Saturday, May 31, 2008

Good Bye May 2008

Jeff your are awesome!! You finished the Dam to Dam .2:04:33!! Wanna know why your are awesome,you didn't hit the wall!!!

It may have been last week's show that the guys on AATM were reporting the fry wagon was going to be down in Animal Kingdom? Well I did some research on the fries. The small fries calories count is 230, with a loaded 11 grams of fat. Then the large fries calories count is 500, with a whopping 25 grams of fat. Can you hear your arteries clogging up??? Holy Cats!! Never again.

Shirt news. Team Voicers the set up for the racing shirts are $35.00 per screen color.$4.00 dollars per shirt to print on. Plus the cost of the shirt. And a minimum of 12 shirts. And our running shirts are going to be front and back. We can do the reflective lettering BUT the orange is not the easiest to come by.So we need to pick a color. Any color except bright green.That is W.I.S.H. We have also decided to put the Team Voice Disclaimer on the back of the shirts.I am not looking to make anything off of this. I am making them for the Team.

My answers to the questions I asked a couple days back.
Where are you in your training?? I like where I am in training,but I know I can do better.
What have you learned about yourself in the journey to the race. That I can believe in myself,that I can do what I thought was impossible.
What has been the hardest part for you?? Fighting the mental urge to quit in the middle of a training race walk. Or getting frustrated and wanting to quit the whole entire thing. And I do not knowing I will let Team Voice down.

Remember Change is Coming?
Well the change is coming. And it starts tomorrow. I was on my space looking at some of my friends on there.And one of them were offering on line training. So I applied. And I was accepted!! Holy Cats I can not believe I was accepted. I never get picked for this stuff. My trainer is going to be Isabeau Miller. Does the name sound familiar? It should. She is from season 4 The Biggest Looser. She is expecting alot. And is offering alot for a reasonable price. Check her out. She has already been a big help.And I want to say Thank You!!!!!

So who are you supporting in the Mileage Madness between The Voice and Stroller Boy?? Who do you think is going to be the King of the Hill?? And How long do you think that person will hold the tittle for it?? Stay tuned as the days of the Juneathon Commences!!!

Here we come Juneathon!! Ready or not Team Voice is ready for the next challenge.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Today Bites

Today at work was just horrible. I was non stop, and I got reprimanded today over trash. Yes I said trash. As in trash in a can. Night shift is being petty and they must not care for the patients to busy worried about the trash cans. OK so if one or two were forgotten about or missed cause I was carrying for a patients needs than trash. Then I was stuck in a couple of rooms,for quite some time and No one was around to help then.I was behind all day. And then the students lied to me today. I got in trouble for that too.

Then I come home to MORE drama!!!!!! Home is suppose to be your quiet place to fall. Not here!!!!
Because of this drama I may not get the chance to do the "change Coming". It is suppose to be really good and I do not want to say since I may not get to do this now. :( When is this crap ever gonna stop!!!!! :(

I will answer the questions that i posted last time. I am not in the right frame of mind to answer them now.
Sorry for the venting!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Change is Coming

Well the tittle is right. And as I get more information I will spill the beans. Hint {It has to do with my training}
Time: 30 minutes
program: variety
HR: Av.140 max 147
{i up the levels to get the HR up}
Miles 2.09
Cal. 244
I will be going to be putting in miles today. I did not get to go out yesterday morning. I woke up with a sore neck. I could not even look to the left for a couple hours. Today much better.
Headed out the door to have a girls day out. I haven't done that in...... well I can't remember.

The last week of this month. Sweet!!! Wanna know what that means?????
We will be half way through the year!! We are half way to the half marathon. Holy Cats!!!
So where are you in training?? What have you learned about yourself on this journey to the race?? What has been the hardest part for you?? Think about it. I will answer the questions a bit later.

Team Voice!!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Congratulations goes out to Mike!!!! Outstanding time!!!!

