Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sportin New Trainers

I want to apologize for being a sour puss yesterday but that is how I felt.

These are my new trainers. Same as before. I have my ING laces in them.

I went to the running shop today.I love my Runner's Depot. We walked in to the shop I asked about the shoes being broken down, as is that why my feet and calf muscles were hurting. Yes!!! The store we normally go to were out of my size.So they called the other store and they had them. They were going to ship them over,but we just went to get them I need them. Scott was there{Hi Scott} and made me walk in them and my feet were screaming oh yes new trainers! There is a group of them at Runner's Depot that will be doing the Goofy next year.

Well here we are tomorrow is the last day before we head out to WDW. I am so excited. I found my gym not to far away so I can keep up my cardio workouts.
Training today:
Dread mill: 30 minutes,incline .5 1.78 miles,cal.233.
Bike : random hills,level 6, 20 minutes,6.17 miles,cal. 285
protor: intervals:30 minutes,I upped the Resistance, 2.09 miles,cal. 309.
points today 26.
Made a recovery protein shake.

I have noticed how everyone has tried to rename this month the month of A million miles. What if we take the total of everyone's miles from each month and keep a running total for the year. So we would name it The Year of A Million Miles. what do you think??since Jan. of 08 and track it through Dec 08.
This is a picture of the Team Voice shirt we made off the computer using the shirt Iron on Paper.This is what they are going to look like for this Sunday. E and I will be wearing the running material ones. It is the iron on paper you can but in the stores and use on your home pc. Everyone in my group is going to be wearing one.So you will not miss us at the race. My Mom wants to make a poster board to hold up!!!! LOL :)

We counted down the time at a 15 minute mile pace.2:30 is what I have to do the 15k in to keep from getting picked up. I am just nervous, and my muscles decided to crazy before a race. I plan on just having fun and I plan on crossing the finish line even if I am the last one!!! So be it!!! I am crossing it!!! :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

I Wasn't Nice

Good morning. Work was really busy for a Sunday.Then get home and put some time and miles in.
We started out good and then my calf muscles just tightened up so bad I was hurting. But I kept going. They didn't loosen up till miles 3 of 4.3 got mad since my gym wasn't open on the weekends when I need it.so I missed two days of of cardio. My time for the four miles was 1:10! Now I am mad and I was not going to go run this race.I feel I will not make it. I feel my legs are going to cause me pain to get swept.
Then I am reading everyone's blog trying to catch up, sitting here at work on a one on one case,I can't quit. I need to go have my shoes looked at and if I need new ones get them. My shoes could be broken down on the inside.
Plus other things are not woking out as planned for this trip is playing a toll on me too. And the drama. When someone ask you to make the ADR's for the trip and then you can't get a hold of them,till the last minute and can not get any thing set for what we want. Communacation.so now for the rest of us who do not get to see each other on a daily basis just feel left out. I am glad we are still able to go on this trip. I would not have been able to if I did not get back to work for 2 days last week. And I have a great Boss.
So if it wasn't for the meet on Sunday were a couple people want to meet me,for being a supportive person I would not go this weekend.
I know I sound upset I am. but I am still going and I am going to be in the race even if I get. Swept. I am going to have a blast!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Friday morning we got up to go to the gym at 5a, but we decided not to.I was having pain in the left calf. So Friday became a rest day. Plus I worked, and walked. I just didn't want to have an injury in a race again. A.K.A. tot 13k.
I want this bad. Bad enough that this is all I do.
We are just 6 days out. Man I can't wait! We decided to rent a car. I will be cheaper to rent one than drive the Mustang. The Mustang I can only put high test in it, and it is running $ 3.99 -$4.09 a gallon here. So the rental we will have to fill once. Mine will let's just say it would be really high. So far the weather out look is going to be really really nice for this trip. Like 68 in the mornings and A high to 80-85. I will be watching the weather. I have been so picky on everything. At work they bought pizza for everyone and I said no!!! OMGosh.... I said NO to pizza?! Yep I sure did. I carry my lunch to track points. They tried like all to get me to have some but I held to my guns. :)
My arm is behaving. I still find it hard to mess with papers and small stuff like that.

