Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yard selling

Let's all welcome Mike!!!!
Let's all welcome him. He is our Slogan winner and he is a member of Team Voice.

I have to add to what Heath and Deb have said about making friends on line. I have made friends that live on the other side of the pond and we now get together every October at WDW. I have had the chance to meet some of the bloggers,and some from the forums. I like the fact that I am not the only Disney nut out there. My nurses,uniforms are all Mickey.

So Jonathan has put it out there for April.30 days, and miles everyday. no breaks. We can do that. Not even one day off?? I think we will continue the sit up and push ups.I will do an official write up on the first.

Points were 26 for yesterday.
We went to a birthday party yesterday. We would have had a better time if this person did not show up. We have bad blood. I won't be going anymore if this person is going to be around.

So far today the yard sale is going good. Made $60 plus dollars so far. :)
Everyone have a good weekend !!!!


Joggerblogger said...

How funny - we've made friends across the pond as well ;-)

Hope the yard sale goes well - we have carboot sales over here (the boot is the trunk), we end up doing one once a year to get rid of all the crud we have gained without knowing.

30 days no break sounds like fun... I'll get Preston to dust of his pumps !

The situp/pushup challenge isn't a challenge anymore... it's a must!


MikeF. said...

Good luck at the sale. Thanks for plugging the blog too. And to JoggerBlogger Amen to the sit/push up challenge being a must.