The Mount Everest Challenge is 50% full!!! Cats!!!! I do not know if we are going to make it for this year. :-/

What a boring day at work. It went soooooooooo slow.
We are getting up in the morning before it gets real hot and put in 6 miles. That way we do not get rained out.

We went to fill some scripts and the darn co pays for them went up!!! It is a fixed rate til October.And they didn't notify anyone at work that they went up. Grrrr....

Have a Happy Holiday. Remember those who put their life on the line for all of us everyday. Those who have past and those that are from from their homes.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Run ! Mike Run!!!

I hope everyone is having a great, and safe weekend!!!! It is raining here.

Please do not forget to give Mike a shout out. He is going to be running the Buffalo Half tomorrow!!!
I can't wait to here how he does. I will be at work so IM me, and keep me posted!!

How is everyone else doing??

Me well, I must confess I have not done well since the Minnie.I have to get back out there. We can't tonight since there is hard rain, hail thunder , lighting.Plus my gym closes at 8p and I get home at 8:30p. I need a new gym. So I have to get moving again.
Over all just to much drama.

Team Voicers... Pride on 3.... 1....2......3..... Pride!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Never Ending Story

Guess what it is doing here? It is raining!!!! Which also brings lighting too. :( I don't know if it is raining where the brush fires are but my yard is enjoying it.

I made it to the gym today.
Program: variety
Time: 30 minutes
H.R. Av. 137, max. 141
Miles: 2.20
calories: 330

up right bike:
20 min.
random hills
level: 6
H.R., 137 max. 141
miles: 6.90
calories: 167

Ab. curl: 80 lbs. x 100
Ab. ext.: 30 lbs. 4 sets of 25
bicep curl no weight: 10 { use to do 40 lbs.}
triceps curl no weight: 10{use to do 30 lbs.}
My right arm with this cursed carpal tunnel did not like me doing those. I will have to talk to my Doctor on what else I can do . :(
Back ext.: 100 lbs. x 100

Tomorrow is our 2 year Anniversary. It is also our first date night. We met over the Internet through my long time friend.We use to talk on the phone,IM and stuff before we met in person. Since then, we have been inseparable. E is my biggest fan. He told me the only reason why he does any of these races is because it is something we can do together. {awe} Since we have been on this journey E has lost 50 pounds. And 2 pants sizes. Me I have lost 10 pounds,and inches, and one pants size. I love him dearly. E helps me stay on track when I get frustrated and I want to quit. We also cheat together. Yep some days we don't get out the door, or we have a big bowl of ice cream. He is my graphic designer for Team Voice. E also opened up a world of Hot Wheels I never knew. And E never knew all the history to the World either.

Happy 2 years Hunny!!!!

Off Track A Little

I have not being doing a hole lot of training outside. The air quality here has been very bad. The brush fires are just burning up everything and smoke everywhere. No rain. Even our yard is turning yellow. :(
So With that and all the teen drama lately I just haven't been to the gym or anything. I am doing my best to get moving but I am finding it hard too. I do not know why but I am.

I haven't been over eating. That hasn't been the issue. I have really been doing good on that. I am going to have to bite the bullet and get on the tread mill.

I have been working on the Juneathon Challenge. Oh yes, those of you that have earned the frames, I will be mailing those out this week. I am sorry for taking so long. I had to put things in priority, while I was on medical leave.

Please don't forget Mike is going to be doing the Half this weekend. And Jeff is coming up on the Dam to Dam. Mat did you find a race??

We got our first Blu ray movie today.We were going to get The National Treasure 2 but ended up with the first one. Love the blu ray.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Forgot All About It!!!

It has been a few days since my last post. There has been a lot of teen drama going on. And E and I have been moving furniture around. Let me say the cherry wood is heavy. All I did was push no lifting. The hand has been misbehaving the last few days.