Just a half mile today. Points 26.
Well gotta run work in the am!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Made It !!

Well made it through the first day back. Whew!

Got up at 4:30a to get moving around and we were in the gym by 5a. I did 20 minutes on the precor,intervals,1.47 miles.
Made it through a 12 hour shift, came home, and did a 2.0miles in 31.22 minutes. Head wind of 5-7 .
Points today are 24. No sit ups. I will try to do this again tomorrow. My gym closes early tomorrow, and opens later on weekends. :( We will figure out something.

I have to keep this short and Get to bed and do it all over again tomorrow.
I do hope everyone is doing well, and thanks for the support!!!! :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Getting Back Into The Swing.....

Real quick....

star Trac
30 minutes random hils,lvl. 5
.80 miles,105 cal
30 minutes
intervals, 2.17 miles
cal. 305
points today: 26

Back to work in the morning.I hope all goes well.

Ok for the Team Voice Running shirts,the plan is having some made at our local running shop.The Miami Sports Shop. They can get the road cone orange shirts, and the reflective lettering. we have not gone down and made it official. I do know that we will have to buy some of them up front. Fee to set up the template. So as soon I get back into the swing of things that will be first on my list to get done.Also mail out the frames. :)

The goal for in the morning is to get up and be at the gym when they open at 5a. Do a half hour of cardio and then back here and shower and get ready to go to work. Then in the evening, just do 4 miles.

Boss thank you for working with me with next week's schedule. :)
I am so excited to do the race!!!! I know I can do the mileage it is just the making the time I am worried about.
Ok gotta go...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I am So Excited!!!!

Training today went well in the gym.I did the precor for 1 hour on intervals. 4.25 miles,cal. 575,HR. 125-135. Now E and I plan on doing the 6 miler today at race walking speed.
I am truly worried that I am going to get swepted. I can tell with training and the time. It's a gut feeling. :(

I have finally got complete clearance from my Doctors and I will be returning to work. I am hoping for Thursday as a matter of fact.Then comes the fun part, getting the days off for the race. My Boss is pretty cool.Hi Boss. :) So that means on certain days of the week I will not be on the boards or blogs until later in the evening. Just three days a week,12 hours daily, and torture!!!!! lol So that means I need to get up at 5a,get to the gym, and do a half hour cardio, get back shower and be at work by 7a. The hard part is finding balance with meals. dinner is the hardest one. I don't like to eat late, but I am starving when I get off of work in the evening. Then get home, change clothes and hit the pavement!!!! Man... finding balance will be tricky.

So I am kicking my own rear end in to high gear here and work as hard as I can to finish this 15k on May 4th. I have already started to pack,planning out what we are bringing. H2o, can never have enough of that. G2 for the balance. Snacks,and stuff so we do not over due on eating at WDW!!!!!
Taking the ole laptop{Simon} and keep everyone posted. I am so excited I can't stand myself!!! well I didn't shower yet after the gym either,I just started typing. LOL stinky!!!
Then after this is all said and done, we have to start planning for October. That is going to be our vacation time at ...... take a guess and the first three do not count!!! YEP WDW!!! JB tot13 k again???
Well we will be doing the Mt Everest Challenge but that is just a weekend thing.

Well go to go up date later, got to find some red running shorts!!!

If you look to the right, you will see the new link to Shirt Shop. I am still working on how to get the darn thing to run both Logo's not just the one. And it will not let me up load some either so this is what it would do.

