Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Still Alive And Kicking!!!

Disney Marathon Nets a Record-Setting $7.6M for Charities

Disney Marathon Nets a Record-Setting $7.5M for CharitiesThe 2008 Walt Disney World Marathon weekend was an overwhelming success, with a record- setting 18,000 athletes registering to run the 26.2-mile race and 16,000 for the 13.1 mile race. But beyond the personal triumphs of the athletes, another record was set in January - more than $7.6 million was raised for charities. "The marathon that started 15 years ago as an outlet for runners to reach their athletic goals, has turned into so much more than an athletic event; it's a way for runners to rally around organizations that are making a difference to millions," said Senior Vice President of Disney Sports Enterprises Ken Potrock. Click here to watch a pod cast.

Amazing I think. :)

On the car shopping front we have a few more we plan on looking at today.We got back very late the last couple of nights so no miles. Sorry.

I will pay for it later. We are not going to be doing the 5k this weekend. There is other things going on we just can't go. But there is one the following weekend. I think we are actually going out of town. :) :) :) A couple of ours friends got married and guess where they are and they want us to come up and spend the day with them. They got married last Saturday and I was unable to attend,E went.{damn kids} ,plus we were car shopping before the wedding and after.

I am glad that everyone likes the different levels for the challenge. I was speaking with some of the runner's and the shop where I get my shoes and this is what I came up with. And we can call the last one Expert ,I don't care ...... :)

Points range between 28- and 34 this last few days. Maintaining my weight.

In 2 weeks I go to the new doctors and hopefully find out what is going on inside my right arm.I am so not liking sitting here. There not a lot to do one handed.Some days the arm works and others I can't bend my fingers. And I can hen peck the key board. And for any exercise I have to wear the arm sock to keep the arm from being painful.

And E said he is going to do the intermediate unless he's miles rack up past that.{dout it}

BTW the half is now 93% full


Matt said...

I hope there's nothing seriously wrong with your arm. I wonder if you could have pulled a muscle or something.

MikeF. said...

Do you think it could be Carpal tunnel?

Rae! said...

That is what I think but the doctor says if it is carpal tunnel its not acting like it.
I hope to find out soon!

DebWDW said...

On second thought, the 1000 number for the situp/pushup challenge isn't that bad. It's less than 35 a day, which doesn't sound so bad.

Matt said...

I actually like the situp/pushup challenge. I've been having problems with the pushups (because I'm not used to them) but the situps are coming easily to me.