As you can see to the right I have only been doing half mile walks. That 's all we can do with all the drama.
Today was a nice quiet Sunday. Then Around 11.30 a I get a im on my BB.
It says Unofficial time for the 10k was 48:20. Holy cats! {with all the drama here, I forgot about all the Team Voicers and the 5k's and 10 k's!!!} It was Mike . Sweet!
Then Mike told me at mile 4 he started to drag a little and then out of no where the song Just Keep swimming pop in and he was off. {see I love that little tune} Then I asked,how was the weather, and why did you drag? Was it hilly?? Mike replied he hit hills at mile 5, and they were there to the finish. Weather was 50 degrees, and he had been nursing the shin splints. Mike also said that his left one started out a bit tight and it did loosen up. He said it took him a minute to actually cross start line.Then I asked if I could post this as a interview, with a picture. So here we are!!!

He attached to the photo can you find the hidden Mickey?? Well can you??
Also I would like to give a shout out to the Princess Fee . She is in Scotland, and she has joined forces of good to do the Princess Half Marathon in 09' Please go over and say hello to her.

Deb ,Chris, And Health great jobs on the 5k's. I hope it helps you out see how you are going to do in the half. So Now "The Voice" when are we going to be cheering you on in a 5k??
I was reading on the forums today that Sambycat registered for the half. Welcome!! I will add you to the list.

Shirt news: We are waiting to hear if they can get the colors for the Team Voice shirts that E wants. Then if they can the template will be made . And I will have a base price for the shirts. I will not be making anything off of them they are just for those who want a shirt.

Team Voice Many Goals,One Voice!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

All In A Day

Team Voice Disclaimer

May cause sudden loss of weight. Purchase of smaller clothing, new friends who you never have met but will support you through and through, blogging, and self confidence.
Please consult your dedication to running and Disney before trying!

Side Effects:
There maybe some side effects that may include, higher stamina, better self image, an occasional neurotic need to sing, whistle, or other wise hum “ One Little Spark”.

You may be penalized for excessive celebrating when you finish a Disney race.

Agree to all the terms stated above, you may be a Team Voice member.

Team Voice Marathon Management Team
Many Goals, One Voice

How do you like it?? It is the Tam Voice Disclaimer. We are thinking about putting this on the back of the running shirts.

I updated my miles and I have to add some more miles to the year of a million miles.
Work in the am. :(

Yes we do have a couple of new members. One is Paul Berry,from Window to The Magic. He is going to let me know where to put up the thread for Team Voice in the forums. He is planning to walk the Disneyland 5k next year. Gee that's cool we are planning to go over and do the half in 09'. Great!! Not the 5k?? I can do the 5k. Great!!!!! So we will be going to Disneyland next year. Sweet!!! I have never been there. Ever. Then from Magical Mountain we have Nathan Rose's Brother who is doing the TOT this year. Sweet!!! We have thread's in their forums.

We are growing.

I thought I would invite those of you who are going to be in the World during the MGE to go to our Grand Gathering. You do not have to, but you can if you want too. I am not twisting your arm too. We have a group big enough to go, I was trying to be friendly. Everyone in the group want to do the Safari one, and I was looking to do it on the Saturday 10/25, or 10/26. Even thought that is the one we have planned for the half.

Mike I like the shirt you made!!! Wear it with Pride!!!!!

Training front: 2.50 miles,41.45 we did it for the time not the miles. I have started a strength program to build endurance, and I will be doing that every morning.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How Are Things??

Not a lot going on here.
I am waiting for a call back form Grand Gatherings about a few questions. I have noticed that quite a few of us are going to be the World in October when the MGE is going on. We are going to be having a Grand Gathering. Not the same one as in Jan.09. I am waiting to hear from a few people and I will set the date. right now we are up to 13 people for October. And depending on the time for the one in Jan.09, we are up to 2o people.

Training I have been looking for a new gym. I haven't quit the one I have now but I am looking for one that will be open later on weekends and have a pool.
Walking, just a half mile here and there.

Too much drama going on to focus at the moment. :(

BTW... We may have some new Members!!! Update later!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sunday The 15k

I am going to jump over to the race. Before I do that I want to let everyone know that for the Marathon trip for everyone, we were talking about a Grand Gathering. I have spoke to Grand Gathering and we can book in July which is 180 days out. I have put put a post in dis friends and on My Space. I put the link up in the boards too.
Here is the link. I was thinking Sunday evening so those who are in the full can come too. I need in put please.

