Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sportin New Trainers

I want to apologize for being a sour puss yesterday but that is how I felt.

These are my new trainers. Same as before. I have my ING laces in them.

I went to the running shop today.I love my Runner's Depot. We walked in to the shop I asked about the shoes being broken down, as is that why my feet and calf muscles were hurting. Yes!!! The store we normally go to were out of my size.So they called the other store and they had them. They were going to ship them over,but we just went to get them I need them. Scott was there{Hi Scott} and made me walk in them and my feet were screaming oh yes new trainers! There is a group of them at Runner's Depot that will be doing the Goofy next year.

Well here we are tomorrow is the last day before we head out to WDW. I am so excited. I found my gym not to far away so I can keep up my cardio workouts.
Training today:
Dread mill: 30 minutes,incline .5 1.78 miles,cal.233.
Bike : random hills,level 6, 20 minutes,6.17 miles,cal. 285
protor: intervals:30 minutes,I upped the Resistance, 2.09 miles,cal. 309.
points today 26.
Made a recovery protein shake.

I have noticed how everyone has tried to rename this month the month of A million miles. What if we take the total of everyone's miles from each month and keep a running total for the year. So we would name it The Year of A Million Miles. what do you think??since Jan. of 08 and track it through Dec 08.
This is a picture of the Team Voice shirt we made off the computer using the shirt Iron on Paper.This is what they are going to look like for this Sunday. E and I will be wearing the running material ones. It is the iron on paper you can but in the stores and use on your home pc. Everyone in my group is going to be wearing one.So you will not miss us at the race. My Mom wants to make a poster board to hold up!!!! LOL :)

We counted down the time at a 15 minute mile pace.2:30 is what I have to do the 15k in to keep from getting picked up. I am just nervous, and my muscles decided to crazy before a race. I plan on just having fun and I plan on crossing the finish line even if I am the last one!!! So be it!!! I am crossing it!!! :)


Matt said...

You weren't a sour puss. You had a bad day, like we all do. No Worries!

I like the Year of a Million Miles idea. I think we should figure out everyones miles from Jan to now, then post them on the fourms, then just update it as more miles come in. I think it's great and would keep us motivated.

Good Luck with the Race and have fun at the world!

DebWDW said...

I love the Year of a Million Miles, but that's a lot of math!! I hope you have a supercalifragilistic time at the race!!

Joggerblogger said...

Millions Miles it is - Let me know how you want the totals :-)

Good luck for the weekend! and remember to get some miles in the new trainers before you head out for the main event.

MikeF. said...

Love the mileage idea. Good luck this weekend.

Rae! said...

JB I am putting miles on those new trainers. Last night I put 9.94 miles and today I plan on putting on another 6. And I am wearing them to work tomorrow,so that will be at least 9-12 miles. Oh yes and the cross training from today too!!!

Joggerblogger said...

Cool! didn't want any blister action catching you out.

Have a great time!

Chris said...

Yeah, but "YoMM" doesn't go as well in jokes as "MoMM" (as in, love MoMM, hate MoMM....), but hey, I'll try anything once! ;-) Which got me a court summons when I was 18, but that's a whole other story (don't worry, nothing dirty! :-))

Get them a shoes a workin'! You've got yourself a 15k to finish, and finish you will! (Bring a taser just in case they try to pick you up, though....that'll keep 'em off ya!) Weird mood today, sorry for the strange post!