Training update: HOLY CATS!!!!!
We did a 6.1 miler in 1:32:29!!!! Can you believe it!! I was having a hard time with the time!!! SWEET!!!!!!!! I was in such disbelief, yep even the Garmin agrees. HOLY CATS!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Rest is Good

I won't pull the video, but I will be marking it private so it won't be available soon.
I just got back form dropping my Mom off at the train station, We will be seeing her again in a week and a half.
We did 2 miles in the rain yesterday evening. 33 minutes. Little slower than normal. I was worried I would slip, and my lower calf muscles were so tight that I felt like I had on Frankenstein's boots!!!
So this morning, I went to the gym. Not as early as I wanted to but it was before 7a. Hey it's a start.
intervals, 30 min.
high cross ramp 10, resistance 8
low cross ramp 4,resistance 2
miles 2.17, h.r. 125-135
cal. 304

Star Trac random Hills 15 min.
lvl. 5, 7.5 min. pushing, 7.5 min. pulling arm a little sore
miles:.30, h.r. 118-125
points yesterday:26

I plan on going back later to do that again. No miles outside today resting.
By Jeff's chart I did between the Louie and the Daisy on the ten miles.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!

Precor: intervals,same as above, except for the time. 45 minutes. 3.20 miles.
Points today: 24
I am going to try to get up in the am again a bit earlier.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

What Do You Think??

OK well this is my first attempt at this, and some of the pictures would not clean up.
Working on the Cafe Press shirt Logos right now!!! The Orange shirts for the race we are still working with the running shop.And I may have some news for sponsorship. :)

Here is a person best for the both of us.
10.2 miles in 2:44:18 The last mile and a half was really hard but we did it.
I think we worked out the bugs for the video above.

Happy Weekend.....

Well since E fell asleep on me last night,my Mom walked with me around the block twice. That's a mile. :)

Points: 26
Sit ups:0

E has planed for us the long miles not sure if it is the 9 miles or 13.When we get done with it I will update.

What a nice day today. sunny, breezy, not to hot.....


This is actually Monday night, but it works!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Wrestling Night

Hi all just a quick hi and I will post time and miles a bit later.
WWE is on and I can blame that on my BFF.!!! Hi Hot Mama!!!

I will have to go back to the Doctors and see what I can do to workout with them to let me back to work full duty or I will be loosing my career at my job.:( I have three weeks to to get it together.{hi Boss} :) Unless the Boss will cross train me at the desk. :)

We will put the Team Voice Logo up in Cafe Press tonight!!!
Promise Mike!!! Promise.{ Mike E fell asleep on me!!!! I am so sorry!!!!

Everyone head on over and welcome Chris to blogging world.http://blognrightalong.blogspot.com/ . Now can get after him and his wife for training and mileage!!!!! 2010 half. I will be planning on the full 2010 or the Goofy we will see. Crazy I know.

Gotta run!!! The Undertaker!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just Keep Swimming...

Went to the Doctor's today. I am released to go back to work.This Doctor said not till Monday. Ok. So tomorrow is D-day at work for me.

Miles:.50 yesterday
points: 28
sit ups: 10
I haven't done any lately. We are going to do the 6 miles later.{10k} The arm has been painful today, so I hope I will keep pace.

I haven't had any word from the rest of the family for ADR'S. Look the clock is ticking away.
I know the Animal Kingdom 10th Ann. is coming up next week. There is just no way I will be able to go. All have fun, take pictures and Audio for the show!!!!! :(

Team Voice :
I will be done with the shirts we will be wearing at the 15k tonight, and I believe I will have the Logo up on Cafe Press.I will let everyone know!!!
How is everyone doing on the challenge?? Good?? Bad?? None at all?? WDW 24/7 Chris completed a 5k last weekend. Anyone else in a 5k??


I will update after the run/walk.
Up date ,we did 6.12 miles in 1:29:26!!!! Nice!!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Run Team Voice !! Run!!!

It is cold here in S.FL. Really it is. The high today is 63 degrees but the wind is making it feel real cold. We are in a low spot. The wind is reaching 20-25 mph today too.

