Monday, April 28, 2008

I Wasn't Nice

Good morning. Work was really busy for a Sunday.Then get home and put some time and miles in.
We started out good and then my calf muscles just tightened up so bad I was hurting. But I kept going. They didn't loosen up till miles 3 of 4.3 got mad since my gym wasn't open on the weekends when I need I missed two days of of cardio. My time for the four miles was 1:10! Now I am mad and I was not going to go run this race.I feel I will not make it. I feel my legs are going to cause me pain to get swept.
Then I am reading everyone's blog trying to catch up, sitting here at work on a one on one case,I can't quit. I need to go have my shoes looked at and if I need new ones get them. My shoes could be broken down on the inside.
Plus other things are not woking out as planned for this trip is playing a toll on me too. And the drama. When someone ask you to make the ADR's for the trip and then you can't get a hold of them,till the last minute and can not get any thing set for what we want. now for the rest of us who do not get to see each other on a daily basis just feel left out. I am glad we are still able to go on this trip. I would not have been able to if I did not get back to work for 2 days last week. And I have a great Boss.
So if it wasn't for the meet on Sunday were a couple people want to meet me,for being a supportive person I would not go this weekend.
I know I sound upset I am. but I am still going and I am going to be in the race even if I get. Swept. I am going to have a blast!


Matt said...

You'll do fine Rae. We have faith in you.

Craig Wheeler said...

We all have our bad days. Pick back up tomorrow and I'm sure you'll do fine.

I am visiting our Canadian offices this week, and one of the HR people here is a running coach. We had this conversation today. Some days you have a terrible day and feel like hanging it up for a while, but the next day you go out and feel great and remember why you are doing it.

Keep your chin up. You'll do great!

caballerofan said...

Rae, You can do this. Tomorrow is another chance to go out there and prove it.

Are you getting plenty of streaching in?

What gym do you belong to that's not open on weekends? That just sounds wrong.

Best wishes and tell E he owes you a calf massage.

DisHippy said...

Hey, I know I haven't been around lately, I just got laid off. I know, pretty lame huh. But I know I will find something better and be a lot happier. Try not to let one bad day get you down. I mean really, your going to see mickey mouse! You will do fine in the race, and if you start getting wore out or something like that, just think of Dorey. Just keep running, Just keep running, Just keep running running running.

Chris said...

Exactly what the other folks have said, keep your head up! The one thing I admire about athletes is their short term memory. Have a good day, great, enjoy and put it behind you. Have a bad day, learn whatever lesson, and put it behind you! Short term memory, long range goals/thinking!

MikeF. said...


Basil said...

One of my favorite sayings is, "A bad day of fishing beats a good day at work." Just remember...even if the race doesn't go as well as you would're in Disney World!!! For those of us that only get there once a year, or once every two years, we are green with envy. Now pick your head up and get your butt back out there!!!