Saturday, May 31, 2008

Good Bye May 2008

Jeff your are awesome!! You finished the Dam to Dam .2:04:33!! Wanna know why your are awesome,you didn't hit the wall!!!

It may have been last week's show that the guys on AATM were reporting the fry wagon was going to be down in Animal Kingdom? Well I did some research on the fries. The small fries calories count is 230, with a loaded 11 grams of fat. Then the large fries calories count is 500, with a whopping 25 grams of fat. Can you hear your arteries clogging up??? Holy Cats!! Never again.

Shirt news. Team Voicers the set up for the racing shirts are $35.00 per screen color.$4.00 dollars per shirt to print on. Plus the cost of the shirt. And a minimum of 12 shirts. And our running shirts are going to be front and back. We can do the reflective lettering BUT the orange is not the easiest to come by.So we need to pick a color. Any color except bright green.That is W.I.S.H. We have also decided to put the Team Voice Disclaimer on the back of the shirts.I am not looking to make anything off of this. I am making them for the Team.

My answers to the questions I asked a couple days back.
Where are you in your training?? I like where I am in training,but I know I can do better.
What have you learned about yourself in the journey to the race. That I can believe in myself,that I can do what I thought was impossible.
What has been the hardest part for you?? Fighting the mental urge to quit in the middle of a training race walk. Or getting frustrated and wanting to quit the whole entire thing. And I do not knowing I will let Team Voice down.

Remember Change is Coming?
Well the change is coming. And it starts tomorrow. I was on my space looking at some of my friends on there.And one of them were offering on line training. So I applied. And I was accepted!! Holy Cats I can not believe I was accepted. I never get picked for this stuff. My trainer is going to be Isabeau Miller. Does the name sound familiar? It should. She is from season 4 The Biggest Looser. She is expecting alot. And is offering alot for a reasonable price. Check her out. She has already been a big help.And I want to say Thank You!!!!!

So who are you supporting in the Mileage Madness between The Voice and Stroller Boy?? Who do you think is going to be the King of the Hill?? And How long do you think that person will hold the tittle for it?? Stay tuned as the days of the Juneathon Commences!!!

Here we come Juneathon!! Ready or not Team Voice is ready for the next challenge.


caballerofan said...

Rae! as always, thank for your friendship and support. You along with everyone else on Team Voice played a part in getting me to and through this morning.

I liked a quote I heard on the course today.

"never be the tortoise"

But isn't it a bit flawed?
I mean the tortoise wins...

My update has been posted.

DebWDW said...

That is very cool about Isabeau! And it should be interesting to be trained online. My boss did it to train for his first race, and it worked for him.

Re shirts, I'd vote for purple or yellow or gold, but the guys will probably nix it. Anything is fine with me, and I will definitely buy one.

Rae! said...

I was thinking red or blue for color.

Jeff I am the tortoise, And I finished maybe not win but I sure did finish.

Chris said...

I'm partial to that Stroller-guy.... ;-)

Awesome on the training, Rae! You're going to kick some tail, I know it!

Color....dunno, can we take a look at it on-line prior to choosing the color? yeah, those Dis-ers get all the good colors...lime green is my favorite! LOL