Ok we mapped out some new training trails. We have a 10k, 13k, 15k, and the half mapped out. I am trying to figure out how to get the map on my blog.{sigh}
Yesterday was a rest day. We walked around the block.That is a half mile.When E gets in this evening we plan on doing the 2 mile running intervals. E has been running them and I have been trying to keep up,I have noticed I am getting faster. :)

The one Doctor is releasing me back to work. BUT{always} with a weight limited. I do not think I will be going back to work.I have to released totally. Then I go see the other Doctor tomorrow. I am in the market for a new job. I have a feeling this will not last. :( I love what I do, But I am hearing that they rewrote the grid,and I do not think I will last. I will try like you know what.My job is more physical.

Tonight is the last Biggest Looser, I can't wait. I do not watch much T.V., but I watch this.

Miles: .50
sit ups: 0
Points 28

In the picture above can you tell where we are??
Hint it is not where you think we are...... :)
The Minnie 5k and 15k are 95% full!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Breezy Sunday Jog

Just a quick THANK YOU to whom ever put my id on my car. :)
Training: 4 miles
sit ups none.

A return to the doctor in the afternoon,possible return to work,and then clearance from the other doctor later in the week. I maybe back to work soon!
Very windy here and it is suppose to get really windy as the next few days go.And cool off. In the am it is suppose to be 58 degrees high of 75-78 degrees and then on Wednesday a brisk 49!!!! It is very possible to be chilly for the race in the early Am.

Have a great Monday!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

What A Weiner !

Good early morning.
I have been out looking for my id. I dropped it along my way training this evening. Now it is early morning. I set out to do 8 miles,well when I realized I lost my id I stopped and started looking for it.No luck finding it. :(
Miles : 7.5 in 1:36:21.
Points 24
sit ups 0
I am so bummed out now. if whom ever found it returns it. Otherwise I have to go get a new one.
I listened to the show.It was a good show. I just wished they would have told me somethings were changed.:( I didn't know they were going to put my call in in the intro. That was cool.

I am going to bed now, I feel tardy for loosing my id.

BTW go say hi to the Phat Disney Geek!!!! Congrats to you Byron and you lovely wife!!
Happy belated birthday too!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday AATM!!!!!

These are the Disney Cars E collects, just some of what is in the Hot Wheels room/office.

Quick update:
training miles 2.0 29:07:14 my best yet!!!! And I thought I was doing so bad but when we were done and I looked at mt Gamin WOW!!! Then a quick .50 stroll.
sit ups 50,points 26.

I was sitting in the living room chatting with my Mom and My Daughter comes strolling in with this box. At first I thought it was for E, he trades Hot Wheels with his friend in Texas.No not for E she said it was for me. Then I saw who it was from. Thanks Mike!!!! It was from Mike, a Hot Wheels and a couple of Cars. Sweet!!!! THANK you so much They go with the collection!!!!

Team Voice News those who won the frames I will be mailing them next week, and I will let everyone know. :)

Tomorrow We will be doing the 8 miles. If I feel good at the end I may shoot for Donald's.

Team Voice, Many Goals One Voice!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hey Look a Castle

Hey everybody did you see that Jeff over at the Snowy Tundra has left the 200's behind!!! Great job!!! So does that mean during the half I am buying rounds??? I am last one in on that challenge. :)

So I didn't blog yesterday. Busy with the teens yesterday.{sigh}
But that doesn't mean that I didn't put in mileage. ,50 is better than none. And 20 sit ups.Points 24.
I am so hungry all the time again. I am eating around the clock and cut off time is 8p. Training tonight is going to be late but I will be getting one in. We have to go pick up my Mom from the train station this evening and an appt, later than that.

Oh no I just realized we forgot to buy a birthday card!!!!

As everyone read in my blog yesterday we will be having a Team Voice meet in May. I know everyone would love to be there,I will think about everyone. I just realized that it will still be Garden fest at Epcot, so all the pictures I lost from the last trip I can retake!!!