Saturday evening we left the parks early after the flag retrieval . we went to publix and had subs for dinner. Eric and I went Back to the park to see the fire works,and we just ended up riding the monorail. We put our bib numbers on our shirts and had everything set out. I had the room alarm set for 4a, and my phone set 4a and a wake up call set for 4:30 a. I wanted to make sure we would get up. I got up I had breakfast. I had a protein breakfast. Oatmeal with a tbsp of peanut butter and a glass of OJ. I drank water and I carried a bottle of G2 with me to have while waiting for the race to start.

The Picture to the right is the view of the Butterfly parking lot from when we got off the bus coming from Epcot. This is at 5:20a in the morning. While we are walking over to the line up you can hear the Dj playing 80's music. {so funny}

This is me And E. This is at 5 something in the morning. Before the race. And there was tons of port a potties. I had to use only once before the race started. while waiting around they are announcing the time and when to line up and who is to line up in front and everything like that. And it is marked.

The picture to the right is in line up. As you can kinda see I am in the back that is marked walkers. If you look you can see the banner to the start line. This camera I was using is very slow and the zoom was not the best. They played the National Anthem,and then Minnie came out to start the race off. The wheel chairs went first.

This picture is the official start of the race. They had fire works and Minne was there the whole time. It took us 3 minutes to cross the start line. when you hear the chip check in you are on the clock.

The picture to the right is the first conner in the parking lot of Ak. You can't see it but Mt. Everest is in the background.

This picture to the left everyone should know where this is and this is just before mile 5 in the Minnie on the main road into the parks. People were driving by and honking and some were pulling over and cheering, and we saw our family driving in. This is just before the last major over pass headed into Hollywood Studios. All I could think at this point is I am really doing this!!! And do you know how many times I have drove up and down this road in the last 2 years!!! And I was thinking also so this is why it is so bumpy here. LOL :) Holy Cats!!!!

The picture to the right is us in HS. This is done by there photographers. I am waiting on my photo cd.

Here we are getting ready to leave HS. We are coming up on mile 7.

The picture to the right is the walk way between HS and the Boardwalk to Epcot. It was so beautiful this morning. I didn't know this was there. I haven't stayed in the resorts near here yet. Now when we went through here coming into Epcot this will be mile 8. There were Cm's out yelling welcome to Epcot you have 1.3 miles to go!!!!

We are now in front of The Americana.This is the view we had that morning.Just so pretty but us in the park.

Here is another picture e took this one. I hope you all realize I am no small person .I am a pooh size person too. If I can do this so can everyone in Team Voice.

If we didn't stop to take this picture at the mile 9 we would have shaved off another minute and a half. I was so excited I had too!!!
I couldn't believe I made it!!!

The picture to the right is in the last .3 we had to do.

Here we come!!!!

Pictures to the here we are crossing the finish line!!!!
Holy Cats we finished!!!!!

Holy Cats!!!! 2:25:24!!!!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Trip Report #1

First off I have to let everyone know that today is Frogger Jogger"s 16th birthday.

On to the trip report with pictures!!!! I am going to start on Friday when we went to the Wide World Of Sports.

After we found a place to park.We saw this sitting in the middle of the walk way. They were so busy. I forgot that this was the weekend they were doing the Disney Channel All Star Competition. We had just missed Ms. Montana. She wasn't not going to be at the red carpet review on Saturday since she had taken that picture and Disney World did not like it.

Radio Disney is going to be there on Saturday too.

The one thing they could have told us in the final race instructions to go to the Milk House in the Wide World of Sports. This will be were we will be picking up the half marathon packets.

When you walk in you will see all different sports stars pictures on the walls and they have a milk mustache. As you walk in you can walk over and to this rail and look down on to the expo.

