Saturday, March 15, 2008

Raining On The Kingdom

Good day from the wonderful world of Disney. Well just outside of it .By the time we got here yesterday it was rainning,and the Mk closed early. So we checked in to the hotel and ate dinner and headed out to Disney Quest. We were there till they closed.

Today we are going head out to go have breakfast with Chef Mickey. He could pencil us in,Cinderella could not. Then from there, we will just have a blast.We will be headed over to Hollywood Studios.Mk closes late tonight !!!

The arm was misbehaving last night and it was hard to do some of the games .So far this morning it is ok.

Points yesterday 36.

No sit ups.

Miles 0.

I will have to work on my miles.

Yes can you believe that the kids do not want to be here.?! Now that we are here they can't wait to get going. Weird.

Have a great day!!!!


Matt said...

Just walk around World Showcase a few times, that would get some miles in!

Have Fun for us!

ariane said...

This is me sticking my tongue out at you in jealousy!


Take lots of pictures! Can't wait to be there too!