So how are you doing??

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Minnie is Coming Up

Since it is actually Wednesday Good Morning!!!

We did the intervals tonight. E was running tonight, and of course I will try to keep up. Since he was running, I wasn't making the full intervals running, my breathing was taking over and it was really hard to control. But that is how we did it. So the 2 miles tonight was 30:25:44.Then we walked a half mile for a cool down. SWEET!!!! My thighs are sore and I will be paying for it later. So for today's training I am going to cross train and no running today. Maybe I will just walk a half mile. I did 50 sit ups. points 21.

Did anyone watch the Biggest Looser?? Holy Cats it was good!!!! I am hoping the Ali wins!!!!

We are set for the Minnie Marathon Weekend. We are staying off site,Finishing up setting ADR's.

Team Voice who are there, we will be meeting on Sunday May 4th 1pm in the Land at Season's.We will fast pass Soarin, and then have a light lunch.
You will not be able to miss me I will be wearing A Team Voice shirt. My whole group will be on Sunday. As soon as we are down with them I will post it.

I am shooting for Liberty Tree Tavern, and Mom's Kitchen. E and I want to do Mom's on Sunday, that is going to be our Mother's Day for all the Mom's in our family group.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Monday !!!!

Hello all!!!

Back from training.
We did intervals tonight.we had to wait for the thunder storm.I had turned on my AATM and I just started running. Not fast but I was running. E had to speed walk.I am still to slow to run with him. When I listen to the pod cast I have to remember not to stop and laugh or comment while running,messes up my train of thought. LOL
2 miles @ 29:09:29!!!! Then we walked another half mile.
OMGosh!!!!! That is awesome!!! Now E said we are going to do intervals of walking and running.And he was come on you can do this and I just kept going. SWEET!!!! I have to say it was really hard towards then end, my breathing was off and it is so humid right now man. The rest of the week intervals, and then Saturday is going to big the 8 miles. Then we will add on another mile next week.
sit ups 40.
Points 28, little high tonight I had pasta. And I am back at being hungry all the time again. I have been eating o point soups too. :)

Deb thank you for the kick in the butt today. :)
So tomorrow I will listen to more of the show.I made to where they just introduced Deb.
JB WWE {raw} is going to be in your neck of the woods!!!!


Sunday, April 6, 2008


What a boring day. Rain... Rain... Rain... lots of thunder, and lighting.
points 24
sit up 20
miles 0

OOPs no miles darn. I will not walk on a TM!!

So how was your day??


Sleepless In Florida...

Good early Sunday morning. This is actually for Saturday. I am up can't sleep.

Friday we just walked around the block and did a half mile.No sit ups.
Saturday 3.5 miles in 58:57:83,and we walked another half mile cool down. I am having a hard time getting back to my 4mile short and 8 mile long. Pace has been an issue too.
Sit ups 40.
points 26

I worked out in the back yard today. I had to pull weeds out of the rose garden. It was looking pretty bad. I was using my left hand the most. But I must say my hand has been really good today. So good it feels normal. It was like a switch was turn off and it hasn't been hurting today. I am so happy. But it is weak. I hope today will be just as good.

It is pouring down rain today and I am not sure if we are going to make it outside.We will see as the day goes.

This week is AATM one year anniversary.Call in and give them a shout out.I will be calling in too.

Happy One YEAR GUYS !!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008


This is the frame. I hope everyone likes it.

Quick update yesterday was crazy.{teens}

miles : 1
points 28
sit ups: 30

miles: 2.0 31:04:05,then a .50 stroll
points: 24
sit ups ; 45

I had to do the sit ups in different times but I did it. The miles are outside unless I post different.

Today I found my really old Disney pictures.They are dated 1973. I would have been three.I do not remember being there but I look like I was having fun. The castle looks the same. I am working on scanning in the pictures and I will put them under Rae's pictures.