They had speakers and all kinds of things to buy and look at. Packet pick up is in the back. While walking around there is a table set up and it had all the different races that Disney does. And the medals. This was the last Minnie Marathon weekend. It is being replaced. It will be replaced with a Princess Half Marathon that will be in March. And it will be gear toward women like the Minnie. There will be a 5k and kids races too.

Here are the Minnie Medals. This my Minnie shirt that was in my packet. I just happen to get 2 since they are not made for men. :)

And that was packet pick up. I was so excited I was getting a sour stomach. It didn't take every long to do. While we were there the one speaker was was giving tips on how to drink while running. When you get your cup she said pinch the top together in the center, and you will have a funnel like sides and drink out of it from the funnel that way you do not spill the water all over you. It works!!!! We both did it in the run!!!!

Until tomorrow.....I will do more trip report, and pictures!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Still Sore

My legs are still sore!!
I have on my Teds today. My calves were so swollen. Teds are support stockings to promote circulation, and reduce swelling. I have been stretching.

For the Team Voice Challenge for May is the 15 days of 30 minutes. Jonathan's challenge.

During the race we saw some people dressed up and some people going to the bathroom in the bushes and some not even going to the bushes. A lot of walkers in this race. we also noticed a man with a hiking child pack on his back. And he had his daughter in it. They had on a team bib. We both thought that was cool. He was doing intervals, and finished a few minutes before we did. Then we saw him getting emotional, as he ran to this beautiful woman, who was also in tears. The woman was his wife and the Mother of the daughter he was carrying in the race. It was emotional to wittiness since the mother was totally wheel chair bound. I didn't have any of my Tam Voice cards on me.I wanted to tell their story, in full and I am praying for them. I do hope I see them again in other Disney races.I will make sure I get them a card.

There was tons of W.I.S.H. shirts out their and only 2 Team Voice. Hey it's a start. I am working on down loading the pictures to tell my story on the run.

Lori you lucky girl you!!! She got to ride Toy Story Mania. ;)

I want to give out a huge THANK YOU !!!! Why? Because of all the support and inspiration from everyone . It has been a long trip for me,one year and 6 months and Still a long road to travel to the 2009 half.

As of right now after my time from this race , I will be able to finish the half in 3.5 hours. I want to shave off that half hour. That's race walking for me. So I need to work harder on loosing more weight to get faster.

I want ti bid the Minnie Marathon a farewell .For it will no longer be a race. And it opens a new door to a new race. The Princess Half Marathon. March 2009 And registration should have opened yesterday for it. Well I am going to be looking into doing this one too. I got to see what they have in mind for a medal. SWEET!!!!!! I have pictures.
I will update when I am done loading the pictures.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I Finshed!!

I did it! OMGosh!

What a beautiful day!
9t time for 9.3 miles with a lot of over passes and all. Ready for it !!

2:24!! All walking!

On my blackberry!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Race Is Here!

Just a quick hi and the race is in the morning!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!
I have my stuff ready,my bib number on my running shirt,my chip on my shoe, my protein breakfast ready to make in the morning.

My Mother will have my phone on her and when we finish the race I will get it from her and tell everyone all about it!!!!

Next year there will be a Princess Half Marathon. The Minnie is forever gone. It looks like I will be doing that half too. :)

I have a mess of pictures to share. It is going to be cool in the morning. 65-68. So butterfly parking lot here we come!!!!

Team Voice Many Goals, One Voice!!!!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Can't Believe It!!!

Hello all from the Kingdom.

I was suppose to be at work. My car broke down this morning. What a mess that was. I had to call in to work so I could get the car towed home and fixed. The starter was froze up. I didn't get home till 1p. E came in and then we just went and picked up the rental and kids and now we are here.

I have not done any walking lately, I feel that I may have been over doing it a bit. So the walking begins in the am.

I can not believe we are really here. And the race is Sunday. WoW!!!!!!

Packet pick up is in the morning. :)

Well gotta run and catch up with everyone for dinner!!!!

Team Voice,Many Goals,One Voice!!!!