find the hidden Mickey?? Well can you??
Also I would like to give a shout out to the Princess Fee . She is in Scotland, and she has joined forces of good to do the Princess Half Marathon in 09' Please go over and say hello to her.

Deb ,Chris, And Health great jobs on the 5k's. I hope it helps you out see how you are going to do in the half. So Now "The Voice" when are we going to be cheering you on in a 5k??
I was reading on the forums today that Sambycat registered for the half. Welcome!! I will add you to the list.

Shirt news: We are waiting to hear if they can get the colors for the Team Voice shirts that E wants. Then if they can the template will be made . And I will have a base price for the shirts. I will not be making anything off of them they are just for those who want a shirt.

Team Voice Many Goals,One Voice!!


caballerofan said...

Catching up on blogs here myself. I am soooooo behind. It's all Lisa's fault. Her and that darn cape...(just kidding Lisa)
Am on my way over to the other blog you mentioned.

My thoughts are with you and getting through the teen drama. We have had a couple challenges here that have really been testing my good humor lately.


Thank God for the wonderful world of blogging.

Be sure to write if you ever want to chat outside the blog.

Did you ever get Skype??

Princess Fee said...

Thanks for the mention - and I'm looking forward to helping out as much as I can - and training for the Princess Half will be fun! Fun? Sure it will, we'll all just have to make it fun!

And what a fantastic time for the 10k! WOW! I know my time for yesterday's 10k won't be half as good...should find out pretty soon...will update my blog tonight after work!

Thanks again Rae!

Rae! said...

I didn't even know what skype was till I googled it. I will down load it today.

DebWDW said...

Hey Rae -- thanks so much for your support this year. You are why I was able to complete a 5K! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

MikeF. said...

Damn that guy in the white shirt and blue WDW hat looks sexy!

Chris said...

You have a career in interviewing "Barbara" lol