Saturday I am going to put in a long speed walk.{8 miles}I am not keeping pace. I am worried that I will get swept. :( This is only 1.1 mile longer than TOT13k. I am stressing. I could not tie my shoes tight enough and I got blisters.My shoes are not broken down I just couldn't get them tied. This hand is really a problem. I have to wear my brace while training or I am in terrible pain.

Well so far no one has missed a day. Job well done!!

BTW the 2009 Marathon medals are going to be the first year of the new design!!!
And the Minnie 15k and 5k are 70% full.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just A lot of Babble

HI good neighbors!!! I see a lot of running going on. Sweet!

Training yesterday only a half mile. Hey it's mileage. By the time we were done with all our home duties we only had time to get around the block.
Points 32. Yes my food intake has been a problem. I am trying to get a handle back on it. I am maintaining but not loosing. GRRRR....
To get faster I need to loose and I am hanging on to it.

Well I am still working on my Father to go to see us do the Half. I have pictures from the tot 13k, and some of the 5k's we have done and then I am going to add the Minnie Pictures. Plus we are working on fixing a pc up to get him on line to see where all this is going. My cousin is going to come for it.{she is the closest person I have for a sister}. for a Christmas present I was thinking of getting him a ride along to use at the Disney track. :) Well it would be the closest track since he couldn't use it on the Daytona track.:)

I will have to invite him to come and see us do the Everest Challenge. And maybe get him to come in October.{his b-day is in Oct.}:) Then he would be able to see what we have been doing. For October I will use the fact that E's family will be here and he will get a chance to meet them. That might work.

April 2, 1899 - Disney Legend, film pioneer and engineering wiz Bill Garity is born in Brooklyn, New York. He will help put sound into "Steamboat Willie," perfect the multiplane camera - a device used to give depth to animation - and co-invent Fantasound.

April 3, 1961 - Comedian turned movie star Eddie Murphy, whose Disney credits include "The Haunted Mansion" and "Mulan," is born in Brooklyn, New York.

April 5, 1965 - At the 37th Academy Awards®, Julie Andrews wins a Best Actress Oscar® for her role in the Disney film "Mary Poppins." The film also wins Academy Awards® for Best Song "Chim Chim Cher-ee," Musical Score, Film Editing, and Special Visual Effects.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Team Voice Challenge #4 of 2008

Good Morning!! Happy April Fool's Day. Oh Boy was I caught up in the one on the AATM. And I found out FJ won the 101 Dalmatians DVD. He listened to it yesterday, and turned red all in the face.

Since it is Jonathan The Voice's birthday this month, he made the Team Voice challenge this month. It is Thirty days of Mileage. Mileage everyday of this month, with no days off. I hope to see him keeping to the challenge this month. :)
Now sit up/push ups,I am going to continuing this and up it. The new numbers are 1700 for the month of April. This challenge is for the core =. The core is what carries you through the race and keeps you moving through till the end of the race. With out it you will not finish.

After my post yesterday we went to the gym. I did the proctor for thirty minutes, on intervals, I did 2.17 miles, 340 calories, heart rate 120 -130. Then after dinner, we hit the pavement. At the gym my hand was in alot of pain, and it was just not a good day for it. I over used on Sunday. We had just enough time to do a thirty minute speed walk. I wanted to watch wrestling. So we did 2.0 miles with a head wind 7-10k, and did it in 30:47:84. :)

The hand was just being very ugly yesterday and I trained anyway I didn't stop. I didn't even sit around and wait for fj to come home from his friends house. If I do that I won't ever get out the door. He will pay for being late.
Registered for the Minnie 15k.

Points 32. Yes way to many. I told E he can't bring the junk in the house. he has fallen to bad habits again.

I am also hearing that Toy Story Mania will be doing soft opening while we are there in May. SWEET!!!!

Need addresses for the frames!!!!